By: Bradley Loves


I guess it’s the “hip” thing these days to apologize for being what you are.  At least that is what the Grammy’s, and every women’s show on TV wants us to think!

Thankfully, I’ve never wanted to have anything to do with being “hip”, especially if it’s something Hollywood and Media want me to get into.

So before we all start apologizing for what we are, and who GOD made us (especially if we are “white men” ) I thought I’d bring some sanity to the converstaion by showing my readers some of the specific “talents” of WHITE MEN!

I searched around for choirs (since Hollywood seems to think it has a corner on the market for good music) and found that WHITE MEN (and boys of various shades) have quite a lot to offer the world.

I picked this particular choir because I think it made the best opening statement for my point, and is from BYU.

Let’s face it Hollywood and Los Angeles have not cornered the market on VIRTUE nor TALENT.

In my opinion, THEIR OPINION means very little.









  1. herb4brad

    In Southern Africa the agenda to get rid of white people has been active for many years now. In Zimbabwe (Formerly Rhodesia) thanks to the British government Robert Mugabe was foisted on to the people there. White farmers were driven from their lands and in many cases with brute force. Many casualties. No compensation. Starvation and poverty of the population was a consequence. In South Africa after the presidency of Nelson Mandela things got very bad. The Afrikaners who were labelled racists mostly by the Western powers gave the despotic leaders the excuse to discriminate against and victimize those people. Thousands of Afrikaner farmers have thus far been brutally murdered. There are now several squatter camps of impoverished Afrikaners. Affirmative action and what is called ‘Black empowerment’ and ‘transformation’ has resulted in a huge brain drain of capable people who went elsewhere to try and make a living. South Africa now is unable to produce enough agricultural produce to feed its people so they are importing at great expense thus raising the cost of living. Not to mention that the curse of Monsanto has been allowed in as corrupt politicians take bribes and enable this. The scale of economic devastation and State capture by foreign criminals has finally forced a new situation and corrupt and incompetent officials including the president are soon to be taken care of. There is a wind of change. Thankfully against great odds it looks likely sanity and good governance may prevail. Certainly most of the people of South Africa want that. Across the Atlantic President Trump has an enormous challenge. The survival of humanity depends on him. The awakening of the people is unstoppable.


  2. old men on the mountain

    May as many people as possible read your reply. Each and all of your statements are factual and on point! Many blessings to you!!!
    old men on the mountain


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