By: Bradley Loves





An Agent of the Secret Space Program/Military/Deep State who has access to super advanced MIND CONTROL/MK ULTRA TECHNOLOGY.

This is someone who uses this technology to upload/reprogram a human beings mind like what occurs during TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL.  Only in this type of programming/re-programming, it is done through the “NO TOUCH” approach by using “broadcast” technologies ONLY!


A normal guy or gal, who (for all practical purposes) becomes a “useful idiot” to the BAD COPS.

This type of COP has no clue about the Secret Space Program – Mind Control – Programming Techniques – the Secret Military or the Deep State, and knows nothing about NO TOUCH TORTURE.

This COP still lives in the days of “ADAM 12” and thinks that the “Space Shuttle” is the best Space Vehicle that the world has ever seen and produced!

This COP has dedicated his or her life toward finding all of the “bad guys” that are out there – while “BAD COP” is an integral part of the Illuminati’s world wide scum patrol who needs to torment innocent men and women who are standing in the way of the Illuminati Agenda to try to get them INTO JAIL!



BAD COP gets private military contractors (private detectives and/or black water style mercinaries) to start using (DEW’s) – Directed Energy Weapons, as well as Synthetic Telepathy and/or Voice Of GOD technology to very secretly begin tormenting the MIND of a specific target!

Many times these “targets” are very kind hearted and spiritual people who simply can not be corrupted!  Because they can NOT be bribed, corrupted, or “dirtied” in the normal ways – their MINDS are directly HACKED (very painfully I might add) and they are simply “re-programmed” in such a way so as all they can THINK ABOUT are dark and devaint thoughts!

Their ONLY crime was that they were/are standing in the way of the DEEP STATES takeover of America and the WORLD!   Thus they become “Targets”!

After many days- weeks or months of actually speaking directly into the mind of the target and tempting/prodding/goading/threatening the TARGET to do something bad, and it fails, BAD COP next uses a very special type of technology that came out of SAP’s (Special Access Programs) which was gotten directly from the GRAYS and which can actually INSERT a fully developed Program into the Astral Body of the Target!

This allows other special technology to very easily and continusously “hack” the MIND of the target – and to create a space where BAD COP can start “uploading”  all kinds of very dark and deviant thoughts directly into the TARGETS MIND.

By-passing the TARGETS God given freewill…, BAD COP simply places fully developed images, ideas, and thoughts directly into the Targets Mind, forcing the TARGET to view these ideas as fully developed thoughts over and over and over again until they succumb to them!

These “thoughts”, many of which have been pre-recorded onto flash drives or memory sticks as certain specific waves and frequencies that correspond to the very thoughts being uploaded, are exactly the same type of coded language which the brain can easily interpret.

These thoughts were pre-recorded from: KILLERS – MURDERERS – RAPISTS – and PEDOPHILES – and the worst kind of scum living on Earth who have already been put into prison.

BAD COP continues to “broadcast” these very dark thoughts 24/7  for days/weeks/months – directly into the MIND of the innocent victim until the target is so tormented, and so exhausted he or she finally has no choice but to either “act” on the thoughts – or be DRIVEN INSANE BY THEM!

BAD COP is very closely monitoring the situation the entire time! BAD COP loves watching the torture he or she is giving to the target!  BAD COP watches as the TARGET finally starts to act on the thoughts that have been uploaded!!  BAD COP laughs!



BAD COP calls up GOOD COP and acts so professional and nice!

BAD COP’S performance is Academy Award Material!  BAD COP has “information” for GOOD COP about a serious offender who needs to be looked at, or put under Surveilance!

BAD COP claims he’s “stumbled” into some important information but does not have time to follow up on it!  He hands over the “TARGET” to GOOD COP!

GOOD COP (and team) now sets up surveilance of the TARGET, and low and behold, just like BAD COP said – GOOD COP finds that the “TARGET” is now engaged in deviant and illegal activity!


Here are just a FEW examples:

  • Young kids who suddenly go POSTAL and want to shoot up their High Schools and their Junior Highs with Guns!  (How many weeks/months was BAD COP working on a particular kids MIND to get him to finally succumb and to buy a weapon to take to school???)
  • Kids, Teachers, and Coaches who are basically good people but for what ever reason they suddenly start looking at and exchanging CHILD PORN online?  Or Sexting pics of themselves all over the country. (Because they can’t get it out of their MIND?)
  • Young kids and Millenials who suddenly start taking or selling illegal drugs –  or perhaps start stealing from the till at work – or perhaps laundering drug money for a friend?
  • Businessmen who have always been honest, but for some reason could not stop thinking about Stealing huge sums of money!


Whatever the illegal activity happens to be – GOOD COP sees that it is happening, and arrests the TARGET!

BAD COP laughs his entire ass off for days knowing that it was HE who was using top secret super advanced BROADCAST WEAPONRY designed to hack the MIND in order to actually set up the TARGET and very literally and inhumanely forced the TARGET into this type of activity in the first place!

MUCH TIME PASSES –  millions of innocent men and women (who refuse to do the bidding of the SATANISTS and of the New World Order are “set up” in this way.  Private contractors and mercinaries are working over time!   They are setting up millions of people!

These innocent men and women (and even children) all end up in prison complaining of hearing “voices in their heads”.

They complain of having horrible – demonic dreams, and super devaint and hateful thoughts!  They complain of being unable to get rid of these thoughts that are very strangely now coming into their heads! (Which never used to happen)

The PRISON gets a psychiatrist to severely medicate the countless inmates who have been set up in this way so that they can finally sleep. This only helps a little bit however because the thoughts are now so ingrained and programmed into their MINDS  – the TARGETS can not get rid of them!

Their minds are like a record that has had entirely “new grooves” burned into it, and will no longer play in the way that it used to play!


Now millions of people are old and are simply dying.  The TARGETS die, the Good Cops die, and the Bad Cops die!   Everyone dies and enters into the “here-after”….



To GOD, there is no GREATER CRIME than mind control!

God casts BOTH “Bad Cop” and “Good Cop” directly into HELL!

He then takes the innocent SOUL creation that was so unfairly tormented and tortured directly into Heaven by carrying that SOUL in his loving arms and speaking softly to him or her.


Now, you may ask – how is it “fair” that GOOD COP gets thrown into HELL with BAD COP?

It is because GOOD COP was too damn stupid to LOOK CAREFULLY into the nature of what kind of REAL TECHNOLOGY is now available and being used during his life as a COP.

Good Cop loved “catching” the bad guys – but was way too easily influenced by BAD COP, and ended up being a useful tool or useful idiot for pure evil on the face of the Earth!

It was GOOD COPS own actions that finished the evil destruction of the innocent TARGETS life!

It was Good Cop who actually arrested the TARGET after BAD COP had tortured him or her for months!

It was GOOD COP that saw to it that an innocent and very tortured/tormented human being went to JAIL!

And all because the DEEP STATE – the Illuminati – the Satanists wanted a “New World Order!

GOOD COP is most certainly going to HELL!

And so also are all of the men and women who use VOICE OF GOD/VOICE TO SKULL TECHNOLOGY on innocent and loving human beings!

GOOD COP was too naive’ to get educated and to find out what kind of technology was actually out there in the world and specifically in the sweaty little hands of “BAD COP” – a man (or woman) who just LOVED to torture people for a paycheck!

GOOD COP is going straight to HELL – because he (or she) didn’t CARE ENOUGH to QUESTION EVERYTHING and to LOOK DEEPER!

GOOD COP should have DEMANDED that his or her superiors tell them the ENTIRE TRUTH about everything that is going on out there in the world INCLUDING all of the super advanced technology now in use by the DEEP STATE!




See this support information below:

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I dedicate this post in loving memory of Bryan Alexander – a very loving and Spiritual man who did NOT need to die!

He was driven to suicide by this very technology and the as*holes who used it on him.

The DEEP STATE killed him!   They will pay for eternity in HELL!




By: Bradley Loves


What “IF” everything that we thought was true…, wasn’t true at all?



I’m wondering if I could be so bold as to write an article so completely speculative, and so totally “out there”, that I could be forgiven if NO ONE would even look at it?

I’m wondering if I could take every single detail and dot that I’ve ever learned of…, and then boil it down to the simplest explanation possible…, no matter how outrageous the result would be and simply call it: OCCAM’S RAZOR

In the Grand Scheme of outrageous “WHAT IF” articles…, this one would probably take the prize…, and yet the logic here is so simple…, one wonders…, if it could be true!

Please don’t read the rest of this if you are extremely sensitive…, sketchy…, passionate about your beliefs…, or even easily upset. 

Maybe just this one time, a happy illusion is better than a sad truth.

The beginning:

I am sad.  I am sad because I am seeing more and more clearly that no matter what I do…, my “life” (by design) is part of a system that is evil, and there does not seem to be any way out once you are born into it!

How so?

No matter what I do here on Earth for a “job”…, the money that I ultimately earn…, is fueling the “commerce” system that is being used to fund endless Wars all over the world.

This commerce system builds countless weapons that are designed to do one thing alone – and that is to kill human beings every single day!

There is NO WAY to say that I am not part of it – because the systems of commerece are designed this way!

Just by doing to work every day.

  • By going to a “job” and by paying “taxes”
  • By participating in “commerce” (the act of buying and selling)
  • By voting…, or by supporting any particular nation on the Globe…

…the money energy that is generated by my effort is ultimately being used to KILL and to DESTROY other things.

This “system” has been set up all over the world, and is the system we all live in.  It is unavoidable and inescapeable!

The “head” of this “system” is the system of Banking and Finance -followed quickly by the “systems” of  Government and the systems of Religion in this world.

These “systems” we call in present day – “Normal Life”, however I would suggest that this “type” of living is anything BUT normal!

What is “life” anyway?

Here on Earth…, it seems as if life can be reduced most simply down to this:

…one thing feeds off of another.


What I mean by this is that in order for something or someone to live…, something or someone else must die!

Think deeply about this and there is no way around it.  We all must “feed” and whatever we feed on, has to DIE!

We can also see this “definition of life” played out in the endless WARS that are being fought all over the planet – wars that just can’t seem to ever find resolution.

I wonder at times if there was ever a time in our History when “WARS” were not being fought?  Perhaps, but when?  

This is what I wonder these days!

Is it that there are too many people living here?  No, that is far from the truth as far as my research shows.

Is it that “we” can not get along?  No, that is also far from the truth from what my research shows!

Or…, is there something else, so hidden…, so secret…, so absurd…, that no one dares to talk about it.

In order for one part of the world to live…, it seems as if another part of the world must devour itself!



Could something about our WORLD have changed so significantly from what it ONCE WAS, so that we can no longer just “live” peacefully and in harmony?

This is the very first time I’ve ever thought of  a good “reason” for the snake eating it’s tail symbol seen below!!


What if the “true” meaning of the Snake eating it’s tail…, is that in order for one part of the world to live…, another part of it must die?

This seems to me to be the ONLY logical reason for having such a symbol, and then using it in countless Old World Secret Societies and Religions.

Or, could it be that those men and women who are now RUNNING the world have actually DESIGNED OUR CULTURES AND OUR SOCIETIES so that they can never survive without eating themselves?

What if there really WAS enough “energy” to go around, but nothing we did on a daily basis actually supported that model?

Perhaps families like the Rothschilds continuously sucking money out of the system each and every day just like VAMPIRES is why it only seems as if there is not enough to go around.

Or, maybe they are here representing beings from other worlds or even dimensions who really DO siphon off energy!

(I’ve heard that each Rothschild family member has bank accounts with many TRILLIONS of Dollars each in them!)

This is more than enough money to fix every problem that the world has ever known and then some, and yet it is simply being “sat on” and doing nothing!



The simplest and most logical answer for this crazy equation still seems to be that there is a “finite” amount of energy available for life to continue…, and this “hypothesis” could ONLY be true if we are all living inside of a closed “system”…, a system where the ONLY energy that is available for life to exist – comes from, or is produced by, what is already inside of the system!

It seems to me that at least part of the Illuminati believes this to be truth!

Or, if they don’t actually believe it, they are desperate to convince the REST of us that this is the TRUTH!

And thus, every single “system” that they put into place, is a demonstration of this idea – so that we will buy into it!

Of course if our “world wide system” were actually being controlled and manipulated by Off Worlders, ET’s, or some other nefarious beings so that “OUR ENERGY” could be harvested and siphoned off…, then I do suppose that it might also look exactly like it does.

Perhaps GOD (our Creator) is giving MORE than enough loving energy for our system to be eternal…, BUT so much of that energy is being siphoned off, re-routed, and re-directed…, i.e. STOLEN (by bad actors) – that what is supposed to be sufficient energy to create and sustain a loving PARADISE – can no longer do so!

Because of this THEFT of energy, one could speculate that the more things that come to life inside of this system…, the more “death” there would naturally have to be in order to keep the system operational – if indeed a significant amount of energy were being siphoned off so that there was not enough SPARE energy to support anything NEW coming into the system.

This makes sense if one considers “death” itself as a sort of fuel or recycling of life energy that is FED BACK INTO THE SYSTEM to keep it running!

The obvious “problem” with this type of proposal is that one could never attribute this kind of “system” of finite life force, to an INFINITE GOD OF PURE LOVE!

An infinite GOD.., would have infinite energy…, and thus anything HE/SHE/IT created…, should be able to last forever!

So how is it that “we” are living in a place/space where life does not act in this way?

There are two possible answers:

A) GOD is not who HE/SHE says – and we are all being CONNED!

B) A formerly “INFINATE” and beautiful system that was originally created by GOD – has been Hi-jacked, and the “energy” that was originally supposed to be used to support US…, and to keep the Earth in an eternally beautiful and blissful state, is now, very literally being STOLEN by bad cosmic actors who have far more knowledge and far more power over cosmic things than we do.

The “need” to have things die and very quickly “recycled” may not be part of GODs plan at all…, because the very “need” to have one thing feed off of the next…, does NOT in any way – shape, or form – imply an infinite creator.

It implies a very limited amount of resources which must be continuously recycled in order to “GIVE THE APPEARANCE” of endlessness.

By having all things…, plants, animals, and humans, feeding off of each other…, in a great and profound recycling of energy…, what appears to be very old and seemingly constant – can actually be maintained for a very long period of time and “simulate” the idea of eternity in a physical environment while at the same time producing or giving off incredible energy which can be used for OTHER PURPOSES!

However…, the (still quite valid) idea that it is a closed system – remains.

This is the ONLY way this type of thing could be maintained!

By peeling back the layers of the onion…, one finally comes to the conclusion that there must be at least some (or a few) beings living on Earth who know how this closed system really works.

Most likely not human, and maybe even outside of our normal perceptions, these beings would probably be running such a system for their OWN purposes and not ours!

So let’s spell it out clearly here!  If this system we all live inside of is indeed closed…, that would mean there was someone outside of it controlling it.

That someone…, NOT being infinite, and NOT having endless energy or power of it’s own accord, therefore could NOT possibly be GOD the eternal Creator.

I find myself asking these most simple questions these days:

  • Why would GOD create something – or anything rather, only to see it die?
  • Why would plants only live for a short time…, just so they could feed animals and humans?
  • Why would animals live only for a brief period of time, only to feed other animals and humans?
  • And trust me, there ARE animals out there who ONLY eat other animals – Lions – Tigers – Wolves – and the like!

Some say…, well this is just nature, and the way it was designed – But my question is: WHY?



Let’s get back to what I originally posted above:

Why create the NEED for one animal to have to eat another?  This does NOT sound like GOD!

What we may be experiencing instead…, is something that we have not thought of…, and that this place is more like a PRISON – of sorts!

This does NOT mean it was created by “GOD” however, anyone with enough knowledge of the cosmos could have done this!

Where…, some type of entity or entities.., rather cruel ones at that…, created a very large “system” that would or could “produce” a huge amount of raw POWER.

Every single thing inside of that system would be creating power…, and a certain amount of that power…, would go back into feeding the system to keep it operational, while the rest of it gets sucked off for other reasons!

In order to achieve this…, SOULS would have to be “recycled” back into the system…., even IF they appeared to die – they would simply be sent back here to do it all over again!

If…, (and I am just speculating here) the systems ONLY purpose was to create or produce POWER…, then…, anything that happened within the system…, such as what we consider to be “life”…, would only be a “story”…, or a “con”…, in order to keep the very SOULS inside of the system pacified, and thinking there was an actual purpose to the life/birth/death game, when no such real purpose existed!

(Under the Hi-jacked version of the system at least)

You see…, what eternal SOUL would stay…, or participate if there was NO PURPOSE?

I’ve asked myself many times why there are so MANY LIES?

Why is secrecy at the very top so vital and so necessary?

Why create hundreds of religions to “explain” to the masses their ridiculous plights…, unless the truth (the simple truth) was that there really was NO WAY to EVER explain it properly?

How can you explain a lie…, or a con…, and make it sound true??

It has to get very complicated!   It has to have many ups and downs, ins and outs…, and all kinds of sick and twisted turns.   These complications are the ONLY way to cover up what can NEVER BE EXPLAINED!

An infinite God…, would never create a universe where every single thing inside of that universe must die, and worse, feed off of the other things inside of it, unless it was NEVER created by GOD to be this way, and some other force had hi-jacked it!

Infinite power, means infinite life!

Thus…, the ONLY logical explanation is that we are living inside of a creation that is NOT of GOD…, but something else entirely!

OCCAM’S RAZOR – The simplest explanation is usually to most accurate.

If “we” are all infinite Souls…, and I do believe that we are…, then the question becomes WHERE ARE WE?

Entrapped…, in some sort of inescapable PRISON…, that was created and set up by beings who created it to be self sustaining.  In other words, all of the energy needed for it’s operation comes from what’s already inside of it, and at the same time puts out enough energy for other purposes.

WHY create such a place?

This I can’t say!  But just the same…, I honestly can’t imagine a single reason that a loving GOD would ever create such a place!

You see…, it’s becoming clear to me that every single thing here is “set up” or a “set up”…, only to make us think and believe that it is NOT what it is.

From the very first moment of birth…, to the last moment of death…, we are being hugely conned!

But why?

Again…, the simplest reason seems to be the best.

The CON…, is meant to hide the fact that your entire life here (inside this system) is NOT what you are being told that it is.

And thus, every single moment of your entire life…, becomes a DISTRACTION of sorts to keep you occupied while you produce energy for something else!

No matter what…, no matter when…, no matter how…, ALL OF IT…, IS A DISTRACTION…, made to keep you thinking that “life” inside of this prison has meaning…, when it has NONE.


Something to think about!!












By: Bradley Loves


Regardless of what you think to be the truth – the battle against the Satanic Deep State has been ongoing since 1963!  That is basically the full length of most younger people’s entire lives!!

Here is a recap video that is very worth your while to watch and talks about this battle in the present day!

Now…, after watching the above video, watch Eisenhower, JFK and others tell us in their own words about the very SAME BATTLE…, a battle against LUCIFERIANS/SATANISTS which took JFK’s life!




By: Bradley Loves

Hmmm…, coincidence?  You decide!

Here is the post I’m referring to:

Here are Q’s most recent posts, saying almost the VERY SAME THINGS – hmmm, THANKS “Q”…, you’re right, it definately needed to be said!

Apr 29 2018 10:11:22 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 09b0d5 1233458

Be careful who you are following.
Some are profiting off this movement.
Some are building a big following off this movement only then to retreat and go mainstream.
Patriots make sacrifices.
Some, the ultimate sacrifice.
Patriots are SELFLESS.
Do they ask for monthly payments to remain Patriots?
Think logically.
To some, it’s only about the money.
Those who would seek personal gain at the expense of others in this movement has an agenda.
You decide.
This is not a game.
The only profit we should all be striving for is TRUE FREEDOM.
God bless you all.


Apr 29 2018 10:17:29 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 09b0d5 1233553

Personal thank you to the BO, Bakers, and Autists/Anons who continually dedicate their time and energy to the GREAT AWAKENING.
You are all Patriots.
The hard part is coming to an end.
The next phase will bring JUSTICE.

And finally, something I wrote just a day or so ago….

Apr 29 2018 10:33:42 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 09b0d5 1233880

Statements today needed to be made.
Operators have died.
They approach the field of battle w/o fear.
They lay down their lives for YOU.
They are SELFLESS.
They are fighting for our FREEDOM.
They fight unconditionally because they hold a core value, a value that we should all live in FREEDOM.
We HONOR them.
We must do better to protect them.



From Bradley Loves to Q –  WWG – ONE – WGA







By: Anna von Reitz

The People own the Republics, the Republics own the States, and the States own all the various “States of States” —-National, Territorial, and Municipal.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) acts as the Holding Company of all the international powers of the States — all international powers delegated and un-delegated, in all jurisdictions, air, land, and sea.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) delegated certain enumerated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea to three subordinate organizations — National, Territorial, and Municipal — via three constitutional agreements.

In the event that the delegated powers cannot be exercised properly by those entrusted to exercise them, they revert back to the Donor/Grantor of those enumerated powers — The United States of America (Unincorporated).

The National-level States of States were moth-balled “pending reconstruction” and usurped upon by the Territorial United States which secretively substituted its own Territorial States of States for those owed to the people of this country.

Now both the Territorial United States and its States of States and the Municipal United States and its STATES OF STATES are bankrupt and in receivership.

All three levels of government exercising the delegated powers are incompetent, so all powers they held revert back to The United States of America (Unincorporated), which retained all un-delegated powers from the start.

So, once again, all powers in international jurisdiction — air, land, and sea, delegated and un- delegated, are held by The United States of America (Unincorporated) and its member States.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) has taken the necessary steps to reclaim the National, Territorial, and Municipal Assets and acknowledged, accepted, and re-conveyed the delegated powers. It has renewed and re-issued its Sovereign Letters Patent and preserved the constitutional system pending action by a Continental United States Congress of State Fiduciary Deputies.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) has summoned the actual land jurisdiction States of the Union Federation to assemble and they are doing so. In the meantime, The United States of America (Unincorporated) remains as the only internationally competent government representing this country and its people.

This in no way weakens the lawful or legal standing of this country or its government. Our Hired Help can go bankrupt until the cows come home without it impacting the standing of The United States of America (Unincorporated) as their Priority Creditor and Lawful Holder in Due Course of all powers, prerogatives, and assets owed to the States and the People.

There is no excuse for any pretense that our assets are “abandoned” or our actual government in “abeyance”. Those false claims have already been thoroughly rebutted and Due Notice and Due Process has been afforded the organizations and principals responsible for this deplorable performance for a number of years.

Fraud vitiates everything, even the most solemn contracts, even dispositions of property made in past.

In the course of our investigations, we discovered that our delegated powers have been abused by the Territorial and Municipal United States and that our copyrights have been infringed, and that our Patent and Trademark Office has been abused without our knowledge or consent.

The Territorial United States and Municipal United States have formed franchises worldwide and operated those franchises as subordinate assets; they in turn have issued charters to vast numbers of incorporated entities —- all of which now come under the ownership and administration of The United States of America (Unincorporated) and the respective member States.

We are not members of or bound by the Geneva or Hague Conventions, however, with respect to our assets and our government, we own the Territorial and Municipal Governments that are signatories; not only do we own our own Territorial and Municipal Government corporations, we own their franchises — the States of States — and all the commercial corporations that have been formed under their auspices.

This results in a situation in which we are the de facto owners and record title holders of most of the governments and commercial corporations on Earth. It was the intent of the perpetrators to run up insurmountable debts against us and our assets, seek bankruptcy protection for themselves, and leave us holding the bag. They also counted on us to remain asleep and acquiesce to their false claims of abandonment of our assets.

This country and many other countries around the world have suffered the equivalent of identity theft and credit fraud — and still the central banks and international trustees responsible are trying to avoid the necessity of correction.

This shall serve as a Notice of Prohibition objecting to any bankruptcy settlement made “in our behalf” by the perpetrators or their secondaries and bankruptcy trustees that does not provide for the return of our assets free and clear and the return of all profits, leases, escrows, insurances, bond income, intellectual properties, copyrights, patents, trademarks, accounts, logos, and other beneficial interests which are ours and which we have enumerated at length.

We are not being unreasonable or unkind or seeking any unjust enrichment; by the same token, we are resolved not to bear any Odious Debts, false title claims, or further Breach of Trust. We require what is ours returned to this country, together with all remedy and restitution rightfully and naturally owed to our States and People.


By: Bradley Loves


Right on cue, SWEDEN, which is now the RAPE CAPITAL OF EUROPE due to all of their Muslim Migrants, has decided it needs a distraction for the clueless!

See this link:

Typical of the Illuminati and the Satanists (which control the music industry worldwide) they offer you senseless distractions to take your mind off of the obvious suffering that countless people are experiencing due to their rampant immigration POLICIES.

Yea…, that’s right…, let’s get ABBA to do a couple of new songs so we can all remember when SWEDEN was actually a place people wanted to visit!!


Just like in the Movie “TITANIC” where the orchestra was playing soft music while the entire ship SANK!!!   –  ABBA is now regrouping to sing and dance for you while the entire country of SWEDEN falls into RAPE – DEBAUCHERY – and BASE EVIL as a result of endless MUSLIM IMMIGRATIONS.

Can you say:   DISTRACTION??

What next??


By: Bradley Loves


You know, I understand the NEW AGE desire for a better world, and I understand all of the “teachings” that have been shoved down their throats which demands that they “forgive” and “not judge” everything.

I therefore also (to some extent) understand their horrible FEAR that they will not make the “cut” or be able to “Ascend” if they even judge a single act.    (This really is a FEAR)

But what I will NEVER understand is how they can not SEE that the world is actively being SAVED by good men and women who are locked in an EPIC STRUGGLE with EVIL, and as a result of this have made themselves huge targets for the Illuminati and the Cabal, and are therefore SUFFERING indescribably for what they are doing for the rest of mankind!

I just don’t understand the “disconnect”!

These New Agers will watch as real men and real women living here on Earth engage in epic battles – achieving great victories over the cabal…, and then (as if human beings did not matter at all) they will give THANKS to the Ascended Masters – the Galactic Federation – or the ETS for all of the results that were actually achieved by their own fellowman!!

Can you even describe a larger and more obvious disconnect??

Here is an example of how they think!

Yea, yea…, that’s right…, we are all ONE!  Those humans who are suffering don’t matter.  In fact…, it was MY PRAYERS to the Ascended ones that produced the affect of other humans finally taking action!  They are just robots being moved around on the game board by MY prayers to the Ascended Ones.  They are NOT even real (because nothing is real)…, and I’m the one doing it all from the comfort of my own bedroom sanctuary!



I am not kidding…, this is the level of flaky thinking that some of these wholly disconnected from reality (and thus disconnected from life) – NEW AGERS engage in!

No one else (but them) matters – because they claim to be the “most spiritual” since they are 100 percent OBEDIENT in non judgement.

So here are a few posts on 8-chan from the Anons who are working hard for Q, just to spell it out for you!

Apr 27 2018 23:02:52 (EST) Anonymous ID: 02d83f 1218465

You act as if we haven’t talked at length about this. We’ve created threads, research topics and more about grounded planes, backdoors and retaliation.

I’m really sick of autists not getting credit for work we’ve already done.

How many times can I yell into an echo chamber?

No single public arrest. Pedophiles still public.

We’ve lost our jobs over this. Lost friends. Still nothing to show.


You see, the REAL WARRIORS are in the trenches!  They are the ones who are doing everything they can to spread the word about the Satanists and what they are doing here!

They care so deeply about love, life and the Earth, they are willing to do whatever it takes!

Good men and women really are “losing their jobs” – “losing friends” – “having difficulty with their family members”!

Many more people have actually become real time targets of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) and end up like Bryan Alexander and countless others who were either “heart attacked” – or driven to suicide!  These were ALL innocent people, simply trying to help EARTH!

But – they LOVE humanity (their fellowman) so much, they are willing to sacrifice for the good of everyone else!

How many “New Agers” have made that kind of Sacrifice?

I still read countless New Age blogs (I do it to know what they are saying and thinking) – and there are countless posts and articles each day telling their followers to:

  • Enjoy the ride!
  • Go get a coffee and be happy!
  • Never judge, don’t worry!
  • Nothing matters, nothing is real.
  • There is no such thing as bad, no such thing as Evil.
  • Anything bad that ever happens to anyone, they wanted that.
  • Take care of yourself, work hard on YOU!
  • Ascension is only moments away (Dec. 21, 2012 and still not here)
  • Barack Obama is a still (believe it or not) a Saint and is here to lead everyone into the promised land.


I read it all!  And yet, this is the NEW AGEY CON that basically (for those with eyes to see) always was meant to get the good people to do one thing only…, and that was to “STAND DOWN”.

This is a classic psy-op operation and is used in WAR all the time.

The United States has used this tactic again and again in times of WAR where they will drop leaflets from helicopters and airplanes over the target populations telling them that “fighting back” is useless and that they will most certainly die if they fight.

These leaflets tell them to SAVE THEMSELVES and to go home!

Well, what in the world are these “channeled messages” if not LEAFLETS from “above”??

These messages tell good people who might want to do something about a SATANIC takeover of the entire planet to “just forgive it all”!  “Never judge anything you see”…, “do nothing”…, “go home and save yourself”.

And yet….

No matter how much I talk and how much I try to show these people that they are being LIED TO.  They refuse to believe me and refuse to ENGAGE in the fight!

And by the way, WHO ELSE on the ENTIRE INTERNET is saying what I’m saying??

A few at best!

This is the level of MIND CONTROL that the NEW AGE (created by the Jesuits) has over the entire population of the Planet.

Why even write an article like this one?

Because I feel that the ones who are actually “fighting” and “suffering” for all of humanity DESERVE a little bit more credit, support, and help from the rest who are not capable and not willing to engage!

If you are unwilling to directly confront the SATANISTS and the NWO…, at least support and send a hug to those who do!

All my love….


By: Bradley Loves


According to a zerohedge article former Director of National Intelligence is a leaker and probably committed several crimes – not the least of which was LYING TO CONGRESS!

See this post:

Question: How are the American people EVER supposed to trust “Government” when those at the very “TIPPY TOP” are in fact criminals??

Let’s bring it home with Mollie Hemmingway’s summary from January which hits the nail on the head:

So Comey, at Clapper’s expressed behest, told Trump that CNN was “looking for a news hook” to publish dossier allegations. He said this in the briefing of Trump that almost immediately leaked to CNN, which provided them the very news hook they sought and needed.

This briefing, and the leaking of it, legitimized the dossier, which touched off the Russia hysteria. That hysteria led to a full-fledged media freakout.

During the freakout, Comey deliberately refused to say in public what he acknowledged repeatedly in private — that the President of the United States was not under investigation.

He even noted in his memos that he told the president at least three times that he was not under investigation. Comey’s refusal to admit publicly what he kept telling people privately led to his firing.

-The Federalist