By: Bradley Loves


Greetings on the first day after a day of Memorials!

Memorial = Memory

Where we remember and call to memory those who fought and died for FREEDOM!

If we are going to be perfectly HONEST (as we should be) then the day of memorials should ALSO include the men and women who have not yet died…, but are actively engaged in the on going and EPIC battle for FREEDOM!

Even if all they are doing is fighting for FREEDOM – it is correct and a postive thing to HONOR those men and women in the here and the now!

In this regard, one does NOT need to be in the Military to be fighting for Freedom, and one does not need to wear a uniform to be honored or remembered!

ANYONE fighting for freedom from slavery, tyranny, abuse, and pure evil should be HONORED as a hero!

I will offer a few names that come to mind:

  • Tommy Robinsion SHOULD be honored as a hero!
  • Q – Anon should be honored!
  • Alex Jones should be honored!
  • Captain Mark Richards should be honored!
  • Many fearless and deeply patriotic Bloggers should be honored!
  • Millions of men and women still ALIVE, and who are fighting for Freedom from the Deep State and the New World Order everyday, SHOULD BE HONORED!

Who should NOT be honored?

Anyone working at YOU-TUBE, GOOGLE, FACE-BOOK, and TWITTER who have acted cowardly!

Any “employees” who have followed orders and written algorithms for syping, hacking, shadow-banning, censoring, restricting FREE-SPEECH, and forcing their viewpoints upon the greater whole!

These men and women are true COWARDS and should not be remembered!

Even though they KNOW what they are doing is wrong…, they COWARDLY continue to follow orders (FOR FEAR), of losing their jobs, and thus a “PAYCHECK”!

They have decided that a paycheck is MORE important than the entire world!

These truly are cowards, and the worst that humanity has to offer!

So as we move forward, let us “remember” and bring to our MEMORY (Memorial) who the real heros are in our world really are, many of whom are STILL FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM!


3 thoughts on “HIDDEN NO LONGER

  1. Megan

    Those so humans that have betrayed the rest of humanity should be remembered and branded with a physical mark for all to see so we can always identify them and shun them. They will not be able to hide or deceive ever again! I think we should remember them too as the scum they are and treat them accordingly. They can spend the rest of their miserable lives in service to society with no rewards till they die! Oh, and they can be sterilised to make sure their traitorous genetics die out for good!


  2. Megan

    As for the evil ones, the bible is very clear in what it says regarding them:

    EXODUS 22:V 18+19 “Though shall not suffer a witch or sorcerer to live”.
    LIVITICUS 20: V 6
    DEUTERONOMY 18: V 10 + 11
    1 SAMUEL 28: V 3
    JEREMIAH 27: V 10
    LEVITICUS 19:V 26 – 31
    GALATIONS 5: V 20

    They must be destroyed! They are an abomination to creator and cannot be saved period!

    We ignore this at our own peril and risk our own destruction if we do!


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