For those who are not clued in…, this song is about LUCIFER!

The masses who are still sleeping have NO CLUE how deeply Satanism and Luciferian worship has infiltrated Hollywood and the Music Industry.

They have been secretly writing songs about Lucifer and Satan for decades and passing it off simply as music!

This song is also about the countless worshipers of the Black Sun, and those who use DARK MAGIC to fight against us on the unseen Astral Levels.

It is about people like Himmler and his unholy twelve who got together at Wewelsburg Castle.

Have a “new” listen to an old song, and OPEN your eyes!








One thought on ““MAGIC MAN”

  1. Linda Torgrimson

    I can’t help but notice the hair covering or almost covering their eye in nearly every picture. These fools certainly do like the eye-covering symbol. Before I started awakening I would have simply thought that they needed to trim their bangs.


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