By: Bradley Loves


I had no more finished and posted Bigger Fish To Fry – 19, and started on part 20…, when I got a clear “Voice to skull” message sent into my head to – SHUT THE F*CK UP”!!

The keyboard on my “just purchased” used laptop…, 150 dollars worth then simply just froze at that very moment as if to say, “we are watching you!”

Not a single word can be typed on it now, even after rebooting.

I am using my already very hacked I pad to type this…, because the week old laptop (for me) is now useless!

I only wish I had better financial support to do this work.

My paypal is

If there are any readers out there who have some real funds they would like to donate to help save the world, please consider it.

I will try to borrow a computer to keep writing until then.

All my love….


2 thoughts on “BIGGER FISH – 19 – GETS ME HACKED

  1. Bradley,
    I do not know at what level your computer-knowledge is but
    I suggest you to try to flash the BIOS of your computer.

    BIOS is standing for


    it is a small bat-file.

    There is a chip on the motherboard where the BIOS is put.

    I guess they have it manipulated.

    You can renew (flash) the BIOS by yourself.

    Look at the manual of your computer-manufacturer,
    there you will find how to flash the BIOS.
    You must exactly keep the rules what the manufacturer says.
    Years ago I did flash the BIOS of computers of my friends.

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  2. ezra70

    I wish I could help you fanacially. But I am a woman of 75 years old and live together with my daughter and grandchildren. I have no money only my common sense. My computer is also very old and can repair him myself … I am very greatful for it that you gave us so much information.


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