By: Bradley Loves


Just a note to the “White Hats” who claim to be draining the Swamp.

This is taking TOO LONG…, and too many good and innocent people are getting HURT!

The SHADOW BANNING/OUTRIGHT BANNING on Twitter – Facebook – YouTube and other platforms – is reaching EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS!

The assult on Free Speech and the values that our counrty was founded on shows that good people are under constant ATTACK in their own country!

It DOES NOT MATTER if this “attack” is not happening with guns and clubs!

It is VICIOUS…, it is HATEFUL, it is CALCULATED, and it ILLEGAL!

Where are the men and women who are supposed to look out for ALL AMERICANS?

Oh…, thats right…, they are “waiting” for just the right moment!


Perhaps…, a month before the mid-terms?

Did you ever stop to think that the DEEP STATE and the DEMOCRATS may have a “plan” of their own?

They may just “pull the plug” on the entire internet!

But before they do…, they are going to make certain that the ONLY opinion anyone hears in the meantime is THEIRS!



These people working at Youtube and Twitter and Facebook – ALL OF THEM…, need to be arrested and JAILED!


There needs to be THUNDER  happening on the door steps of these sick corporations, where the FEAR OF GOD is placed back into the hearts of these unapologetic liberals who feel that THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT…, and the CONSTITUTION means nothing.

And not just with the TOP LEVEL people either…, but the “grunts” in the trenches who are sitting at their desks and actually “pushing the buttons”.

These people are no longer Americans…, they are in fact CRIMINALS!

They are doing things from behind the scenes which constitutes ATTACK on other men and women!

They are THUGS with keyboards – and they need to be taught a lesson!


And by the way…, “Congress” demanding that Alex Jones be banned – IS NOT “taking action”!

That is exactly what Hillary Clinton wanted!

We who are “real” Americans…, as opposed to those who would use any means to destroy America…, deserve better!

The MILITARY is sworn to protect us from ATTACK!

SHADOW BANNING/OUTRIGHT BANNING of the common people who are conservatives is ATTACK!

And the sleeze bags who work at Twitter are “laughing” at the MILITARY and daring them to do something about it!

Well, WHAT are you waiting for?




5 thoughts on “GET ON WITH IT ALREADY

  1. 1abserenity

    RV? Is that a thing or are we just fish bait in this game? BTW I also was drawn to a white hat report within the last 24 hours. Sync.


  2. z

    Hey BL, you vice your non-consent through the writen word… i also, …those who choose also… for each individual’s subjective reality, so it is… all so is not also, subjectively , neither is meetoo or me 2.. spells.. all so.. letting go os … also
    Cheerful Love Grizzlybear hug


  3. nateyad

    What happens if the whole qanon / insider/ white hat Intel drops end up being no better than the law of one seiries? Encouraging words from upon high urging you to ” Be patient, good times are near, it’s all taken care of, we got this.” Meanwhile the serpents roam free and are enacting a prophesy they themselves proclaimed centuries ago. That the world is their stage and they all go along playing any character that is needed of them at the time, to keep the illusion together and serve the higher purpose. I’m extremely hopeful that the President is who is says he is and the” white hats really are winning” , but I’m also bracing myself for the chance that he was part of the swamp all along.

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    1. Nateyad,

      You’ve hit the nail on the head! Bingo!

      Yes, we’ve got to trust just a little bit at the moment, but WE have got to hold every man’s “feet to the fire”! The EVIL is so great, and so pervasive at this time, that we cannot afford to simply just “sit back on our couches” and watch the show!

      People like Q – Anon may indeed have a very different perspective on what is happening because HE SEES IT ALL! He is living through it! And so he feels frustrated that we all don’t just trust!

      However…, this IS THE PROBLEM I’ve been harping on for years!


      DUMP the lies and come out with the “F-ing” TRUTH already! There are more than enough good Americans willing to take up arms!

      You see.., they are “trying” to do this in such a way so as a huge swath of humanity will NEVER KNOW it even took place!

      But…, if countless people never know about the EVIL…, they remain gullible “targets” of such lies and crimes in the future!

      The ONLY WAY to prevent this from ever happening again is to make sure EVERYONE KNOWS every detail and every CON!

      I will do an article about this soon!


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