SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE “OFFLINE” – Super Computers and Satellites go DOWN!

By: Bradley Loves

Q Anon gave the entire world a play by play front row seat as the WHITE HATS took down countless spy apparatus world wide!

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Here is the rundown this morning from HAL TURNER:




By: Bradley Loves


Ya Gotta “love” a good CON MAN!

Sneaky and deceptive right down to the last detail!

How is it that Freemasons can “appear” to the world to be doing so much “good”…, and still be such an EVIL organization??



The best way to explain this is to create a “made up” example!

Let’s use the food industry…, this is something we all can understand!

As you know there are countless restaurants out there…, so let’s just say that a very large company owns many different restaurant chains!

90% of them are serving good, healthy food, and are turning a very good profit!  These are the restaurants doing “good works” in the public arena!

However…, the very SAME very large company also owns several resturants that are serving very BAD FOOD (on purpose!)

Targeted to specific places for specific reasons…, these resturants are slowly poisoning everyone who walks through their doors!

Naturally…, these restaruants have different NAMES than the ones serving the good food…, but in the end…, they are OWNED by the same company at the very top!


Now let’s apply this to REAL WORLD of business and specifically to the FREEMASONS!

Yes…, they have many members who do “good” things and create money for “good purposes”…, just like in our example ABOVE with the restarants!

However…, at the very TOP of the FREEMASONS…, they are using the COVER that having all of those “good companies” and good “people” gives them…, to then run  a handful of companies that are doing PURE EVIL!

Once again…, these companies have very different names and even “appear” to be “owned” by different people.

But at the very TOP the are controlled and being used by the SAME GROUP.

This is how they do it!



You hide it right in the middle of an organization that is doing “good works” all over the world!



All a front for a group pretending to do countless “good works”…, but thinking on a level of GLOBAL DOMINATION and SLAVERY!


And now YOU know the rest of the story…..





By: Bradley Loves


In a uncharacteristic turn from their constant DENIAL that they are trying to control everything and everyone…, the Freemasons bragged LONG AND LOUD during an annaul meeting in London that this is EXACTLY what they do!

When will people finally learn once and for all that when they say:

“We are not doing that”…, what they really mean is… We don’t want you to KNOW we are doing that” 

See this:


Here is some of the article:

Attended by thousands of Freemasons from across the world (including 136 Grand Masters), the ceremony featured “sketches” bragging about the influence of Masonry on modern society, including its important role in the creation of the United States. It mentions several times the fact that their all-seeing eye is prominently featured on American bank notes.

After singing “God Save the Queen”, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington (two prominent Freemasons) come out to explain how America was founded on Masonic principles.

– I hold to be self-evident, brother Franklin, all men are created equal.
– Indeed, brother Washington, all Freemasons meet as equals as we have the opportunity to create a nation in the very essence of Masonic morality. It would be wonderfully symbolic, don’t you think?
– You’ll be wanting to put the all-seeing eye on our banknotes next.

They go on to brag about the Masonic symbolism in Washington, DC.

– The plans for our new capital city already have a very Masonic feel to them, yeah.

They then talk about the great number of Masonic presidents, about how “Freemasonry will be embedded in American culture” and how the Statue of Liberty is a giant Masonic gift from French Freemasons. They also add: “Do not forget about the musicians”. Because there are lots of musicians who are Freemasons.

Now…, setting all of the self congratulating pomposity aside…, these people are NOT ANYTHING like what they just said!

Even within their own ranks.., they have to hold to a public image and private image!

As they tell us publicly they are all about TRUTH and FREEDOM…, the books written privately by their very highest initiates – tell us a totally different story!

In fact…, Albert Pike tells us that at the very top of the Freemasons…, all they do is LIE – DECIEVE – CHEAT – and MANIPULATE in order to gain their control…, and there is NOTHING free or truthful about it!

And then we have Ben Fulford…, a former Forbes Magazine Editor saying this about Freemasons in his very latest Blog Post:

The trail of the Fukushima attack also leads into the twilight zone, because top P2 Freemasons like Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights (and Vatican assassin) Vincenzo Mazzara claim they ultimately take their orders from an entity called the “black sun,” that “communicates via gamma waves.”

Pentagon sources insist there is an esoteric or extraterrestrial dimension to the battle for the planet Earth and say that, on this front, “with more quakes, the last of the cabal underwater and underground bases are being systematically destroyed.”

From there the trail leads to the satanic P2 Freemason lodge, Switzerland, and the BIS. That is why it is interesting to note that Jesuit Pope Francis is now under unprecedented attack for covering up pedophilia.

Francis, for all his talk of reform, has failed to disclose the Vatican’s involvement in events like the Fukushima crime against humanity.


So you get the picture.

The “FREEMASONS” are not as squeaky clean as they are trying to get us to believe with their “class plays” and their “fictional stage acting”.

At the very top…, they are something very different…, and no matter what they may say in public…, IN PRIVATE…, they are PURE EVIL!











By: Bradley Loves


Who still thinks that J.K. Rowling just “happened” to write a fantastic story about a young boy who was a Wizard by accident?

If you are among those who think it was a lucky chance…, THINK AGAIN!

J.K. Rowling knows a thing or two about Warlocks and Magic Castles!

Do you think it is just by chance…, that Dainel Radcliffe got to play the lead for the world’s greatest Fairy Tale Magician?



Is it by “accident” that he just happens to look like one of histories most powerful DARK MAGICIANS?

I’m sure J.K. Rowling was not paying any attention at all to this historical picture of Heinrick Himmler, leader of the NAZI SS, and head of the Order of Black Magicians at Wewelsburg Castle.

Probably just a co-incidence?

But then…, just like in real life, where Himmler practiced his Dark Magic in a Castle….

Wewelsburg Castle

So does Harry Potter!!

Hogwarts Castle

So much co-incidence here…., but then…, nothing to see – just my imagination…., Right?

But what about this?

Harry Potter displays his “scar”…

Where have we seen that before?

Oh yea…, OF COURSE…, it’s the NAZI SS Symbol!

And Harry has it right on his forehead!

Ooops…, too much co-incidence starting to pile up here!

Do you suppose that Rowling wanted to make SURE…, we understood the connection between Harry and Heinrick?


Hey…, mabye J.K. Rowling does know just a little bit about real Magic…, and the real players in history who used Dark Magic!

I wonder if she is part of the ILLUMINATI??


Do you suppose that Daniel Radcliffe was just LUCKY to get the part of Harry Potter?

What if HIS FAMILY also has Satanic connections, or is also part of the ILLUMINATI?

Rememger this:



And Harry Potter wore it on his forehead like a medal of honor!

And can also be seen here in the Satanic Ice Cream add for “Sweet Jesus Ice cream”….

Well now…, what is good ol Danny’s latest role?

Oh imagine my surprise…, HE PLAYS THE DEVIL!

Notice the upside down cross and reference it to the Ice Cream cup above!

Yep…, good ol Danny was picked (at random) to play Harry Potter!  Nothing to see here!

(It couldn’t have been because he was part of a Generational Luciferian Family…, could it?)

Now…, he’s on to wearing horns and weilding pitch forks…, but still somehow managing to talk to snakes!

But hey…, what do “I” know??

I’m just some “guy” …., writing “some blog”…., right?

I couldn’t possibly have real “usuable” information that would  blow most people’s minds…, could I?

Still waiting…..

















How do I know this?


If you want to get ahead of Q-Anons future curve…, review THESE posts that I’ve written, and expecially read the supporting links I’ve posted in them!

THIS IS THE MAIN ONE… (Part Ten)   It has to do with just who is behind the NAZI’s !!

Please read this support link as well:

Some of it appears below:

1- The Wewelsburg Castle’s North Tower’s Crypt

Monthly, 20th, five to dawn, in Northern tower of Wewelsburg Castle.
In Northern tower crypt, twelve Black Order knights dressed in long black layers are reunited forming a circle around the center.
Each one carries a “skull ring” (totenkopfring) with runic inscriptions and a SS dagger with the inscription “My Honor is loyalty”.
The twelve reunited knights are “Bons Homes”, High Initiated of the Black Order and Unknown Directors of the SS. (Aka – BLACK MAGICIANS)
In order to arrive until a degree so near the center of the circle of the projected swastik, before they have had to defeat the power of materia and its creator, which is the sick god.
Then, when they are able to overcome their own nature, the High Knowledgement of the Order gives to each initiate its ring and its dagger specially worked in a secret magical ritual:
– Ring: bond and loyalty in the Totality maintained by the Order.
– Dagger: discernment (separation) and projection of the Absolute Will of the Magic Reich.
Can you now (finally) see the connection between the THULE and the SS ??
A “ring” around a “dagger”.
Why is this important?
Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy (The New Age) and the Thule had basically the same people at the very top!
This boy is hung so as to look like a dagger!
This throne that Madonna is sitting on is made to look like a dagger!
The Wewelsburg North Tower’s Crypt has fifteen meters of diameter and next to its wall in circle there are twelve stones as a seat, one for each initiate of the Order.
In center of the ceiling of the vault of crypt, gathering or canalizing the Strength projected in the interior, there is a swastik. According to the principle of the swastik, the center of the field of Strenght created by the Black Sun inside the crypt, causes a movement in spiral that generates a rotation of the material reality. This it is the Principle worked by the Black Order in the North Tower crypt of Wewelsburg Castle.
As we say, in center of the ceiling of the vault of cripta there is a swastik. As well, in the immediately superior floor, above, is the Room of the Black Sun. This room with twelve columns has a precious marble ground in whose geometric center there is a Black Sun of twelve arms:
– Twelve seats in cripta of the North Tower.
– Twelve columns of the room of the Black Sun.
– Twelve arms in the esvástica represented in the ground of room of the Black Sun (located on cripta).
The principle created by the Black Order promotes from inside the Crypt expanding its radiation-energy: around Wewelsburg the SS had projected the creation of a magician fortification, a magical circle whose physical center, according to the planes, is the northern tower Crypt of Wewelsburg castle.
The Black Sun generated in the magical enclosure projects its “extra-terrestrial” strenght, its “another universe”, (that is) collaborating and maintaining to the fight of Adolf Hitler, “the Last Avatara” and the Third Reich.
Let us return now to the interior of the Crypt. Its ground is of stone slabs. Its wall is constructed with perfect stone blocks.
It’s magnificent!
In its center there is a circular space of about four meters of diameter whose ground is at an inferior level to the rest. To there you can descend by three steps. This center of Crypt located to an inferior level is surrounded as protected by one polished stone ring, a circle that rises a few centimeters over the level of the rest of the ground of cripta.
In this polished stone ring that surrounds to the center, there excel three rectangles which indicate the positions of west, east and North: the stairs that descend to the depression of the center of the room are in the South position.
In the center exact of the ground of the Crypt there is a tactically important point of approximately a meter of diameter around which spins all the magical projection of the Third Reich.
There is located an empty space without working (the gross material to work), on which the initiates of the Black Order project the Strenght of the Black Sun.








By: Bradley Loves


It’s difficult (I know) for people to digest just how evil and corrupt those in power have been.

But I’ve said it before…, and I stick by this today – that what you already know…, and even what you THINK you know…, is just the very tip of the ice-berg.

If people KNEW what was really happening here on Earth…, they would NOT be able to sleep at night!

They would be rioting in the streets, and stringing the guilty people up in roving gangs and lynch mobs!  It is far, far worse than you’ve imagined!

Q Anon only hints at it.

The NEW AGERS (sadly) who think they are the “most” informed…, are some of the most mis-led.

The people who have come to the conclusion that they must THINK for THEMSELVES and have placed no-one on an infallible pedastal (especially an Ascended Master) are the most informed.

Once you give your “power” away…, even to a spiritual guru…, you have made a grave error!

There is no one on this Earth or above it who cares for you like your own creator…, and HE can be contacted anywhere, anytime…, and in any language – by your OWN EFFORT!

Even in the middle of the desert or an abandoned strip mine!

  • No middle men needed – or necessary!






By: Bradley Loves


For those who took a vacation today…, Q Anon just posted an entire rain storm of information in countless posts!

Here is the link:

Also…, it seems that someone inside of the closed hearings leaked the testimony of Bruce Ohr.

See this:

Keep UP…, or get left behind!

All my love…







Bradley Loves


Yes…, this one is for YOU my dear SAN…

What’s worse?

The SATANISTS, or what they DO?

  • What is the ULTIMATE form of control?
  • Why is this type of control against COSMIC LAW?
  • WHO does this type of control seek to challange?

Are those tortured simply pawns used in order to kick-start the coming BATTLE?

Are you thinking BIG enough?

  • WHO are the Luciferians seeking to de-throne?
  • WHO are they seeking to supplant?
  • Are you thinking BIG enough?

Have you done ENOUGH to put a stop to MIND CONTROL?

  • Why is MIND CONTROL the one thing that you MUST – at all costs put a stop to?
  • Have you correctly understood the stakes and just how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Who is being tortured the MOST?

Do the Luciferians seek out those they think GOD cares about more than others – hoping to goad HIM?

Are those who are the “most pure” tormented FAR MORE than anyone else for a specific reason?

  • Is is “wise” to allow these people to be hammered and tortured day and night for years…., knowing that GOD IS WATCHING?


My door is open…, use it!