Bradley Loves


Yes…, this one is for YOU my dear SAN…

What’s worse?

The SATANISTS, or what they DO?

  • What is the ULTIMATE form of control?
  • Why is this type of control against COSMIC LAW?
  • WHO does this type of control seek to challange?

Are those tortured simply pawns used in order to kick-start the coming BATTLE?

Are you thinking BIG enough?

  • WHO are the Luciferians seeking to de-throne?
  • WHO are they seeking to supplant?
  • Are you thinking BIG enough?

Have you done ENOUGH to put a stop to MIND CONTROL?

  • Why is MIND CONTROL the one thing that you MUST – at all costs put a stop to?
  • Have you correctly understood the stakes and just how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Who is being tortured the MOST?

Do the Luciferians seek out those they think GOD cares about more than others – hoping to goad HIM?

Are those who are the “most pure” tormented FAR MORE than anyone else for a specific reason?

  • Is is “wise” to allow these people to be hammered and tortured day and night for years…., knowing that GOD IS WATCHING?


My door is open…, use it!


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