By: Bradley Loves


Who still thinks that J.K. Rowling just “happened” to write a fantastic story about a young boy who was a Wizard by accident?

If you are among those who think it was a lucky chance…, THINK AGAIN!

J.K. Rowling knows a thing or two about Warlocks and Magic Castles!

Do you think it is just by chance…, that Dainel Radcliffe got to play the lead for the world’s greatest Fairy Tale Magician?



Is it by “accident” that he just happens to look like one of histories most powerful DARK MAGICIANS?

I’m sure J.K. Rowling was not paying any attention at all to this historical picture of Heinrick Himmler, leader of the NAZI SS, and head of the Order of Black Magicians at Wewelsburg Castle.

Probably just a co-incidence?

But then…, just like in real life, where Himmler practiced his Dark Magic in a Castle….

Wewelsburg Castle

So does Harry Potter!!

Hogwarts Castle

So much co-incidence here…., but then…, nothing to see – just my imagination…., Right?

But what about this?

Harry Potter displays his “scar”…

Where have we seen that before?

Oh yea…, OF COURSE…, it’s the NAZI SS Symbol!

And Harry has it right on his forehead!

Ooops…, too much co-incidence starting to pile up here!

Do you suppose that Rowling wanted to make SURE…, we understood the connection between Harry and Heinrick?


Hey…, mabye J.K. Rowling does know just a little bit about real Magic…, and the real players in history who used Dark Magic!

I wonder if she is part of the ILLUMINATI??


Do you suppose that Daniel Radcliffe was just LUCKY to get the part of Harry Potter?

What if HIS FAMILY also has Satanic connections, or is also part of the ILLUMINATI?

Rememger this:



And Harry Potter wore it on his forehead like a medal of honor!

And can also be seen here in the Satanic Ice Cream add for “Sweet Jesus Ice cream”….

Well now…, what is good ol Danny’s latest role?

Oh imagine my surprise…, HE PLAYS THE DEVIL!

Notice the upside down cross and reference it to the Ice Cream cup above!

Yep…, good ol Danny was picked (at random) to play Harry Potter!  Nothing to see here!

(It couldn’t have been because he was part of a Generational Luciferian Family…, could it?)

Now…, he’s on to wearing horns and weilding pitch forks…, but still somehow managing to talk to snakes!

But hey…, what do “I” know??

I’m just some “guy” …., writing “some blog”…., right?

I couldn’t possibly have real “usuable” information that would  blow most people’s minds…, could I?

Still waiting…..
















  1. herb4brad

    As usual Bradley your insights and observations are bang on the mark. It is strange that I personally have never seen a single Harry Potter film nor have I read any of the books although I had been meaning to and somehow never got around to it. Anyway Daniel Radcliffe after earning millions as star of Harry Potter movies accepted over £1 million to appear in Equus on Broadway and also in London’s West End. By the way in this play a boy has a fixation about horses and blinds some of them. Oh and he is totally naked for much of the play much to the delight of “boy lovers” and Harry Potter fans. Just saying……

    Liked by 1 person

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