By: Bradley Loves


Earlier we heard that two “prison barges” were on their way to GITMO.

Now…, we are hearing that an Aircraft Carrier is on it’s way to GITMO.

The answer is in the article posted below!

Aircraft Carries are huge mobile “Fresh Water” making plants!  They desalinate ocean salt water in massive amounts!

An aircraft carrier’s desalinators can make 400,000 gallons of freshwater per day.


GITMO…, even though it is a US NAVAL BASE does “not” get anything from the Cuban Government in the way of water or electricity!  The Cubans don’t even “want” America there.

Therefore…, “IF” the US were to suddenly place 60,000 prisoners at GITMO…, they would have to create their OWN WATER and ELECTRICITY to take care of that amount of prisoners!

It is highly “logical” that if a huge amount of people were soon to be appearing in GITMO…, that a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier would be stationed there to provide the very “necessary” Electricity and Water!

Not only is a Carrier being sent to GITMO (along with two huge prison barges)…, we’ve got this:

IF prisoners (very high value ones) were being sent to GITMO…, then a Submarine “security net” around the East Coast and CUBA would also be necessary to prevent the DEEP STATE from attacking any Military Tribunals taking place there!




By: Bradley Loves


YOU did not create yourself!

YOU (your soul) was created by GOD our loving Father!


  • Everything that exists has an author!
  • Ultimately and truthfully, all that is, has only a single author!

Did you notice a very subtle, but Earth shatteringly important distinction in the two sentences above?

Read them again, and see if you can notice it!

The difference is in the words:  “exists” and “is”


Everything that exists, meaning everything that has ever been thought of, or has been done has an author!

Now some would take this sentence to mean that it is GOD…, who is responsible for all thoughts and all deeds!


All thoughts and deeds are most certainly things that exist…, but don’t even begin to BLAME GOD…, for thoughts and deeds which YOU have had, chosen, or engaged in!

YOU are the “author” of those things…, not GOD!


Ultimately and truthfully, all that is, has only a single author!


This sentence means something entirely different!   It means that on a Grand Cosmic Scale, all “matter” and all “souls” which have been created have only a single author and that author is OUR PRIME CREATOR…, the Heavenly Father.

Are you able to “grasp” the difference?

The only reason I have started this article here is that I am constantly bumping into NEW AGE people who can NOT tell the difference between the two statements above…, and don’t really think there is one!

Apparently when they read something that says:

GOD created “all that is”…, he must have also created EVIL, DARKNESS, WEAKNESS, and STUPIDITY as well!


These are conditions which have come about as a result of OUR CREATIONS OF FREEWILL CHOICE!

They have absolutlely NOTHING to do with what GOD created, thought, or had in mind!

Following me so far?


The only thing GOD can be “blamed for” was giving us the “gift” of FREEWILL.

How we used that “gift” is what has created and led to the “conditions” that we call: EVIL, DARKNESS, WEAKNESS, FEAR, and STUPIDITY.

Now some people (New Agers as well as Luciferians) have told me that if GOD gave us freewill…, then he gave us the “right” to harm others if we found joy in doing that!


Freewill is the “right” to experience the entirety of creation in ANY WAY you chose…, so long as you NEVER harm any part of the creation…, or destroy any part of the creation!


Does this make sense?

Consider “renting” a hotel room, or “renting” a car.

By renting either of these items…, you are more or less being “given” FREEWILL.

You have the “right” to do anything you want in the hotel room…, BUT…, you DO NOT have the right to harm or to destroy the hotel room while renting it!

You have been given free will to enjoy the hotel room and all of the hotels ammenities…, but to harm or to destroy the hotel room is NOT acceptable.

This is not part of “your” free will!

The same follows with a car.

By renting a car…, you can do anything you want with the car and go anywhere you want with the car…, but  you are NOT ALLOWED to harm the car or to destroy the car!

SO…, now the accountants among you – the analytical ones…, will immediately say…, well that is NOT FREEWILL THEN, because true free will would allow me to destroy the hotel room or the car if I so choose!



You do NOT have that right!



You may only have absolute control over your OWN creations!


However…, and pay attention ILLUMINATI MEMBERS…, you may NOT create something and then CON others (through deception) that what you’ve created is something that it is not!

What I am referring to here is the ALL CAPS NAME which you so conveniently have created for each and every living human being!

YES…, these are YOUR creations…, and you should have absolute control over them.

HOWEVER…, you have NOT INFORMED IN FULL TRANSPARENCY that these “NAMES” belong to you!

Thus you are perpetrating an enormous CON (a deception) upon billions of human beings!

Furthermore…, you have tricked men and women into thinking and believing these names were somehow associated with them…, thus you have NOW BROUGHT HARM to something that you DID NOT CREATE!

Therefore…, on the other side of the veil…, (after you leave your body)  you are responsible and accountable for THAT HARM!

You can not use the excuse that you had the “right” to do anything you wanted to “your” creations…, just because they were yours…, if by doing so you HARMED what did NOT belong to you.

GOD our loving FATHER sees right through this.., and you are really pissing him OFF!

Because you have engaged in “personage” (the creation of “fictional persons” ) and have locked up men and women in your jails for meaningless statuatory crimes (like possession of a damn plant) YOU have caused GREAT HARM to a creation that was NOT YOURS…, and punishment for breaking the “rules” has now been engaged.

This “bait and switch” game that you’ve created out of the depths of your devious “imagination” is NOT ALLOWED – and you my dear Illuminati/Banking/Luciferian “unfortunates” – will be punished with the full and extensive force of PRIME CREATORS POWERS.

Once again…,

Freewill is the “right” to experience the entirety of creation (matter and souls) in ANY WAY you chose…, so long as you NEVER bring harm to any part of the creation…, (matter and souls) nor destroy any part of the creation (matter and souls).


”Press-ganging”, “Barratry”, “Bearing False Witness”, “Co-erosion” “Slavery”, “Kidnapping”, “Assult with a weapon”, are ALL considered EXCEPTIONAL HARM and are actions directed toward individual souls which YOU did not create!

These are NOT aspects of your Freewill…, and if continued, draw extreme punishment to yourself!

Now…, this does not mean that you can not “destroy” a chair that you created, or tear down a house that you’ve created!

It’s sad that I have to be so specific with something that should be so obvious!



This simply means that you may not “tear down” anything that you DID NOT CREATE!

Currently you are engaged in destroying/harming humanity, the DNA of humanity, the health of humanity, and the life experience of humanity…, and for each individual soul that has been harmed…, PUNISHMENT is guaranteed!

In order to escape “punishment”…, RESTITUTION IS REQUIRED!

A full accounting of what was done, how it was done…, and a “correction” is mandatory in order for any punishment to be waived.


Now…, on a subtle level…, even LYING, SECRECY, and DECEPTION is HARM…, if the results of these actions are the ”cause” of suffering (which is harm) to any living being or soul!

This is “non-negotiable”…, because LYING, SECRECY, and DECEPTION are NOT creations of GOD our loving father…, but are “ideas” and “concepts” that have been “created” by souls choosing to experience creation.

These are “things that exist” which were NOT created by GOD!

These things “exist” as a result of “choices made” which were less than enlightened…, less than loving, and less than godly!

They were choices made out of GREED, FEAR, HATRED, and other very unsavory emotions.

GOD is not responsible for these things because “HE” would never (ever) choose to create them in the first place.

Ultimately “experience” in matter can be a “journey of joy” if one remembers to follow the rules!

Freewill is the “right” to experience the entirety of creation in ANY WAY you chose…, so long as you NEVER harm any part of the creation…, nor destroy any part of the creation!


HIDING THE TRUTH (if it is the cause of suffering) BECOMES HARM!

Therefore…, the VATICAN…, by hiding countless books related to the history of the Earth is causing GREAT HARM because at this point in time, that knowledge is needed to put a stop to massive suffering.

Causing men and women to have to work 15 hours a day at two jobs just to earn enough money to put a roof over their heads is GREAT HARM to that soul – if technology already exists and is known which can release that soul from such hardship!

Look…, I could go on.., and on…, and on…, with this post…, breaking it down into micro-scopic minutiae, but WHY?

It really boggles my mind that I should have to “teach” human souls things that they should already KNOW!

But…, then again…, I have really never understood why things get so bad in human cultures once darkness and ignorance become part of the fabric of society!

Probably because I just would NEVER choose to sink to this level of stupidity!

(Therefore I just do not really “get” how debilitating it becomes to those entrenched in it).

Still.., the rules are quite clear…, and if followed – will immediately raise up human culture and society back into a time of great joy and brightness!

It is simply a matter of turning darkness back into LIGHT!

I will leave it here for now and let you think deeply about this post!


Consider what I have written on it’s own merit…, and do not compare it with any “message” you’ve ever read by so and so.










Source: WhatDoesItMean.com


New York City Skyline Bathed In “Electric Blue” After Mysterious Tesla Machine Unearthed


28 December 2018

Hello Folks,

A few weeks after Donald Trump won his presidential election in November-2016, the Sisters instructed me to begin a new document file and name it “Now It Begins”—whose first item placed in it was a 13 December 2016 article published barely a month after Trump was elected that noted an organization of physicists had named inventor Nikola Tesla’s former New York laboratory as a national historical site—an odd coincidence made a little clearer by understanding that Trump is the first American president to have intimate and secret knowledge involving everything having to do with Tesla.

As Trump’s uncle was the only person to have been given full access by the US government to all of Tesla’s research, it stands to reason that one of the most important devices Tesla ever built would be known by him, and whose knowledge of would, also, now be known about by President Trumphimself—and today the world knows as the Tesla Tower that was built over a century ago whose full power has never been made public—but on 4 July 1917, began to be demolished by the Smiley Steel Company of New York, and what couldn’t be sold off as scrap, found its remains being buried on the “Islands of the Undesirables”—which are actually Randall’s Island and Wards Island in the East River of New York City that for decades have been the dumping ground for everything from building debris, to over 100,000 unwanted and unclaimed bodies.

Now I doubt that many of you have ever heard about the “Islands of the Undesirables” where Tesla Tower debris was buried, but the same can’t be said of millions of New York City residents who, last evening, watched the entire night sky over this area erupt in “glowing electric blue” during an event called a “rare phenomena” that was so mysterious and intense, thousands feared they were witnessing an alien invasion.


Tesla Tower said was able to create its own weather systems and clouds while bathing the sky in electric blue colors

On 27 December 2018, New York City is bathed in electric blue colors and mysterious cloud formations

The “official story” of what occurred in the skies over New York City last evening is that a brief electrical fire involving transformers broke out a substation near the corner of 20th Avenue and 32nd Street shortly after 9 p.m.—a bizarre location to name as 20th Avenue and 32nd Street don’t connect or intersect—but is within the area from 20th Avenue and 31st Street where begins the property line for a massive Con Edison electrical facility that stretches to the East River—and is right across the river from the “Islands of the Undesirables.


You should note, too, that even though Con Edison said the “smoke/clouds” caused by this event were due to a fire, the New York City Police Department, nevertheless, Tweeted out a little over two hours after it occurred: “No injuries, no fire, no evidence of extraterrestrial activity”.

Try as you like (and I encourage you all to do so), no record exists of a transformer “explosion” ever having caused such an incident like this to occur in any major city the world over where its entire sky was bathed in electric blue light—but anyone knowing of Tesla’s works and inventions, wouldn’t have been surprised in the least at what occurred—as Tesla was notorious for experimenting with his inventions in disregard of the public—such as when he brought out of his pocket one day his “earthquake machine” and almost toppled a New York City building—and examples how very small Tesla’s most important inventions were that, without a doubt, could very well have been buried on the “Islands of the Undesirables”—and that “someone” has now retrieved.


As I subscribe to the scientific principal of “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and flies like duck—It’s a duck”, and the scientific rule of Occam’s Razor that says “the simplest of competing theories is preferred to the more complex”—and when combined with knowledge of Britishscientist Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. and his groundbreaking research into Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields—what occurred in New York City last night when its skies were bathed in electric blue, has Nikola Tesla written all over it—and is a belief supported by tens-of-thousands of New Yorkers whose first instinctive reaction to seeing this mysterious event was their believing it involved aliens.



Why these tens-of-thousands of New Yorkers had as their first instinct that this event bathing their night skies electric blue was associated with aliens, Dr. Sheldrake explains is due to an ancient memory encoded in our combined and jointly able to access human memory field—and that “modern science” has never been able to eradicate from any of us—with their, instead, building their edifice to indoctrination and memory destruction they call the education system.

The main problem with the “modern science” educational system, though, is that it’s only able to work on individuals—by convincing people that what they see and hear isn’t true, and their completely obliterating common sense—but that doesn’t work at all on our ancient memory field.

One example of this are the “vacations” you take—that “modern science” and the educational system have convinced you is an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling—but in our human memory field is known as a “pilgrimage”—which is a journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion, and we have been doing since our most ancient days.

In Sister Ciara’s entreaty to you, yesterday, “The Epistle of Saint Helena: A Guide To Understanding Why The World Will End In 2022, Or Maybe Not”, to aid her in revealing the truths of not only our human memory field, but other mysteries and secrets being kept from humanity, too—she followed Dr. Sheldrake’s call to “weaponize curiosity”—and whose ranks of those seeking true answers have grown by what occurred in New York City last night.

The answers so desperately needed by a world hungry for truth, and who know how much they’re being lied to and deceived every day, however, can never be fully realized unless those like you, who are awakening to true things, help them—and is as simple for you to do as going below and giving what you can, today, so the Sisters can continue their mission.

You can, of course, turn away from those struggling to find the truth—but if you take a silent moment, and reach back into our most ancient human memories, you will know instantly how wrong this is—because, and as written in 1 Peter, Chapter 5, Verses 2 and 3 about whom you really are: “Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve.

Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need, and, as always too, please feel free to write me at sorchafaal@fastmail.fm with any comments/questions/suggestions, and remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line.

All the best folks,





Source: AnnaVonReitz.com


What I Know About Warnings and Arrests

By Anna Von Reitz


A large number of criminal networks have been uncovered both here and abroad, which have been siphoning large amounts of money out of the American economy and which have been contributing to illegal arms and drug markets, human trafficking rings, and even darker purposes, such as murder related to organ harvesting, Satanic rituals, and pedophilia.

The bunny trail has led to some of the highest offices in government and down to the local subcontractor level. The clean up began in Arkansas and is spreading outward from that initial beach head. Most likely it will hit Nevada or New Mexico next, which have similarly been hot beds of racketeering, illegal gambling, smuggling, and other criminal activities.

Arkansas, Bill Clinton’s old stomping ground, was Ground Zero for the clean up operation, because so much of this corruption was connected through contacts in Arkansas or started there.

A pernicious system of “kickbacks” from the Federal level down to the local government units is apparent throughout. This system promotes racketeering and kickbacks based on racketeering and extortion.
About 70,000 indictments have been processed thus far and the number of total indictments continues to grow as more evidence surfaces and more criminals turn on their compatriots and provide evidence against them. Nobody knows how many people will eventually be indicted by so- called Operation Clean Sweep, but it could easily go over 100,000.

Some of these cases will be tried by military courts because the persons and activities fall under that jurisdiction. Others will be tried by civilian courts.

People can expect to see some famous names in the line-ups and will be shocked by scope and ferocity of these criminals.
The best thing for us to do during the “rodeo” is to stay at home and off the streets. Just hunker down and let the police and military units assigned do their jobs.

Children and pets need to be kept under close supervision.
It’s highly recommended that you pick up extra prescription medications you might need during the next month.

Every effort has been and is being made to assure the continuation of utility services, but it can’t hurt to have extra food, extra water, and a “camp potty”— a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat and lid on it, ready to go, if needed.

The idea is to be ready to just stay home for a week to ten days and not go anywhere. Be ready in the event that the lights go out or the local grocery store closes.

And other than that, be psychologically ready, as much as you can be, for the sight of military units guarding public buildings and people —even well-known people— being arrested and accused of heinous crimes.

This is not a Kodak Moment in our country’s history, but it is a necessary effort to put an end to institutionalized crime.
Once the roll-up starts, nobody knows how long it will take to meet the primary objectives, but the best estimates I have heard are a week to ten days. That may be optimistic, but gives at least a reasonable parameter to plan for.

I advocate everyone being ready for at least a couple weeks of shut down at all times, simply because I have lived through two disasters already — a wild fire and an earthquake — and know the score.

The time to plan is BEFORE you actually need extra food, water, blankets, a do-it-yourself toilet, prescription refills, heat, and some means to cook food and boil water. If you have those emergency needs provided for and have your emergency plan in place, it will be a lot less stressful when and if you need to deploy and actually make use of these provisions.

So far as I know, the indictments are real and will be enforced, which gives rise to the reasonable expectation that at least in some places and for some period of time, it will be desirable for Americans to find a seat and stay home.

Better to plan for that and not need to do it, than to need extra supplies and to not have them on hand.



By: Bradley Loves


Let’s assume that pirates and scallywags were literally running all of our institutions, and had been doing so for quite some time now.

Imagine what would happen if all of a sudden, the pirates and scallywags realized that they were about to be “caught” and brought to justice!

What would that look like in real terms?

Let’s assume that these pirates had infiltrated and had taken up positions inside of most arms of Government, the Media, Banks, Hollywood, the Music Industry, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the Courts, and countless other institutions up to and including the Vatican itself.

Imagine what would happen if very suddenly a small group of military people decided that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and hand picked a guy (not necessarily a saint, but someone they felt was trustworthy) to help them clean up what had become a criminal FREE FOR ALL that would have most certainly taken our entire world into a cesspool of debauchery.

Do you suppose that we might be seeing something exactly like we are now seeing?  Do you suppose that the extreme panic generated as a result of the sudden “clean up” would translate into endless attacks on the “guy” that had been chosen to be the visible tip of the spear?

Do you suppose these highly compromised Media personalities (having been paid by and profited greatly from the pirates) would now be ORDERED by their masters to verbally ATTACK the visible tip of the spear over and over again, 24/7…, without mercy and without end in the VAIN HOPE that the people who were watching them spew out their propaganda were just STUPID ENOUGH to believe any lie?

Let’s take a moment to be honest with ourselves!

(I really like honesty…, so let’s do some of that here together!)


  • Most of us did not SEE the extent of the corruption, and did not realize the extent of the criminal behavior that was taking place behind the scenes!  This is just being honest!
  • In fact, most of us STILL, have no idea of the depth of the debauchery, crimes, corruption taking place in a manner that is well hidden.

Can we agree?

Thus, any real reporting on these many criminal and corrupt activities have gone unreported for so long, that an EXTREME IMBALANCE began to show up in all of our institutions.

If those participating in the piracy, theft, and outright crimes were about to be exposed, what would that look like in real terms?



Let’s further theorize that the NEW AGE was actually started by LUCIFERIANS – and not by people who had mankind’s best interest at heart!

(Extensive proof of this exists, and the only reason it is not well known is that very few people have ever thought clearly enough to “QUESTION” just who these early New Age leaders were, and what they really believed in!!)

Let’s suppose that the leading founders of the NEW AGE (operating in the late 1800’s) were in fact high level Freemasons AND were also practicing MAGICIANS.

Let’s say that these men and women just described above  (from over 150 years ago) were aided and abetted by elements within the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, and wanted to REPLACE the current and soon to be OUTDATED world control structure with something better for them given the nature of the industrial and technological revolution they knew was soon to take place.

How “exactly” could they appear to pass the “wand” or the “torch” of WORLD WIDE CONTROL from one institution that they controlled…, to another (less localized – ie…, the church) to a more worldly institution that they controlled and have it look like the people had been “given” much more freedom (while actually having less) was the problem that they faced!

Instead of CONTROLLING men and women’s minds by having them come to a local CHURCH daily or weekly…, they would need to control men and women’s minds in some other far less localized, and much more centralized way!

They chose to use MAGIC (witchcraft) mixed with a whole lot of unheard of technology (soon to be developed) to “mind control” the masses of the NEW AGE!


These “programs” were already in the planning stages in the late 1800’s…, and simply needed TIME to be deployed properly all over the world.

What was really needed were some EXPERT CON ARTISTS and some EVIL GALACTIC SALESMEN who could “sell” the idea of the NEW AGE to a very large group of mostly “good” and GOD LOVING people.

These people were the ones who would most likely STAND IN THE WAY of the NEW WORLD ORDER!

These were the ones who would PUT UP A FIGHT!

Thus…, even in the early “planning stages” of the NEW WORLD ORDER…, actions were being taken to make certain these people never even GOT to the field of battle!

Thus…, hundreds and thousands of NEW AGE BOOKS (written by high level Illuminati and Freemason members) were put out to the public starting in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

They continued writing and publishing these “books” all the way through the highly controlled 1960’s and 1970’s!

The FOREMOST THRUST of these books was a message that told it’s readers to STAND DOWN – TOLERATE EVERYTHING – REFUSE TO JUDGE ANYTHING.

This message was VITAL to their plans…, and needed to have saturated at least 7 generations (a generation is 20 years) before those wanting the NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER even dared to unveil their endless devotion and their allegiance to LUCIFER…., (aka) SATAN!

Thus…, we are NOW SEEING…, the “unveiling” of the NEW WORLD ORDERS PLAN!

Which includes:


ABC (owned by Disney) a corporation that for years has hidden a SATANIC and PEDOPHILIC AGENDA inside of children’s cartoons…, is now “COMING OUT”…, and placing ON DISPLAY…, their NEW WORLD ORDER ALLEGIANCE TO LUCIFER!

Where as “THIS STUFF” above is pretty damn hard to miss…, former DISNEY CHILD STARS like Miley Cyrus are having a good ol time more or less HIDING OUT in the smoky or foggy area of Satanism where most of her followers really aren’t SURE if she belongs to the NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER or not!


Of course…, Miley Cyrus squatting with an open crotch under a neon sign with the word Bangerz…, (aka – “Bang her” – aka – “f*ck her”) followed by the “Z” which is the “lightning bolt of Lucifer”…, while she holds her own crotch, are signs and symbols that are really hard to miss for those of us who have any common sense at all!

For those who DID NOT “see” that symbol or connection…, I’m really sorry to say that you most likely are SLEEP WALKING through your life…, and that type of naïveté is NOT a “spiritual” nor an “angelic” quality!

It is sadly the quality of a mostly comatose mind that has been so highly controlled so that it will miss the obvious and only see things on a SUB-CONSCIOUS LEVEL.



The ABC video above is a MUCH HIGER LEVEL of “in your face” SATANISM…, and is being “rolled out” by some of the dumbest people on television!

Micheal Strahan has got to be one of the MOST unintelligent men to ever have hosted Good Morning America…, and the fact that he can tie his own shoes, is up for some serious debate!

Yet…, is it not vitally IMPORTANT that the hosts of Good Morning America in the year 2018…, be as DUMB as possible so that when blatantly SATANIC things – like an 11 year old boy dressing like a fashion model and engaging in the excessively feminine mannerisms of a two bit street whore – would then be WILDLY APPLAUDED and encouraged by those very same stupid hosts…, who most likely could not tell the difference between the hole in their posterior – and a hole in the ground??

Way to go DISNEY…, you’ve taken the STUPIDITY of morning television to a whole new level of LOW!

Your MINDLESS subservience to all things SATANIC and all things LUCIFERIAN must make you all VERY PROUD!

Please remind me to BURN anything that I have left that was ever made or created by DISNEY CORPORATION – so that the stench of the SATANIC ODER coming from these creations and endeavors does not affect my blessed domicile.

But…, I digress….



Hillary Clinton (Satanist and Witch) was supposed to be at the HELM of the USA CORPORATION during the “unveiling” and the “rolling out” of all of these NEW WORLD ORDER CUSTOMS.

Because she is NOT THERE…., and because (as you can see from what I wrote above) much of this stuff is actually planned decades if not centuries in advance…, they simply can not POSTPONE or CANCEL events which were planned long ago!

These things can NOT BE DELAYED because TIME TRAVEL was involved.  Parents were chosen long ago!  Kids were born, injected with NANO TECH and then MIND CONTROLLED to do certain things!

They are puppets and are being used…, but the PLAN was put into motion decades ago!

Thus…, HILLARY…, not being in the WHITE HOUSE…, and not being able to “ORDER”countless counter measures into place which would HELP THESE THINGS come out in a more acceptable way for the American Public is causing PANIC!

The LUCIFERIANS/SATANISTS had it planned down to the nano-second exactly how it would go…, and had PLANNED for every single eventuality!

They had bought millions of people and PAID BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to make SURE that AMERICA would not only “GO SATANIC”…, but would accept it willingly!

The only thing they did NOT PLAN FOR was:



Hey DISNEY…, how’s that NEW WORLD ORDER “roll out” going for you without HILLARY in the WHITE HOUSE??

Of course…, HILLARY once done, was going to HAND OVER ALL OF AMERICA to the UNITED NATIONS!

And thus the 1000 year REIGN of SATAN could begin in earnest!

The 13 Families would have finally succeeded in taking over the ENTIRE WORLD through the CON of the United Nations!

What…, you don’t think so…..???

Look at this:

That isn’t a Laurel Wreath around the head of the man speaking to the UN SECURITY COUNCIL…, IS IT???

It just can’t be THAT OBVIOUS…, can it???

Certainly…, that man would not be representing CEASAR…., would he?

Or perhaps…, representing the GREEK GOD…, APOLLO ??







Mr. President,

Loneliness is just part of the deal!   Try doing this and being “broke” at the same time!

I was ALSO sitting alone today for several hours this morning, working on my Blog while trying to save what is left of both America and the World!

Bringing some much needed information into the public awareness is lonely work, but needs to be done!

Don’t worry, YOU are not alone, some of us are with you!