By: Bradley Loves


Earlier we heard that two “prison barges” were on their way to GITMO.

Now…, we are hearing that an Aircraft Carrier is on it’s way to GITMO.

The answer is in the article posted below!

Aircraft Carries are huge mobile “Fresh Water” making plants!  They desalinate ocean salt water in massive amounts!

An aircraft carrier’s desalinators can make 400,000 gallons of freshwater per day.


GITMO…, even though it is a US NAVAL BASE does “not” get anything from the Cuban Government in the way of water or electricity!  The Cubans don’t even “want” America there.

Therefore…, “IF” the US were to suddenly place 60,000 prisoners at GITMO…, they would have to create their OWN WATER and ELECTRICITY to take care of that amount of prisoners!

It is highly “logical” that if a huge amount of people were soon to be appearing in GITMO…, that a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier would be stationed there to provide the very “necessary” Electricity and Water!

Not only is a Carrier being sent to GITMO (along with two huge prison barges)…, we’ve got this:

IF prisoners (very high value ones) were being sent to GITMO…, then a Submarine “security net” around the East Coast and CUBA would also be necessary to prevent the DEEP STATE from attacking any Military Tribunals taking place there!




  1. Did you hear about the Tartarians,
    This was a huge empire which contained Russia and a big part of Europe,
    This empire was whiped out in 1815 when 90% of humanity was killed and our history was rewritten.
    During the Atlantis period 90% of humanity was whiped out.
    Today again the goal of the DeepState is to whipe out 90% of humanity.
    What if we humans are the real Gods and the powers behind the scenes want to finish us altogether.
    They hacked our consciousness millions of years ago which was at the time a 100%.
    Step by step they broke it down which is leaving our conciousness today with only 1%.
    Through SMARt technology and 5G they are trying to destroy this last 1 % and we end up as robots which are easy to control.
    Please check the links below.
    You will be amazed what you will discover.

    Warm regards,


    1. Well,

      Let’s think logically!

      IF genetically engineering all of mankind was the goal…, and each “strain” of the engineering had to completely encompass ALL of mankind before the next one was implemented…, then this could make sense!

      I’ve heard of Greater and Lessor Tartaria!

      In fact I have a copy of a map of Europe and Asia from 1684, and it does not match what we’ve been taught.

      One of the first things that Vladimir Putin did when they annexed Crimea is to APOLOGIZE to the Crimean TARTAR’s…, for year and years of repression and abuse at the hands of the Soviet Union.

      Crimea was part of Lessor Tartaria…, so Putin seems to be acknowledging this.

      I’m not certain what happened to change our history…, and I’ve heard of the “mud flood” theory…, but am NOT sold on it as of yet.

      Just like I was never “sold” on the Flat Earth theory, even though certain people do make some interesting arguements.

      However…, it stands to reason that if an “invading group” of GALACTIC EVIL GENETICISTS wanted to take over our planet…, this would be one way to do it.

      Genetically change a certain percentage of the population and then KILL the rest. Then allow the world to totally repopulate over 250 or 300 years…, and then do it all over again.

      It’s a tall order…, and a big project!

      Could NEVER be done without help from countless human beings willing to LIE, CHEAT and DECIEVE for the evil galactic though….

      Perhaps THIS is where SATANISM comes in???

      Nice comment! Shows you are thinking!


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