By: Bradley Loves

By “devices”…, I mean my TV, my phone, my I-pad, computers and lap-tops!

Because most of the world out there is still very much asleep…, they are not going to have the same experiences that I am having, or that those few of us who are “really” waking up are having.

I say “really” waking up because I want to make a difference between real waking up where all you do is expose TRUTH and tell TRUTH…, and the FAKE VERSION of waking up where you are a New Ager and all you care about is Ascending and the TRUTH really means nothing to you! (You think there really IS no real TRUTH except yourself).

In my opinion, it is because I am TELLING THE TRUTH…, that I (like Jean Haines was) am under “attack”.

Anyone who just lives their life as if being here on Earth means nothing, and that American Idol, Football Games, or the Cardassians are the most important thing in the world WILL NEVER BE ATTACKED because they pose no threat to the Alien AI that is desperate to control things on Earth.

It is ONLY when you start really caring about everyone around  you deeply and want to start telling the TRUTH and EXPOSING ALL OF THIS…, that you come under “direct attack” from what I am going to call the MATRIX ITSELF.

The MATRIX being an “alliance” between this AI plus it’s off world and inter-dimensional supporters…, plus the Illuminati, the Luciferians, the Satanists, and all those who want to MERGE their consciousness with the Alien AI.

My devices “emanate” all kinds of frequencies which are causing me pain, discomfort and seem to want to SCRAMBLE my thought processes!

Just using them is painful…, and yet if I do not USE THEM…, how am I going to write or get the word out to those who need to hear?

I’ve told you many times…, your REAL HEROS are not who you think they are!

They are not New Agers and the MASTERS they worship.

Seek out which people are tortured the most…, and those are the ones HELPING YOU THE MOST!

All my love….


  1. herb4brad

    Stay the course Bradley. Do not lose heart. Even with the relatively small readership you have you are definitely making a difference. Your words are gems and pearls and the dark forces know this and despise you for it. Yes you are aware of some of the “magic tools” that are being used to fool, subjugate and damage those that dare and you are throwing some of that right back at them. We of your readership in some way absorb or mitigate some of the harm whether we know this or not. The light of truth is getting brighter. WHO DARES WINS! I have once heard said and you sir are making a difference. With love and respect.

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  2. David W H

    All the tech is weaponized negative alien demon tech and has been integrated into this society as necessary to live.Any company regulated by gov’t is participating or they don’t get their share.That means so called “public service” electric companies sending frequencies into the grid,transportation companies,media which of course involves all kinds of frequencies including audio and visual,radio and microwave,and on and on. Here we are by and with The Grace of God.May we be protected and defended and may the evil that has become so prevalent be neutralized and terminated Now.Blessings Bradley and to all of you. I am sorry I can’t do more.I would give up my entire being to push the button on all this. This didn’t start yesterday even though humans are just beginning to become aware. Back in ’95 I was guided to a book in the Englewood,CO library titled The Electrical Sensitivity Handbook by Lucinda Grant.I had been camping out of my car for 2 years by then. It was the first thing I could find in writing that agreed that I wasn’t nuts as the evil ones try to portray.Then in ’96 NEXUS magazine,now banned in this free country,published an article on this program discussing directed energy and chemical targeting of many people by gov’t agencies with thousands of employees.It has grown to monumental proportion even as our leadership has become more degenerate and decadent by the year as well as openly satanic.Stupidity,ignorance,perversion,and decadence are put forth as norms now. This CANNOT sustain.We are in the final timeline of existence as we know it. Can’t see well enough to continue now but plz be well and ask for help from the Divine. It is there.I have been witness to it. Thank you.

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