Description: This is a MUST SEE Video to the End… You Will Be Jumping for Joy by the Time You Finish it… Did you Hear Alicia Keys say ‘Who Runs the World?” Michael/Michele Obama Pointed with her Finger to the pit… The Lord Gave Me ALL the PROOF to SHOW THEM WRONG!!!! All Glory to the Lord God… Who Used to Play Hide& Seek ?? You want to See Something TRULY AMAZING???!!! Watch the Whole thing.

2 thoughts on “WHO RUNS THE WORLD ???

  1. herb4brad

    Interesting how they have surreptitiously included 666 into our everyday lives. The three WWW. So it got me thinking on the world wide web. Every URL beginning with www. Nice! Steal the inventions and then weaponize them against us. Very sneaky. And this they have done with everything of importance on the planet. THIS WILL CHANGE! Thanks Bradley for persevering.

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  2. nateyad

    Michael/Michelle Obama is just the tip of the iceberg! Almost all women in the public eye are trans sexual. Check out the you tube channels transpocalypse now and truth channel – transvestigation. Absolutely mind blowing!

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