By: Bradley Loves




What happens to men and women who have all of the “limitations” that have been artificially placed upon their lives suddenly REMOVED?

Would you say that the first thing that might happen is that their VISION gets better? 

I mean, let’s face it…, without the endless obstructions being placed in front of our vision, who knows what, or how far we can actually see!

The panoramic views from inside of a “house with no walls” would have to be stunning, if not mind boggling! 

The clarity of the views and vistas would be breathtaking.


Translucent means to be “clear”, “transparent” and “easily understandable”.  It comes from two words actually.  

LUCENT, which means “shining” or “clear”, and TRANS, which means “beyond”.

So if all of mankind were to become TRANSLUCENT…, then we could say that they were now operating on a level of BEYOND SHINING CLARITY!

If this is the case, then it would be the perfect antidote for a group of Souls which had spent the last several thousand years very literally enslaved by DARK MAGIC!

You see, the goal of dark magic is to keep you from seeing clearly.  It is like a blanket being pulled over your eyes constantly that is meant to keep you in ILLUSION and TRAUMA.

If the illusion and the trauma are removed, then suddenly humanities VISION is restored and thus mankind’s decisions concerning it’s own future become CLEAR and EASILY UNDERSTANDABLE.

It would be like living in a house with NO WALLS.



Our world looks the way it does because we do not see clearly what is happening around us!   Those who worship SATAN have taken hidden knowledge (from the Mystery Schools) and have been actively using it against us for thousands of years.

Their goal has been to HINDER our vision through the use of Dark Magic. 

They have done everything within their power to hide from the common man what is Truthful and what is Correct, all the while substituting lies, deceptions, and fakery in it’s place.

They have built huge WALLS around our vision and blocked in our ability to see through these wall by means of ILLUSION.

Nothing can be “hidden” however if the wall is made of something TRANSPARENT or TRANSLUCENT!  

If you can see what is really out there, and you can see where you are going…, then your CHOICES will always be accurate and give you dependable results that are beneficial.

If what I wrote in THE TRIUMPHANT – PART ONE, is true…, then our ability to SEE CLEARLY is a must if we are going to create a happy, loving, and peace filled world.

In the aggregate…, our world has been created to function basically as a MIRROR of sorts in that IT “mirrors” our thoughts back to us and then MANIFESTS WHAT WE “COLLECTIVELY CREATE” as a result of our collective thinking, our collective communications, our collective beliefs and our understandings.


Mark  Passio, in the video below, tells us EXACTLY WHY so much knowledge and information has been hidden away from the common man for thousands of years.  

That purpose is to create a POWER DIFFERENTIAL between those who know…, and those who don’t know.  This allows men and women with very DARK MOTIVES to create the type of world or “reality” that they want to see…, which is one of suffering and poverty…, only so “they” can live like “gods”.

This is why they are SATANISTS.


Furthermore, Mark makes it clear in this video that these people very literally HATE HUMANITY WITH A PASSION!

See below:

If humanity is to survive, it must come to terms with just who their en-slavers have been, and to come to understand that these evil men and women could NEVER have done what they were doing without a “little bit of help” from almost everyone living on the Earth.

MONEY was their tool!   


MONEY was how they bribed, and lured almost every single man and woman on this planet away from decency, ethics, morals, and thus RIGHT ACTION.

And…, if everyone helps them “just a little bit”…, then the world very quickly becomes corrupted, base, vile and wholly EVIL.

This is why the Bible clearly says that MONEY is the root of all EVIL.

It is the root, because it is used to bribe people to LOOK THE OTHER WAY when faced with wrong doings.

Or…, for “good men” to TAKE A BRIBE!



Human beings need to change their minds and their attitudes about serving THEMSELVES FIRST.

We must overcome our willingness to sell someone ELSE down the road as long as it does not appear to hurt US!

What most people can not possibly see or be aware of is that this is a WORLD WIDE OPERATION!    

Those who worship SATAN have instituted a GLOBAL OPERATION OF LIES AND DECEIT!

You’ve got to think bigger than just believing that “some guy” has offered you a “bunch of money” to do ONE THING…, that does not seem to be connected to anything else.

Because the truth of the matter is that these Satanists are highly organized, (pyramid style)…, they are everywhere…, and they are BRIBING MILLIONS OF GUYS (each day) to do just one thing.

While none of these “one things” seem to be connected…, they are ALL LEADING TO THE OVERALL SATANIC GOAL.

Therefore each human being who actually “takes the money” is complicit in the Satanic Plan to take down all of humanity!

There is no doubt that we have to work hard to watch each others back…, because these SATANISTS hate all of us EQUALLY!   Taking money from them to over look something really evil HURTS ALL OF US EVENTUALLY.



Here are the current crop of people TAKING THE BRIBE and TAKING THE MONEY and turning a BLIND EYE!

How many “tech employees” working at FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, TWITTER, YOU-TUBE and others and are banning, censoring, deleting, blocking, hindering and removing conservatives and Christians from Social Media for money…, for dollars…, for a PAYCHECK??

They are all SELL OUTS to the Satanists…, and are complicit in bringing about the NEW WORLD ORDER!


ALL sellouts to the Satanists…, just for dollars in their wallets!



We need to become an ARMY just like they are…, and in order to do that…, we need to SEE CLEARLY what we are up against!

This is a real battle being waged against mankind and has been going on for thousands of years!

In order to SEE CLEARLY we must be free of ILLUSION!


We must become aware of the DARK SPELLS these Satanists place upon us that keep us from SEEING CLEARLY!




Only then can we finally CREATE THE REALITY that we truly want for our families and our children.

All my love.

Stay tuned for Part Two




  1. Debra Coleman

    I have been surrounded by narcissist my whole life. They did their job well. They did what naricisst do. I have always loved God, His Son, His Word so much. I called on Him often. The narcisist around me kept me in such fear and confusion, that I couldn’t focus on what the Lord was telling me. I finally woke up one day, and realized that the problem wasn’t with me, it was with the narcicist around me. I wasn’t holding them back, they were holding me back. I have been praying that God make me the person I was meant to be, not the person the world has tried to make me. Now more than ever, I will be praying that this veil be removed that I can see my path clearly. Thank you for this encouraging article.


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