By: Bradley Loves


I spend a few hours every single day pouring over a variety of blogs and websites looking for TRUTH!

For guys like me…, who have done enough research and dedicated my life to exposing lies…, it isn’t difficult to discern whether a story, a post, or an idea is true or false!

In order to fill up the pages of the blogs and websites…, I see more and more Alt. Media Outlets running things that I know (after careful research) to be blatantly FALSE!

The latest is ZEROHEDGE which ran this completely ridiculous article on Human Trafficking where it used FAKE STATISTICS!


The entire “gist” of the story is where you can find the MOST human trafficking.

That is the whole of the story!   The graph on the article is so laughably FAKE that it makes the entire article NULL and VOID!


I almost fell out of my chair…, rolling on the floor laughing first and then crying after I looked at this useless piece of trash above!

It claims the District of Columbia has more human trafficking (which is only a ten mile square area) than entire states like NEW YORK??

Also…, look at where New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Utah are…, at the very bottom of the list!


Who made this graph??

North Dakota…, a state with ONLY 700,000 people…, almost all of whom are farmers…, has 8 times more human traffiking than the state of New York???

Give me an F’ing break!

This article is total…, total…, total DECEPTION on steroids and FAKE NEWS!

Shame on ZeroHedge!  Shame on you for putting out this TRASH and daring to call it NEWS!







  1. Their source can have more fault for that misleading article, but I can say this, that from time to time they do post bad articles.

    Anyways, my question is… what is your take on Venezuela, the Russians coming there to defend it, the whole situation with Maduro and Guaido, and the fact that US supports Guaido.

    Here’s the article:
    (I don’t like zh much, it’s flooded with mostly bad comments from bad people ( whether iranian/chinese propaganda posters or (unlikely, or small minority) pretender iran/chinese posters who are really US ppl, to create bad image, etc. )

    One of the main reasons expected from US to take Venezuela would be oil. One of the biggest reserves on the planet, though the cost of extraction is high at the moment.
    Also, the MSM tells that Venezuela people are starving, while other sources tell us that everything is ok, they have food, etc. and that the people interviewed in Venezuela were paid shills, etc.

    So it looks that everyone puts their own narrative in order to get the oil there, or something else.
    Alliances are easily changed, for example KSA switches from US to Russia/China. Though an interesting fact, is that the KSA has shown no solidarity towards Uyghur muslims in China, in fact he(MBS) told Xi that he can do whatever they want with them.
    Meaning, it’s interesting how little the muslim leaders care about their fellow muslims in China.
    (talking Erdogan, MBS), and they put their alliance with China first.
    And oh, let’s not forget the relationship between the Atheist Chinese Communist Party (who kills christians) relationship with Russia(so called Orthodox Christian nation).
    But Trump seems to give the impression of similar foreign politics when you might see potential false flags and disinfo in order to get to Venezuela ( not that it doesn’t deserve it, when I heard that US businesses in Venezuela got it’s assets confiscated, and also has Russia supporting the Venezuelan regime). A good way, still, would be for US to reclaim whatever assets it had in Venezuela(hopefully they were obtained fairly) and eventually

    So, with all the current geopolitics…
    While Trump is good overall, issues like 5G and potentially being too influenced by the swamp instead of draining it leaves questions.
    Russia and China and their leaders are hypocrites, because they really claim they represent something while they represent something else. (see atheist China vs orthodox christian Russia).
    It’s more like the religions are there to do the state bidding, instead of being respected and treated fairly. (not surprising considering orthodox leaders made their influence by cooperating with USSR and communist regimes).
    But China is hypocrite in more than one way. Trade for one, Belt and Road Initiative in order to give roads to invade whatever countries they want to invade, Debt traps, etc. China read IMF playbook of Economic hitmen and adopted it and (as they claim) perfected it.

    I give this info because I like your positions in a number of issues.
    For example claiming that ‘Islam’ is mostly a terrorist organization does ring Truth to it.

    So, I’d like to hear your take on Venezuela, and then Trump, Russia, China individually.


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