It was brought to my attention that Dean Henderson has said that Donald Trump is working “with” the Satanists.


If he was…, do you think that I would keep supporting him??

Use common sense!!

Henderson wants to expose the DEEP STATE…, but he sees a lot of things in TRUMPS past that he thinks are skeletons, but remember this… Jesus chose to hang out with Tax Collectors and Prostitutes!

Few men (or women) on Earth are perfect!   GOD always choses who he needs at the right moment for the job!

Even a guy like Trump.



  1. DWH

    President Trump is stalked 24/7-gangstalked-a satanic tactic. If he were not rich and protected
    monetarily,physically,and Spiritually he would be gone. The fix was in for the satanics to finish
    the job. As obunga said-the job’s not done yet….Imagine a demon beast such as possessed hillary running what’s left of this once great country.They are jumping my cursor all over this page. Gotta go. Thx Bradley.


  2. nateyad

    I sure hope you are right Bradley. As you know the world is their stage and they dont plan in years but decades and centuries. There is nothing the cabal aren’t willing to do in order to see the plan through. God help us all.


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