See Specifically Section 25 – 25.5

25) My AUTHORITY is derived directly from PRIME CREATOR!

I am my own representative to HE who created my Soul, and I have a Special Agreement with that Being which is the SOURCE OF ALL!

No other authority is therefore needed, and no authority can ever be placed before HIS AUTHORITY where my Eternal Soul, physical body, and mental being are concerned. However, I do reserve the right to choose a very pure and loving being as an intermediary if needed. (This being will not be living on Earth)

25.1) Since I AM my own representative of and to PRIME CREATOR, then NO OTHER spiritual or religious authority here on the Earth can supersede my own directly ordained AUTHORITY with the true FATHER and CREATOR of all that is.

This includes all those who are either appointed, and/or elected to hold office, whether here on Earth, or off the Earth, where “powers” are granted, and/or authority is bestowed, either to regulate or to govern, because I am already under a private “special agreement” with THAT, which can only be defined as pure love.

25.2) I, here and now, in the past, and in the future, remove all presumed consent, tacit consent, and assumed compliance with all lessor Authorities that are EARTH based and merely human, as is my Right under my special agreement with Prime Creator, who is the maker of all UNIVERSES, and I CHOOSE to stay under HIS AUTHORITY ONLY with no other authorities standing in between.

25.3) In ALL matters concerning my living being, and/or my living and breathing body, mind and spirit, which includes my Astral body, and all other levels of my multi-dimensional being, my Special Agreement with PRIME CREATOR IS FINAL, and supersedes every other Agreement and/or Authority, Convention, Statute, and/or Regulation that has ever been written and/or thought of that is either Earth based, and off world based.


Okay…, so listen up people…, things are getting WORSE not better!

Big Tech is actively censoring anything and everything that they think stands in the way of their plans for GLOBALIZATION and the NEW WORLD ORDER!


Big Tech does not want you to learn about the consequences of Europe’s open borders


In addtion, we’ve got these very same TECH MONSTERS rolling out “frequency weapons” which are capable of TARGETING human beings.

See this:

So, the line in the sand has got to be drawn!

These “monsters” are preparing for a WAR against all of humanity, decency, love, and against GOD himself!


You must “speak out” exactly where you stand, and go on RECORD as to whether you are “for” or “against” this!

You can not fall back on your “new age” programming and simply go along to get along, look the other way, pay it no attention because it’s all so negative, just “hold it in the light”, just forgive it all, etc, etc, etc,



The members of the Illuminati are currently in the process of a slow and deliberate “roll out” of their New World Order/Satanic Reality!

The signs, the symbols, and the verifiable proof is EVERYWHERE!!



Those who want the Satanic Reality…, and those who do NOT want the Satanic Reality!

The Universe is actively recording your “vote” or your “choice” as we speak!

It is not just your “words” that matter here however, so be WARNED!


  • What you are THINKING
  • What you are SAYING
  • What you are DOING
  • What “job” you have – especially if the “work” that you do furthers the goals of the Satanists!
  • Who you are taking “money” from…, and why – especially if that “money” is a bribe or is being paid out to specifically further the agenda of the Satanists and their NWO!
  • What “oaths” or “pledges” you have taken – and how much your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, have SOLD OUT mankind, and furthered the goals of the Satanists!

All of this is being “actively” RECORDED!   It is being recorded by the CABAL/ILLUNINATI and their D-WAVE QUANTUM COMPUTERS…



Your “vote” is ALSO being recorded by ANGELIC BEINGS that exist on the finer ASTRAL LEVELS of creation!

Now…, through a process of legal trickerly and FRAUD, the Satanists have “claimed” the bodies, minds, and the souls of every man, woman and child that is currently living on the Earth!

They have written YOUR NAME down into their book of Death and already signed every document that says that YOU MUST GO WITH THEM into their New World Order Reality!

(After all…, what good is living like a King or Queen if there are NO SLAVES to do all the work??)

So let’s make no mistake here…, they fully intend to TAKE YOU WITH THEM into their horror filled SATANIC REALITY!

I have tried to give you many hints that their “plans” for your enslavement goes far beyond the level of the physical!

They have many Allies and Operatives on the LOWER and the MIDDLE ASTRAL LEVELS – Both Elemental and Demonic!

So unless you have your own private ALLIES which will guide you “past” the lower and middle Astral Levels…, they can still TAKE YOU WITH THEM even after you pass out of the physical body!


It is your actions, your thoughts, and your words while you were here on Earth!

It is also what “job” you had while you were here!  What you took “MONEY” for and how many real human beings that you have harmed as a result of taking that money!

Did your work and effort expended here cause MORE real freedom for everyone or LESS real freedom for everyone!



Big Tech is literally filled with young millennials who do yoga, eat vegan, and are “tolerant” of anything and everything that anyone else wants to do!

Their philosophy is that if your religion is Satanism, if you drink blood, have sex with kids, if you want to have an abortion, be gay, be a tranny…, then who am “I” to judge that!

They don’t want to be seen as “judging” a single thing and so they “tolerate” and “accept” everything.  (Including murder and rape)

(See the MIGRANT CRISIS taking place in Europe and how young people are yelling at the older folks and telling them to just SHUT UP about the poor minorities)

These millennnial unfortuately have taken their “non-judgement” to an astonishingly COMPLICIT LEVEL and have swung over to the support of pure evil!

Because as NEW AGERS they were all brain washed into thinking  that “GOD” wants their non-judgement…, they are actively WORKING FOR and WITH THE SATANISTS now to stomp out anyone who has even an ounce of “judgement” or a thimbelful of a “different opinion” which they have LABELED as judgement!

It is also these very same “NEW AGE MILLENNIALS” who are working at GOOGLE – YOUTUBE – TWITTER – INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK – and many other social media platforms around the world.

They are ACTIVELY CENSORING and de-platforming opposing opinions and surpressing freedom of thought and freedom of speech!

They “think” in their New Age madness that they are being “non-judgemental” of hundreds of minorities and are determined to STOMP OUT any voice that questions what these various groups are doing!!

They “think” that they are being GODLY and RIGHTEOUS…, but what they are instead doing is acting in UNISION with the SATANISTS and helping in their bid to move all of humanity into the NEW WORLD ORDER!

Their “vote” is going ON RECORD as a “vote” to go WITH THE SATANISTS.   Their “vote” is not being recorded as a vote to Ascend or move into any sort of higher plane of existence!!

Even though they may “think” and “believe” they are doing something else – they could not be MORE IN ERROR!

Any Engineer or Computer Programmer who has written a program or an Algorithm that helps to CENSOR, BAN, DE-PLATFORM, LIMIT, HINDER, or MASK another human beings voice or right to speak out against what he or she sees as TRUTH or INJUSTICE…, has chosen to go with the SATANISTS into their New World Order Reality!

Any Government Official who works to enforce these kinds of steps and moves are ALSO recorded as COMPLICIT with the Satanists!

Sorry AOC – Alexandria Accacio Cortez…, it does not matter if you do yoga, eat vegan, and hold endless ideas of “non-judgement”…, you are working against GOD our loving FATHER and are working FOR the SATANISTS…., so your “VOTE” IS BEING RECORDED by the HIGER UPS as a vote for the NEW WORLD ORDER!!

It does not “matter” what you say…, it matters what you DO!!

It is your thoughts, words, AND your deeds…, as well as what you are “taking money” for and who is paying you to do it that matters!


So…, let’s get clear on this people…, countless millions of young people who are currently working very hard at their jobs…, BUT…, are working to create a SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/NEW WORLD ORDER/ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT are in fact – choosing to go with the Satanists!


Your “vote” is being recorded on a daily basis…, and even though the Satanists have claimed your body, your mind, and your soul since the very day that you were born…, and they had every intention of taking you with them…, you still had the “choice” to NOT GO WITH THEM!

But that “choice” is more than just a few words squealed out at the very last minute as the door is closing and they are draggin you down into the pit!

Your entire life of thoughts, words, and actions is your VOTE – not just the last few seconds!


What job to do have?  And is your daily “effort” being used to FREE HUMANITY or to further ENSLAVE HUMANITY?

IF you are working at:  GOOGLE, TWITTER, YOU-TUBE, FACEBOOK etc.., and you are taking money to BAN and CENSOR others…, then I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you NEW AGERS…, your vote is being cast for the darkness and for the Satanists!

”Holding people in the LIGHT”…, if that is what you do after taking your paycheck to ban and censor others while working at YouTube and at FaceBook – is not enough and will not get you a ticket out of the SATANIC REALITY that they fully plan to install here on Earth!

As Mark Passio says:

You must be fully unified in your thoughts, your words, AND YOUR ACTIONS each and every day!



If you have in any way what so ever helped to develop, design, build, or deploy these massive FREQUENCY WEAPONS that are now being used on innocent people all over the world…, YOUR VOTE IS IN, AND YOU CHOSE TO GO WITH THE SATANISTS!

If you are someone who is currently operating these frequency weapons and have a list of human TARGETS that you are supposed to deal with on a daily basis.., (especially if all they do is tell the truth) YOUR VOTE IS IN, AND YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO GO WITH THE SATANISTS!

Let us be very clear!

Your VOTE COUNTS!   The Universe is waiting for you to to CHOOSE which reality that you want to end up in!

Words, however are NOT ENOUGH!


That is where the “weight” of your vote comes from!






This article is very telling (and troubling) as it lays out the connections of the players involved in trying to take down humanity and replace it with something else!

DARPA’s 5G End Game For Humanity


In the late 1970’s scientists at Lawrence Livermore Labortories were developing what they called a Brain Bomb – a low-frequency energy weapon which could be used on a battlefield to “liquidate” the brains of thousands of soldiers at one time.

This weapon was likely used by President George H.W. Bush against Iraqi troops during the 1990 Gulf War, when it was reported that thousands of Iraqi Army troops were simultaneously obliterated near Basra.  Their bodies were bulldozed into mass graves and no autopsies were ever performed.

HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Frequency Program) had already been established by then in 1933.  It was a joint program between the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska at Fairbanks and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

Based on the stolen research of Nikolas Tesla, HAARP has experimented with the “weaponization” of radio frequencies and energy.

Officially it was shut down in 2014, but DARPA still carries forward the research, which has come to working on focusing the effects of these frequencies on the individual human being.

(Not simply large groups)

Currently DARPA – whose logo is a pyramid surrounding an all-seeing eye – is developing a robotic soldier with Lockheed Martin.

The Internet was launched and funded by the military as ARPANET in the 1970’s.  ARPA later became DARPA. On August 6, 1991 the Internet went live to the world and by the end of the 1990’s it was being widely used by the public. That was only 20 years ago.

As more people became exposed to DARPA’s newest and most widespread low-frequency weapon, (the internet) school shootings spiked, health problems increased, life-expectancy began a rapid decline, families disintegrated and society began to embrace many dark trends as “normal”.

Former DARPA director Regina Dugan (Project Pegasus) went on to work at Google, where she works with CEO and Bilderberger member Eric Schmidt (who worked very hard to take out Trump) to promote “smart tattoos”, one of which she has herself.

It is a biometric chip which will be used to access the coming integrated 5G “reality” which is being rapidly rolled out.

Note from Bradley:  Remember how I have said over and over again that these people want to bring in a SATANIC REALITY…, well, this is your first real indication (in their own words) this is what they want … A NEW REALITY.

Known as the Internet of things, 5G involves hundreds of billions of microchips which will permeate our possessions, our homes, our cars, our neighborhoods and eventually our bodies.

Some say that Chemtrails is the means by which they are loading our bodies up with aluminum, since this is the best conductor for plugging all of us into the 5G “smart grid”

In line with the Masonic project that we are nothing more than soul-less batteries to be used to power the Luciferian elite, human beings are slated to become just another “thing” in this Internet of things.

They want to change our organic DNA to metal, which they can then mine to run their Babylonian nightmare.

Trans-genderism is an Agenda 21 stepping stone Trojan Horse gateway to trans-humanism, which involves the integration of 5G into our very being.

The hip-sounding Silicon Valley front men they are using to promote this Orwellian nightmare are calling it the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  It seeks to integrate smart chip low-frequency weapons technology with biological processes.

The goal is to turn us into souless machines which can be programmed to perform certain jobs, purchase certain things, think certain thoughts and emit negative dark emotions which will power and normalize the permanent war Illuminati blood sacrifice into an acceptable parallel reality they call “virtual reality” or “augmented reality”.

The recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal (// gave us a glimpse into how Facebook is being used as an emotional dossier gathering tool on each individual for later use by DARPA in their 5G control matrix.

Note from Bradley: Please See my Series  “SIMULATION RUNNING” PARTS ONE TO FIVE….

They are mapping everyone’s psyche to find out which buttons to push when they hit the 5G switch and transform us all into permanent reliable negative energy batteries for the rollout and acceptance of their Satanic New World Order.

The divisive 2016 election served to normalize division and reinforced the negative energy environment in which these lower 4th dimension demons  operate (//

Meanwhile in Switzerland – home to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), which is the central bank for all the world’s private central banks which control the world via debt slavery- the CERN project continues apace, as the Luciferians attempt to isolate the “God particle”, using super-high speed atomic fission colliders.

These fallen angel inbreds like to split atoms rather than fuse them since they are all about opposition to a whole Gaia Creation and instead promote a disjointed atomization of reality which is foreign to this planet. Nuclear fusion could change the world by producing free energy with no waste, but the bankers continue to take us down the path of nuclear fission, divided reality, conflict with Creator and destruction.

CERN scientists have reported seeing demons during some of their experiments as have other tech “wizards” involved in quantum computing.

They talk about this openly now.

One Canadian computer whiz said recently of meeting the demons, “but we still have to push on and hopefully we won’t destroy the world in the process.”

Some believe CERN is deliberately generating dark matter, which is then funneled into the “cloud” – Newspeak for the “New World Brain” which is under construction and set to be completed this year.

It will listen, watch, remember and act. A statue of Shiva – Hindu god of destruction – stands at the entrance to CERN headquarters.

This is why the hipster tech leaders talk of “disruptive technology” and “game-changers”. Knowingly or not, they are pushing forward this DARPA Luciferian agenda. One company has now created artificial auras for people, while another has produced personal replicas, promoting them as “comforting” in such a suddenly disagreeable world.

Computers have now become so powerful that they are now programming themselves. Illuminati spokesman Elon Musk is warning everyone that unless we want to become these computer’s “pets”, we must ourselves merge with AI (artificial intelligence).

Intel says that by 2020 human brains will contain chips which will run the computers to “prevent” this AI takeover.

These kinds of fear-provoking statements reflect the old Masonic project advancement technique of problem-reaction-solution, or Ordo Ab Chao (Order out of Chaos).  They first create a problem, then fix it with a Draconian solution which will advance their Great Work of Ages or New World Order.

The Illuminati are obsessed with numbers. They know certain numbers have power. And they do. The ancient spiritual texts all tell us this. Creation is based on a numbers system. But these Luciferians have usurped this ancient knowledge, hidden it from the general populace to keep us dumbed down, and are now using it to enslave us in a Worldwide web which they have cast out in the hopes of finally capturing the entire human race.

Now enthralled by and willingly caught up in their Internet…, numbers and algorithms will be key to the coming DARPA endgame called 5G.

Once in place it is simply all math. Human originality, dissent and creativeness are being totally crushed and discredited as passe.

Drones already fly overhead stealing pictures of your face to use as facial recognition software to be installed in this control matrix.

Companies have recently begun asking for a verbal confirmation when you pay bills on the phone. They are stealing your voice frequencies which will then be integrated into the voice recognition software for 5G.

There will be 5G transmitters on every block of every city connecting this “smart grid”.

Alexa-type devices will monitor every home.

Your “smart phone” will track your every purchase, movement, discussion, emotion and thought.

It is also being re-designed to implant and change your thoughts and emotions to ones more congruent with the Satanist agenda. Through Facebook, they know what will push your buttons and will now play upon your weaknesses.

The Hunger Games will have begun. We will all become nothing more than Maze Runners if we do not escape this net of technology which has been cast upon us. When 5G gets rolled out, both our free will and our humanity will be radically curtailed and may cease to exist.

Look around you, it’s happening already.






This cryptic Q-Anon Post was dropped only yesterday!

So what is going on with DNI and Dan Coats ?

It’s all about Congressman Adam Schiff.

See Serial Brain 2’s take below:

Do you see it?

The SOTU was an opportunity for Shifty to display his power, his opposition to Trump and to advertise for secret tactical support and donations.

He’s the liaison with the Deep State in the Executive branch and his main anchor point is DNI Dan Coats as illustrated here.

This is the reason he’s not in the DECLAS loop:

Q3347 Why did POTUS circumvent DNI Coats (normal protocol for DECLAS) and give AUTH directly to AG Barr? Q


OKAY…, this all goes far, far deeper than you can possibly imagine!   

THE HAMMER was only the first step in uncovering the Deep States web – like it’s involvement with Industry – the Military and the Federal Government!

There is FAR MORE!

What we saw “play out” in real time was the roll out of the entire MILITARY – INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX against Donald Trump!

Please see this article linked below on the JASON SOCIETY – a super exclusive CLUB of brain geeks who literally want to RULE THE ENTIRE WORLD!!

Look for the Mitre Corporation and it’s connection to Nellie Ohr!

Watch the complete and total SPIDERS WEB of connections that flow from MITRE through DARPA – GOOGLE – and into DEEP SECRET SOCIETIES all around the world!

Would it be a “stretch” to say that almost everyone who is anyone has SOLD THIER SOUL to the JASON SOCIETY in one way or another??

Is deciphering this web the KEY to defeating the DEEP STATE and the NEW WORLD ORDER…???

More will be coming!








SERIAL BRAIN 2 – 5/24/19




Kudos to those who followed my advice and doubled their popcorn budget!

I told you here something big was about to drop, POTUS confirmed it a few hours later with a tweet, and yesterday, it was announced that he gave AG Barr authority to declassify documents related to the 2016 campaign surveillance.

Within 24 hours, things have accelerated tremendously but fortunately, you already knew you had to ‘buckle up’.

And, since good things often come in twos, Q is back and his first words are:

Q3336 Panic in [DC] Q

We are all excited and we should be. This is a turning point in the history of the United States and subsequently, in the history of mankind. For the first time, we have a Leader who has the required faith, courage, independence and means to take down the Satanic Cabal that has enslaved us for centuries. Going to the bottom of the origins of illegal surveillance on American soil is the end for those who thought their bogus secret societies would protect from the Law and Justice. This is it. There is no coming back. No compromise. The only accepted outcome is full success and getting our freedom back. There is no coming back.

Q2937 “This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government.” – POTUS

America, are you ready? Are you ready to write history? Let’s lead mankind to FREEDOM!

Q1961 You are not alone, Patriot. You are part of history. Never, in our history, has this been attempted. GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY. Stay strong. Stay the course. WWG1WGA! Q

We are now in offense mode:

Q3331 You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. May, 2019 – ‘kick-off’ ‘start’ ‘offense’ Enjoy the show! Q

To enjoy the show in offense mode, there are a few fundamental elements that need to be known and thankfully, the Maestro used his latest ‘feud’ with Nancy to communicate them to us.


First, POTUS and Nancy agreed several days ahead to hold a meeting on Infrastructure on May 22 2019 at 11 AM. On the evening of May 21, out of the blue, Nancy announced she scheduled a meeting with Democrat committee chairs the next morning at 9AM to discuss impeachment and after that meeting she said this: video. Wow. A cover up?! Trump?! That’s pretty bad to say if you are scheduled to talk about infrastructure with him a few minutes later. Why didn’t she wait after the meeting? Of course, things did not go well at the White House and POTUS said this: until 4:00. You caught the sign? That’s a message confirming the Mueller investigation finances will be audited. Did you like the colors? Look: Img1 If you want to train and decode with me, I recommend you listen to the speech in its entirety and list all the things you’ve found. Here are a few clues you may use and add to your research: Img2

Have you ever visited the US Congress?

Before I give you the solution, let’s walk through the congress halls to get a better feel of what’s really going on. Read very carefully: Img3

Good. Now we know who pulls the strings from outside. Next? Who runs the machine from the inside and interacts with the Executive Branch to make things happen? Let’s listen to Putin: video. You got that? Men in dark suits? Do you know who he’s talking about? Will Smith told you right here, watch very carefully: video. Peruvian Coffee for those who have a musical ear and noticed the non-natural scale changes and what they mean! Will talks about Roswell. In fact, this goes waaaay back and he knows it but hopes we would forget. Kudos to those who know their R&B/Pop and detected the arrangement from Patrice Rushen’s Forget Me Nots: video.

Q114 US Military = savior of mankind. We will never forget.

Q2285 Are you AWAKE? The TRUTH is right in front of you.

Q316 How many clues must we provide? Q

Now that you know about the Men in Black, you are equipped to read this image: Img4 Do you see it? The SOTU was an opportunity for Shifty to display his power, his opposition to Trump and to advertise for secret tactical support and donations. He’s the liaison with the Deep State in the Executive branch and his main anchor point is DNI Dan Coats as illustrated here. This is the reason he’s not in the DECLAS loop:

Q3347 Why did POTUS circumvent DNI Coats (normal protocol for DECLAS) and give AUTH directly to AG Barr? Q

As you can see, with Pelosi on top, Nadler and Shifty are the most important pieces the Cabal has in Congress.

Let’s take a closer look at Nancy. She has 5 main problems: Img5

Nancy has 5 problems but money ain’t one: Img6

Do we know where all this money came from? Yes and it’s classified. Q informs us in Q1185 that at the 13min mark of this video, Pelosi makes the Big ERROR of disclosing a trip she made to NK that is not officially supposed to have existed and of revealing the trade of NK-made missles! Img7

Do you now see why Nancy was initially reserved on impeachment and got out of her meeting with Nadler and Schiff in offense mode? Unlike Nadler and Schiff, Nancy afforded the luxury of playing high level politics because she is more donor/independent than her 2 colleagues. She has a direct line with China and that’s what really matters for her. Knowing impeachment against Trump has no teeth, her play was to keep her troops in check and make deals as much as she could with Trump to fund the operations she loves. Brennan and Eric Schmidt see the DECLAS coming and cant afford to play long term like Nancy: they respectively activated Schiff and Nadler to stop Trump. Nancy was not on board until she was kindly reminded of her trip to North Korea and I suspect this is what triggered her to get out of the May 22 meeting with the “cover up” attack against Trump.

Did the Maestro know? Yes.

In his speech, he mentioned the ‘I word’. The Fake News assumed he was talking about Impeachment: Img8. Was he? Did you see his early morning 4:55 AM tweet? He misspelled NOTHING and wrote it NOTHIN. Why? Because NOTHING would be accomplished with Nancy and Chucky. You know what that missing G means right? It has 2 meanings. Add it to the I in ‘I word’ and you get the IG report! He gave it away when he said: “the bIG I word OUT”. Pretty cool right? Look: Img9 Now you know why the meeting was rescheduled from 11 to 11:15. Do you see the word FISH in the tweet? It connects to BAIT and information shared out of fear from Q2249. The Maestro used the infrastructure meeting as a bait to force Nancy to pick her side and stop her belly dance. This is why he coldly positioned that missing G very early, before her meeting with Nadler and Shifty, and nuked them with a tweet storm all morning (check for yourself). This proves the Maestro dealt with this situation with cold logic and was in full control. This reference to the IG report is code for the general transparency dynamics that will reveal the truth and force bad actors to face Justice. The next day, it started: POTUS gave AG Barr declassification authority for the 2016 campaign surveillance.

So Nancy, do you get it? You thought you could trick the Maestro to discuss infrastructure (and fund your projects) while covertly continuing to support Nadler and Shifty in their investigation adventures? Well, nnnno: the Maestro activated your guys against you with enough pressure to force you to pick your side unequivocally. Now that you have done so, the show may begin. Do you now see the play?

Q3309 These people are stupid. Q

You’ll find the other solutions here: Img10

Now that Nancy knows she can’t play anymore, what do you think her next move would be? What do they do when they know they are caught? Let’s listen to her the next day: video. Did you catch she read her notes before “praying”? It’s confirmed by the Maestro here: until 18:37. Of course this “prayer” was a coded message to the network of bad actors working for their common cause: Img11The real message is that she’s calling for a 187 against POTUS. We know it’s not the first time. Separating high caps and small caps, we find this combination: IT’S REALLY BAD, ASSASSINATE. Coincidence?

Just to make sure we are on the right track, the Maestro tweeted this. Do you see the difference? Point made. From the capital letters, we identify 2 matches and the length of the video (107s) provides 3 matches in context. The timestamp pulls Q809. Read the decoded message: Img12

Did you notice that red G for Guantanamo? This is the second explanation for the missing G in the 4:55 AM tweet. You thought I forgot? I didn’t.

Q856 11-11-18 A parade that will never be forgotten. Ask yourself, why? God bless our brave men & women in uniform. We will never forget. Q



NOTE: Not a single word, phrase, or paragraph on my blog is without meaning!  Every image, video, and meme perfectly chosen, deeply thought about and layered in meaning!

In One hundred years…, this blog will be studied at the University Level!



The Hercules – GO THE DISTANCE video “decoded” for all to see!!


The video takes place exactly where land and the ocean meet!  This is where the waves of time overlap!

There are adults in the video as well as children!

The children are the TIME TRAVELERS who are coming back from the future…, but in the here and now…, they are mere children!

The video starts out at 00:05 with a lone call out into the WAVES OF TIME for help or aid to come to our rescue!

And suddenly…, at 00:09  those who are only children now…, but are actually adults from the future, come walking directly out of the waves of time singing a beautiful spiritual chant to let the lone caller know that they are on their way!!


We see the faces of the TIME TRAVELERS…

They are BRAVE – RESOLUTE – and endlessly CONFIDENT as they march right out of the waves of time!

They are the “rescue squad”…., and sing in perfect harmony as they come into our time directly from their time with pure POWER in their minds and hearts!


They arrive into “our time” and stand on the shores of the past and are ready to give aid!  Even though they are adults in the future…, they are mere children in the here and now!


A lone child – a “time traveler” – stands on the shore of the past where the waves of time meet and begins to tell us that he has dreamed of the far off place (the past) that he has “often” thought about coming to.

He knows just how much crime and corruption was taking place in this time and he wants to help CHANGE IT ALL…, and make it right.

He knows if he can do this…, a HEROS WELCOME will be waiting for him!  The crowds will cheer when they see his face, and he suddenly knows this was what he was meant to do!!


The lone caller who sent out the distress signal to the future begins to tell us how hard it’s been to hold on in this huge time of corruption.

He says he’ll be there (free) someday, and that he can go the distance (must hang on)!


The lone caller (now surrounded by a very dedicated group of men who love the Earth) knows that his mission was always to work with the TIME TRAVELERS.  

He calls it the “unknown road”…, and says he walks it willingly to “embrace his fate”…, because he knows it will lead to a better future!

He says 1000 years would be “worth the wait” or even a whole life-time of sacrifice if only the past can be “put right again” and saved from the horror of what’s happening at the moment and promises to “SEE IT THROUGH”.

He says he’ll NEVER look back…, and he’ll GO THE DISTANCE to “meet up” with the time travelers who he knows are now coming back to the past!

He and those who stand with him promise to NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT!  They are standing right at the waters edge where the waves of time meet and are waiting for the TIME TRAVELERS TO COME.


The young TIME TRAVELERS who have come from the future are now standing in the past and singing with the dedicated group of men who called them!  They sing about “looking past the glory” of what they are doing, and say that a HERO’S STRENGTH is only measured by his “heart” and love for mankind!


The young Time Travelers are now standing in unison with the men of the past who called them and working tirelessly with them to CHANGE THINGS for the better!

They promise each other NEVER to quit and NEVER to give up!

NO matter how far they have to go, or what it takes…, they will do BATTLE with the dark forces who have tried to take over the Earth and bring in the Satanic Reality…

They promise they will work together and GO THE DISTANCE…

At 3:38 they hit perfect HARMONY together and have become “TRIUMPHANT” in the “heart” of time – having defeated all those who tried to ruin mankind and the Earth!!


Now.., watch the video again!!   Do you see MORE than what you thought was there??









By: Bradley Loves





The Hammer was Barack Obama’s personal GESTAPO/SS

It was a complete ARMY of despotic “computer circuits” that didn’t need to check it’s morals or ethics when something really EVIL needed to be done!

See this article:

“THE HAMMER” — Ultra-secret Supercomputer System Used by CIA/NSA to ‘Wiretap’ Trump

That system, THE HAMMER, according to the audio tapes, accessed the phone calls, emails and bank accounts of millions of ordinary Americans.

The tapes also reveal that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (FISA), Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, 156 other judges, members of Congress, and Donald J. Trump were targeted by the HAMMER.


Not only could THE HAMMER hack into supposedly “unhackable” systems and spy on or surveil anyone with impunity, (without a warrant) but it could also PLANT compromising information onto anyones personal or corporate coumputer in order to FRAME THEM FOR A CRIME THEY DID NOT COMMIT!!!


Computer expert Dennis Montgomery developed software programs that could breach secure computer systems and collect massive amounts of data.

Montgomery also contends that the government can plant files such as “child pornography”  or “state secrets” on a target’s computer, setting up the owner of that device for BLACKMAIL or a FRAMED PROSECUTION!!

Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson alleged in 2013 she was under electronic surveillance for at least two years and that three classified documents were planted on her “compromised” computer.


So not only was Barack Obama and company listening in on millions of people completely illegally…, he was setting up his political enemies for CRIMINAL PROSECUTION and JAIL TIME by framing them!

Not even Communist China or the former Soviet Union was as crass and dispicable as Barack Hussein Obama and his band of evil cronies!!

Attorney Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, represented Montgomery before federal Judge Royce C. Lamberth. Klayman, who characterizes his client Montgomery as a “whistleblower,” told Fox News that Montgomery “turned over 600 million plus pages of information to the FBI.” Judge Lamberth was formerly the presiding judge over the FISA court.

After Montgomery produced his documentation, the FBI gave him two immunity agreements: one in the area of “production” and the other regarding “testimony.”

The FBI then took possession of Montgomery’s documentation.

Attorney Klayman asserts that this information precipitated James Clapper’s resignation.

Clapper had gone before Congress to testify under oath that the NSA, and other intelligence agencies including the CIA,” were not collecting massive amounts of telephonic and Internet metadata on hundreds of millions of innocent American citizens” according to Klayman.



How many innocent men and women ended up IN JAIL as a result of compromising FAKE EVIDENCE that was secretly planted into their personal or corporate computer systems??


How many innocent lives are doing jail time and rotting away in cells, or have had their lives RUINED due to having to spend enormous amounts of their lifes savings to “defend themselves” in court against charges for crimes they never actually committed??

In the eight long years Barack Obama was running America into the ground…, could it be merely hundreds of people??

  • Could it be thousands of people??
  • Could it be tens of thousands of people??

How many innocent people need to have their court cases reopened and the record cleared??  How many innocent men and women need to be let out of JAIL??