Italian police Discover Pedophile Ring headed by Italy’s Democratic Party

Note from Bradley:

Every single “Major” Pedo Ring is run by Agencies or Government workers!  The TRUTH of this is finally starting to come out!   It is not the “little guy” that we need to clean up…, but the entrenched criminal elements within Major Public Institutions that use their positions of power authority to do things that are PURE EVIL!



By: Leo Zagami

Italian police have arrested 18 people in connection to a pedophile ring headed by Andrea Carletti, Mayor of Bibbiano, and member of the Italian Democratic Party. All the people arrested were left-wing doctors and social workers that brainwashed vulnerable children into thinking their parents had abused them so they could then be sold to foster parents controlled by sick social workers belonging to Italy’s Democratic Party, like 57-year-old Federica Anghinolfi.

The Police of Reggio Emilia made the arrests after an investigation named, “Angels and Demons” that began in 2018  and revealed an alleged network of carers who used brutal methods including electroshock to make the poor children believe they had been sexually abused.

The network then allegedly gave the children, who were transformed into sex slaves, to foster families in exchange for cash, while keeping gifts and letters sent to the children by their real parents, hidden in a warehouse that was discovered by police.

The alleged abuse was reported by Italian media and confirmed by the police in Bibbiano, near Reggio Emilia, on Thursday.

“These accusations, if confirmed, are frightening and shocking,”said Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the G20 meeting in Japan. The accused include psychotherapists working for a social work association in Moncalieri, near Turin, where Black Masses have been reported in the past.

To brainwash the children, those arrested allegedly forged child-like drawings with sexual connotations and used electroshock therapy as a “little memory machine” to create fake abuse memories. The therapists are also accused of dressing up as “wicked”children’s story characters.

The Italian newspaperLa Repubblica reported that the investigation codenamed “Angels and Demons” revealed a scheme to “pass off as a model welfare system for abused minors what was in reality an illegal business to the children’s detriment,”

“According to investigators, the aim of the arrested group was to take children away from families in difficult social situations and to give them, for money, to other parents,” added the Corriere della Seranewspaper.

Some of the foster parents working with the Italian Democratic Party have been accused of sexually abusing the children they paid money for.

At the moment, the Italian Police declined to say how many children were involved, or of what age unfortunately, but the Italian media reported that hundreds of thousands of euros were involved in this pedophile ring headed by Bibbiano’s Mayor and other members of Italy’s Democratic Party that is directly connected with the infamous Clinton Foundation.








By: Bradley Loves


The trial of 1o Muslim men who brutally gang raped an 18 year old German Girl for 2.5 hours are finally getting their day in court.

Their attitude?

They did nothing wrong!

See this:

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again people!

Get this through your heads….

RADICAL MUSLIMS believe that raping women, boys, and girls is perfectly okay!  This is why this “Religion” is so hated all around the world.

Now…, many people will say that “normal” Muslims would never do this kind of thing…, but…, out of the Billions of Muslims living all around the entire world…, you can’t get a “handful” of them to CONDEMN this type of barbarity…, or to speak out publicly against it!

Not one Muslim will ever condemn the worst among them!!

Now do you finally SEE THE PROBLEM??

The so called “good ones” protect and defend the vicious and the radical ones!!

Which means that they are all “complicit” with what the radical ones are doing!

You see…, in the Muslim world of religious belief…, even a horrible, vicious, and barbaric Muslim …, one who prays to Allah…, is far better than the most holy and devout Christian…, who is nothing but an INFIDEL and deserves to die according to the Muslim prophets.

Until the “non” Muslim world sorts this out…, and finally comes to terms with this ideology…, millions more young women will be gang raped for the fun of it…, and the perpetrators will fume and stomp and claim they DID NOTHING WRONG….





By: Bradley Loves


There is a clear chain of command that operates in this reality and that chain of command begins in places that you and I can not see!

While there is a chain of command for the light…, there is also a very powerful chain of command for the dark!

Sadly in the “modern day” that we all supposedly live in…, people quite falsely think that nothing exists beyond their range of visible sight!

(They could not be more mistaken)

This is the “mistake” that almost everyone who tries to get a grip on what is happening here on the Earth always makes when trying to decipher what is really happening out there.

Even Admirals and Generals who have been in the game for a long period of time seem to be completely taken by surprise when they are  finally faced with beings and entities that are completely foreign to our reality and can not readily been seen using normal methods!

They (like so many others who have made the mistake) have bought the kool-aid that nothing out of the ordinary can have any sort of effect upon our reality and that nothing out of the ordinary is out there (period)…, that is until they meet up with it face to face and have to swallow their disbelief.

Naturally…, this mis-conception comes as a “result” of MAGIC and the MYSTERY SCHOOLS having been totally written out of history by less than honest men, while even more recently the true meaning of spirituality has been written out of history as well!

It has conveniently re-emerged in a prepackaged and sanitized version of “beliefs” that all boil down into a marketable version of TRUTH called the New Age.



Since the unseen “DARK” control structure is far more visible to us by way of deeds (because the “light” not only prefers to work behind the scenes – it also prefers to remain anonymous) it is far easier for us on Earth to connect the dots of just who the dark players are rather than the light players.


Because darkness always leaves an “ugly” trail of destruction behind it everywhere it goes!



At the very bottom of the chain of command (as Jay Parker has so aptly told us in his video interviews) are the Generational Satanic Families.

These are people who are born into families that traditionally worship Satan!

Far greater in number than people like you or I could ever have imagined if we had not been so informed.., these (dark) people number in the millions and are about 10 percent of the world’s entire population!

They are the Minions of the DARK!

And they are LEGION:


These are the people who are trained from a very young age (through mind control) to “run” the world and serve the dark hierarchy even as it goes off world and into the UNSEEN realms of the cosmos.

These people are “trained” to think in terms of life-times and thousand year periods – and told to “forget” about what is happening here on Earth in just one short life or period of time and not to worry about it.

They are working on a LONG TERM PLAN of enslavement for all of Earth and all of mankind and they are “taught” to overlook the damage they are doing in the very short term.

Jay had told us that far from what most people think…, not everyone who is a Satanist has millions of dollars in the bank or are able to live like kings and queens.

There certainly is a “worker class” that supports the dark structure working against all of humanity.

What keeps this “worker class” going and doing all of the horrible things they do are the satanic “promises” of a dark salvation, dark rewards, and ultimate power over the cosmos after they pass from this Earthly life!


What makes these people keep doing their jobs day after day even if they are not highly “paid” is that they are usually well versed in MAGIC…, and have also been taught from a very young age to do spells and conjurings of various sorts and have learned to work with demons who are willing to “protect” them.

Much of Hollywood and the Music Industry ALSO  starts out at this “low” level and are highly paid only because in their current positions of visibility as actors and singers – they can be and usually are highly USEFUL to the Satanists.

If they suddenly become “non-useful”…, (after being given all that money)  they end up in an insane asylum or worse, dead!

There are also many “smart” or “clever” common people who are watched inside of the University Systems and the Banking or Accounting Systems and are groomed in such a way that they might “learn” about Satanism and be willing to embrace it to move up the ladder of success.

Of course it is rare for these people to be told about the “unseen” levels before they are ready for it!



This includes the very beginning levels of Secret Societies which are the College Level Fraternities and Sororities!

These are known as SECRET SOCIETY “LITE”!

This is where young men and women (just kids really) come and learn to take:

  • Secret Oaths
  • Secret Pledges
  • Do Secret Handshakes
  • Learn Secret Codes
  • Learn to Lie and Keep Secrets
  • Learn that it is better to betray all of humanity than to betray your SECRET BROTHERS OR SISTERS.

This is where SECRET CLUBS like:

  • CAP and GOWN
  • SCROLL and KEY
  • 6 SPHINX

Breed their new crop of super deviants that are willing to sell out the entire world for money, position, power, and a good life!

These people are taught to take Oaths that go far beyond life itself and swear to keep secrets of their evil acts…, even if those evil acts end up selling out ALL OF HUMANITY to very dark beings that most of us can not even see!

This is where good young people are taught to:

  • Hide in the shadows
  • Use non-disclosure agreements
  • Use uncommon or symbolic languages
  • Teach others to work against their own interests
  • Make deals which benefit only a tiny group, while causing great harm to all the rest…

This is the upper – lower and middle levels that takes in all kinds of people and slowly grooms them while moving them up the ladder of success depending upon how much evil they can be convinced to do in their lives and how willing they are to sell out their country and mankind in general!


Believe it or not…, it is not that difficult to get otherwise good people to do all kinds of low level evil…, if you just give them something in return!

Whether it is a nice home, lots of money, an expensive car, a yacht, world travel, or just nice clothes and jewelry…, lots and lots of people will take the bribe and do consistently visible works of low level evil…, if the bribes keep coming into their bank accounts.


Congress is literally filled with such people!

This may not involve killing.., but instead it certainly involves theft, corruption, and the ruining of the lives of countless people they do not even know.

In fact…, men and women in our own “intelligence” agencies do this type of low level evil on a daily basis as well…, and they only do it because they want to get a paycheck!!

The FBI and CIA are regularly ruining innocent peoples lives too…, especially if those “people” are deemed to be threats to National Security.

BUT…, that “threat” may be something as simple as telling other people the TRUTH.

I wonder what GOD has to say about that ??

So in this regard…, those who are holding out for a “larger” payday are simply far better negotiators than these useless “agents” of governmental agencies…, many of whom do evil.., only because some superior “ordered them” to do it.

So what kind of “Big Boy” Secret Societies are we talking about then after we over look the small frys?

  • The Freemasons
  • Opus Dei
  • Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • The Muslim Brotherhood
  • Knights of Malta
  • Committee of 300
  • Ordo Templi Orientis
  • The Rosecrucians
  • The Knights Templar
  • The Jesuits
  • Brotherhood of the Snake
  • Brotherhood of the Bell
  • The Trilateral Commission
  • and others.

These far larger “Secret Societies” take in new members and groom them to see if they can be bought or bribed once they get to a high enough level to do some REAL EVIL…, and not what we have been talking about up to now which is just run of the mill low level evil.




The Trilateral Commission is the very first indication that we have that the “control” of our planet goes OFF WORLD.

If we check out the latest article by Neon Revolt…, we find among the Secret Space archives he presents that the very logo used by the Trilateral Commission is the same logo used in the Deep Underground Military Bases by the ALIENS!

I highly recommend reading this entire Long Post….

Majestic 12, the Secret Space Program, and The Wilson Memo. Deeper Disclosures with #NEONREVOLT. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Just to show you how “extensive” even one of the above listed “Secret Societies” can be…, and just how far their reach is globally…, then have a look at this chart!

I’m Sorry it is not in English…, but I can’t find that version.

This single chart gives you an idea of the inter-connections and pull of just one Secret Group!

(Unelected people who keep their agenda hidden)

Once you start reading the long post above by Neon Revolt…, it is far easier to see that these Secret Societies are radically tied to OFF WORLD CONTROL and AGENDAS….

This ends Part One…

Stay tuned for Part Two….








By: Bradley Loves





What kind of people just stand idly by and do nothing while perfect evil is taking place right in front of them?

(Say for instance a child being abused in a really evil way…, but keeping quiet about it due to “National Security” reasons…)

Questions like these are really important to ask ourselves…, and yet the answers would most likely cause the biggest shock of your entire life if we were to be honest!

If you are looking for “bad guys” who wear “lavish uniforms” made out of designer fabrics and have their names written on them in golden thread…, then I’m sorry…, that only happens in fantasy’s!

On the other hand, in real life…, the “bad guys” wear normal clothes…, suits and ties…, and hold real jobs.

They just do really EVIL, EVIL THINGS.

The simple answer to this seemingly complicated question is not in any way easy to for most people to hear…, but if you want the answer to this important question…, I say do this:



If you look deeply into the mirror, then you’ll find all of your answers!

Although truthfully…, you probably don’t really want to see these answers because once you do…, you’ll be totally ashamed!

Again…, just “who” are these really BAD PEOPLE that are causing all of the problems both here on Earth…, and out there in the Galaxy??

And why, pray tell, why do they do the sick and sadistic things that they do?

  • Is there some sort of “energy” or “sustenance” that they need or want that we as human beings could never “imagine” is possible ??
  • Or, are “they” working with certain other beings who need or want some sort of “energy” that we as human beings don’t know about??


Is our “genetics” or our “base code” somehow very important to these beings?   How would “they” even be able to gain access to the base code (genetics) of human beings??

What if I told you that “they” were SELLING THAT BASE CODE to other beings in the Galaxy for “profit” ??

Wait…, What…, say that again??

Okay…, let’s rephrase…

If you were a “SECURITY GUARD”…, let’s say working somewhere in the UNDERGROUND…

Do you think that this kind of “sale” of a human beings “base code” might present a NATIONAL/GLOBAL SECURITY RISK TO ALL OF HUMANITY?

Would it be “evil” to you…, or would you just turn and look the other way…, and collect your paycheck??

What kind of people just “hand over” the keys to the Kingdom to anyone and everyone (really dark cosmic players) who might have a lab and a micro-scope and want to run “tests” on the human genetic CODE??


Who are these really BAD GUYS…, and what do they look like??

The answer might surprise you…



So let’s do a short review here…, and then I’ll put it to you again!

What kind of people just stand idly by and do nothing while perfect evil is taking place right in front of them??


  • Do they “enjoy” seeing their fellow human beings suffer?
  • Or, do they think that “they” are special only because they have a fancy uniform, have security badges, work in underground tunnels, and get a great paycheck?
  • What kind of human being could turn away from acts so evil that the very walls of the buildings are screaming out to them for justice??
  • Who is this “type” of human being??
  • What do they look like??
  • How are they dressed??
  • What clothes do they wear??

Glass of milk anyone??


The mirror…, NEVER lies…



Why is it that all of the most “nasty” things that happen in America seem to happen UNDERGROUND??

Is it because things that “happen underground” can never be seen by the general public…, and so…, they simply don’t exist??

But WHO paid for all of these Underground facilities…, and therefore WHO owns them?

Why is it that the people who do the WORST SORTS OF EVIL…, always justify what they are doing by claiming that:

I’m only doing  my job…, I’m only following orders…

As if a paycheck is somehow worth going against millions of years of established morals, ethics, and codes of human behavior that have been handed down between human beings from generation to generation going back so far in time…, that no one can honestly remember when it all started….

Yes…, a “paycheck” and “doing your job”…, that is the lame excuse for taking a wrecking ball to millions of years of established moral code that spans a Vast Universe so large and so grand that the mind can’t even grasp the enormity of it all….

Glass of milk anyone??





What “type” of human being stands by while perfect evil is taking place all around them??

  • What kind of human being is that??
  • How do they dress??
  • What do they look like??


More will be coming…

Think Deeply…..









Here is the video, I highly recommend it!


I posted it for a good reason hoping that just like on the 8-Chan Boards, my readers would go through this video second by second and DECODE IT!


Okay…, I’m not going to do it all for you guys…, BUT…, I will get the ball rolling for you!

Here is the video again!




1) NOTICE THAT THE NAME OF THE SONG IS:  STAND IN THE FIRE! – (Which is a Hollywood reference to Satan’s Fire)

2) Notice at the very beginning of the vid…, the “actor” writes the word YOUNG BLOOD on his locker. Of course in the movie…, the characters name is “Youngblood”…, but the real message of the entire MOVIE is not about a hockey player but about YOUNG BLOOD!

3) Notice that as the video starts the song “Stand in the Fire” starts playing as a clue…, and two hockey players are getting ready for a “FACE OFF”!

(I want you all to think about what “face off” really means)

4) Did you also notice the “hammer and sickle” in the title line of the vid hidden in the word RETROSPECTIVE ??

They turned the symbol to take the place of the “C” and the “T”.


This is a communist SYMBOL.

5) At exactly 27 seconds into the vid (just after the “face off”) the opposing player gives YOUNGBLOOD a huge blow to the “face” and knocks him over in a very ABUSIVE MANNER.

7) At exactly 31 seconds into the video the word: CHROME is written on the side wall of the hockey rink…, which is exactly 4 seconds after Youngblood gets his blow to the face!  This is also the number that Youngblood is wearing on his jersey!

This is a direct reference to ADRENOCHROME – which is the entire reason for buying and selling of YOUNGBLOOD.

8) Youngblood gets up off the ice and touches his “eye” which has been wounded…, but this is a symbol that means you are supposed to be SEEING SOMETHING IN THE VIDEO.

9) As Youngblood gets up off of the ice…, the video cuts really fast to other players passing around the outer wall at 38 seconds, and one goes directly in front of the word: HAMMER! (Which is a reference to the Hammer and Sickle, which is reference to the Title Line of the Video).

10) At 41 seconds he passed by the word: TIMEX, which is also a reference to TIME.

Okay…, I’m going to stop here!

I’ve done the first 41 seconds of the video for all of you!

Now…, I challenge you all to DO THE REST OF IT!

Post your findings in the comment section!  Let’s make it a contest to see how well you all do!












By: Anna Von Reitz


There was a day in my childhood when I realized that adults lie.
This was a staggering revelation to me at age five.

My own Mother had lied to me about Santa Claus.

Now, to be sure, she didn’t make a habit of lying to me or to anyone else, but she did make an exception about Santa Claus — a lapse that I never fully forgave her for.

It isn’t that I cared that much about fat red elves in ridiculous costumes fitting down chimneys and leaving presents under dead trees. All that struck me as bizarre then and still does now. No, it was the fact that my Mother, an adult, lied to me. She betrayed my trust in her word.

I suppose it was all her loss and my gain, because I never took anyone or anything at face value again. Any blind trust in authority figures died that day. If my Mother could lie, so could the President.
So, when I heard that the State of Alaska Trooper’s Academy in Sitka, Alaska, was teaching State of Alaska Troopers how to lie — literally, requiring course work in the subject — I didn’t bat an eyelash.
Instead, I marked the names and faces of those responsible for this addition to the curriculum as criminals.

Only criminals depend on lies and deceit.

Honest men, including honest policemen, tell the truth and seek the truth whatever comes, but criminals, liars, and thugs — now that’s a different thing.

When policemen are being trained to lie, we should all know what to think and what to expect from them.

They are being “told” by their Higher Ups that this is okay, that this is even expected of them, and they may even believe the sad old excuse that its a “matter of national security” — though anyone dumb enough to be a dishonest policeman in the first place probably doesn’t have the brains to ask — which nation? What kind of security?

And that’s another thing I found out at the same time. Guys were being turned away from the Trooper Academy if their IQ was too high. Anyone above 110 could be turned down.

So, we have policemen with loaded guns out there making split second decisions about law and danger and lives and the public good, who can barely read, who are being taught to lie, who are misdirected—- and scared.

As another part of their New Curriculum they are being taught that there are all sorts of dangerous organized “political extremists” including [by definition] non-existent “sovereign citizens” out to get them, on top of gangs, bank robbers, drug addicts, and plain old drunks and murderers.

Doesn’t that sound like a Perfect Storm? Dishonest police of limited intelligence, armed to the teeth, and scared silly.

The Public is being harmed by being endangered instead of protected, and the Police who are being hung out to dry, are in no better position.
All this rot is coming from the CIA and NSA and DHS and FBI and BATF and DARPA and DIA and all the other quasi-government “Security Services” that are supposed to be keeping us safe.

They are all being trained the same way and fed the same Kool-Aid, and the leaders past and present of these organizations are out there proudly admitting to it, too. Ex-CIA/NSA Chief Michael Hayden had a whole PBS Special talking about “Post Truth America”.

He sat there fat and plump as a pimple on national television, happy as a Pig in his own Slop, describing how Lies are the New Reality.
Actually, Michael, no, they aren’t. Lies are nothing new. And they are certainly not reality. They are just the same Old Lies coming from the same Old Place: The Father of All Lies.

The only hard part is that you and your cohorts are on the public payroll spreading this garbage and some people never learned the truth about Santa Claus.

They actually follow your orders. They actually look up to you and trust you and believe you —-and you, well, you are nothing but a lying immoral sack of used cottage cheese.

That’s the Truth about Michael Hayden, and unfortunately, also about John Bolton and Mike Pompeo.

They are all on the record saying that it is smart and good to lie, condoning it in public, and they are all stupid enough to think that that is fine and dandy, because they have been trained by other Liars and Actors who came before them— FDR, Winston Churchill, et alia.
That’s how they keep alive. That’s how they get ahead. They lie their rumps off and think it’s smart — and that is why dealing with them is like dealing with Evil Children involved in some bizarre game.

Their parents never gave them a better moral compass, their teachers and heroes encouraged them in this Bad Behavior, and in the end, you have these Rotten Apples spoiling and misdirecting every level of every kind of police and military force and occupying positions of power in the government and the military.

If that doesn’t make your blood boil and run cold at the same time, it should.

These men are self-admitted Liars. We have no reason to believe them about anything at all, no matter what they say. We have no reason to trust them and no reason to trust anyone they have trained, because anyone worth keeping in these positions of Public Trust, would leave.
Just like David Hackworth— any decent honest man faced with such “leadership” would just up and go rabbit farming in Australia.

So there again we are dis-served. Not only are we left with a bunch of pathetic dishonest Liars in charge, but because of them no decent man or better leadership can arise from the ranks and replace them and their cankerous version of reality.

When you talk about cleaning out Washington, DC, think mop and bucket. Think soap and water.

Think of all the kids you detested in school — the filthy little liars and tattle-tales, the glib, empty smiles gossiping behind your back, all the gutless wonders egging other people on while they, the Perps, skulked around in the background, the schemers constantly stirring the pot and trying to wrangle some advantage for themselves at everyone else’s expense — that’s what you’ve got running this country.

It isn’t going to change until these Liars get fired, not eligible for rehire, and all their proteges and hand-picked sycophants, too. Mop and bucket. Root, stem, and leaf.

And as for the idea that we need Liars and Con Men and Criminals in charge of our police and our military, because that’s what other countries have going on —- no, that’s no excuse and no advantage, either.

Here in Alaska we have a famous bar and above the bar hangs a sign: “Welcome to Chilkoot Charlie’s! We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you!”

Yup. Uh-huh. Yeah, sure, you betcha.
That’s the kind of help Mr. Trump is relying on to help drain the swamp.

And if you don’t believe it, listen to these men in their own words and read for yourselves what they’ve said. This one is from G. Edward Griffin:

Seven Reasons to Doubt US Version of Gulf of Oman Incident


By: Bradley Loves


The legal system in America after 8 long years of Barack Insane Obama at the helm…, has transformed from what was once a system of justice to what is now a highly advanced “weapons system” designed to hunt down, attack, and kill!

Just like the Military has it’s bombs, cruise missiles, and many other forms of advanced weaponry…, the current day Democratic Party (under the careful direction of Barack Obama) managed to turn the entire legal system of America into one huge tool of carnage.

Like a sword, or a battering ram, lawyers and their research teams working toward GLOBALISM are using LAW to pummel, impale, destroy their opponents!

Ironically…, many of those who end up on the wrong side of their sword have committed almost no crimes at all.

It makes little difference however…, because just like in a real war with real bombs…, there is always “collateral damage”  once an attack has been launched and in their “holy quest” to take down President Donald Trump…, any living and breathing human being who just happens to be standing in close proximity to “the target” gets their lives ruined in the most disgusting and in humane ways possible.

This article from the Conservative Treehouse lays out just a little of how the LAWFARE GROUP (aka Warfare Group) has taken to using every bit of knowledge they have about the legal system to radically weaponize it into a tool of War and human Destruction.

This has nothing to do with “justice”…, but instead has everything to do with “winning” an undeclared WAR at all costs!

See this post describing the extreme level of co-ordination between Robert Mueller and the Lawfare Group to continue the endless bombardment of President Donald Trump by using non standard legal tactics mixed with a plan to introduce damaging propaganda and deception in ways that can NOT readily be verified!


Details Emerging of Coordinated Mueller Testimony With Congressional Democrats…

Pay attention to how these are being structured.  Two open sessions with limited questions, and only one opportunity for questions by each member of the committee.

The House Judiciary Committee will have to choose which of its members are able to ask Mueller questions during its open session. Unlike the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Judiciary Committee is quite large, almost double in size, so only 22 of its 41 members will be present for the open session, the aide said.

The details of the agreement between the committees and Mueller’s office are still being worked out, a second congressional aide said, and could still change.

Judiciary Committee members who do not get to ask questions of Mueller will still be able to attend a closed session with Mueller’s staff following the open testimony, where they will be able to ask about material that was redacted from the public eye.

Notice the closed session without Mueller.  This is with Andrew Weissmann and the key members of his investigative unit.  This is the heart of the real corruption.  Mueller is only the figurehead.  Weissmann is the real lead, and the closed door session allows the Democrats to use the Weissmann testimony.

Each member of the Intelligence Committee will be able to ask Mueller questions for five minutes in the open session before following up in a similar closed session.

Limiting the exposure of Mueller is a way for Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler to mitigate the risk. Only one round of questions.

In the closed sessions, the Intelligence Committee will have access to the unredacted version of volume I of the Mueller report, which focuses on the question of collusion and conspiracy with the Russian government, while the Judiciary Committee will have access to the unredacted version of volume II, which focuses on obstruction of justice.

Nice trick here.  Notice the closed door sessions are not classified.  This is the way for Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler to get the material -the innuendo and suspicion- injected into their narrative.

The unredacted content will be discussed; that means all of the investigative pathways, including the maliciously corrupt false trails will be put into the discussion.   AND the politicians are free to talk about any/all content of that discussion because it is not classified.

Neither committee will have access to any information that is redacted for purposes of protecting information provided to the grand jury.

Although there will be no transcript of the closed sessions, they are not considered classified, so members may discuss what they heard.

The first congressional aide said members of both committees will not be restricted in what they can ask Mueller, but they do expect he will largely stick to the information he provided in the report. (link)

Without a transcript, there will be no factual record of the testimony behind closed doors.  This allows Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and staff to make any claim about the content, regardless of the level of falsity, and there’s no factual way for rebuttal.   This is by purposeful design.


I don’t ever remember conservatives turning the legal system into a WEAPON…, but maybe I have not been living long enough yet.  At any rate…, at this point in time it is the Democrats (the Deep State) who are using it in this way, and their goal is quite clear:


Now, the only thing that I can say here is that if these “lawyers” are willing to do this to a sitting President of the United States…, then what hope do you and I have of ever getting a fair shake or trial inside of America ever again??

My friends…, I’m sorry to have to say this…, but it will not be possible if this is left to continue!  Precedent will have been set and pure evil will simply become the norm!

Your country is now officially dead!

America has succumbed to the sick and twisted minds of evil Lawyers, Congressmen, and Judges who (for all practical purposes) are wearing the robes of Satanism and are set on using the full weight of the legal system as a “tactical nuke” that can be dropped on anyone, anywhere who challenges their ultimate power and authority…, even a sitting President!

It does not get any more real or dangerous than this!

Truth-Tellers and Whistle Blowers will have NO HOPE of ever finding a pathway to justice and instead will find themselves either bankrupt, socially destroyed, rotting in jail, or simply dead!

The stakes are now as high as they can possibly be and for the life of me…, I don’t know why the White Hats are still sitting on the 100,000 sealed indictments!

If this were a basketball game, I’d say they were running down the clock and simply wasting time by passing the ball from one player to the next up near the half line while not even trying to get anywhere near the basket.

And just like a spectator at a basketball game would be quite frustrated to watch something so ridiculous…, so too are the real patriots in America who are watching this endless back and forth in the Main Stream Media…,while all of the real problems of the country remain UNSOLVED and the evil lawyers are allowed to make a complete mockery of the Courts and the Justice System.

(…Not that they were that just to begin with.)

Anyway…, a word of fair warning…, steer clear of the American Legal System…, it is no longer a system of Justice…, but instead it is a wholly corrupt system being run into the ground by men and women so profoundly evil and disturbed that the only proper way to describe it is to say it is now a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!