NOTE FROM BRADLEY:   This is just a guess…, but an educated one!  In my opinion Marianne Williamson is a sleeping Manchurian Candidate that was created by the CIA/DEEP State years ago!

She is an unknowing MIND CONTROLLED ASSET!

She is a Spiritual/Religious fanatic who has been sitting on the shelf for years and years and has no idea she can be so easily mind controlled, but has spent years “tuning in to the spirit realm”…, which means she has left her mind totally open to DARK FORCES!

Because of Donald Trump, and because the Democrats have NO REAL CANDIDATES for President…, Williamson was pulled off the shelf, dusted off, and inserted into the race for US President on the Democratic side.

She has NO CLUE who is controlling her mind!

If she were to be elected…, she would be CLONED within days…, and the real Williamson would be 186’d.  The CLONE would then become the President with the very same handlers Hillary would have had!

Demoncrat Marianne Williamson exposed as MK-Ultra agent promoting a False Christ


Article by Leo Zagami 


A Course in Miracles (also referred to as ACIM or the Course) is a book published in 1975 by the late Helen Schucman and co-written by Professor William Thetford, one of the great manipulators of the infamous MK-Ultra project. In fact, from 1971 to 1978 Thetford, along with David Saunders, headed within the CIA mind control Project MKULTRA, the important Subproject 130 denominated “Personality Theory.” From 1965 through 1972 Thetford directly assisted Schucman with the transcription of the first three sections of the work, which was, in fact, a great bulk of the material.

In 1972, one year into Thetford’s involvement with the CIA, Thetford and Schucman were introduced by a mutual friend, Father Groeshel, to Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, who they invited to assist with the editing that was required to render the rough draft of the ACIM manuscript into a publishable format. Subjects were allegedly deleted from the original version, but somehow appeared on the internet in the late 1990s, and there were remarks concerning “the CIA.”

Interestingly enough, the late Father Benedict Groeschel who was a Catholic priest who studied under William Thetford and knew Schucman both as a teacher and friend, described Thetford as “a mysterious character“, and “probably the most sinister person I ever met,” strongly criticizing ACIM and related organizations. Father Benedict Groeschel, who was an American Franciscan friar, found some elements of ACIM to be “severe and potentially dangerous distortions of Christian theology” adding it was, “a good example of a false revelation.”

According to Dr. Helen Schucman and the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP), she and Dr. William Thetford “scribed” the book from a divine source through a form of channeling, which Schucman referred to as “inner dictation.” However, due to Schucman’s divided feelings about the work of the transcription that was clearly demonic, she would at times require a great deal of reassurance from Thetford in order to complete the channeling process that eventually resulted in the first typewritten copy of ACIM, (which later became known as the Urtext.) According to Thetford, Schucman was sitting at home on the night of October 21, 1965, when she heard an internal “voice” say to her, “This is a course in miracles. Please take notes.”

When she first heard this internal voice, she thought she recognized it as the same voice of the character that in her recent dream sequences had represented the person of Jesus to her. Schucman then wrote down about a page of notes before she realized that this request was going to be of much greater significance, and would require a far greater commitment of her time that has ever been asked of her before. In a panic, she phoned Thetford to ask for his advice. Thetford encouraged Schucman to do what the voice asked, and to take the notes. He offered to meet with her the next morning before work, to review her notes, to discuss them further with her, and then determine what she should do with this “voice.”

During the process, that interestingly enough kicked off in the year zero of the Satanic take- over in 1966, Schucman claimed to have the mental equivalent of a tape recorder in her thoughts, which she described as being able to turn on and off at will, at her convenience, so that she might be able to transcribe into shorthand notes, what she was internally hearing. This voice identified itself as none other than the historical Jesus, but we always should keep in mind Matthew 24-5: “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.”

The book in question, contains a curriculum aiming to assist its readers in achieving a supposed spiritual transformation. More than two million copies of the book have been sold worldwide in 19 languages, with thousands of study groups devoted to it all over the planet. The book in question has been called “The New Age Bible”  but Christians have rightly referred to it as “a Satanic seduction” as it brings us right to the heart of New Age evil promoted by the Jesuits and the New World Order agents like Oprah Winfrey and now Marianne Williamson.

Throughout the 1980s annual sales of the book steadily increased each year, however, the biggest growth in sales occurred after 1992,  when MKUltra agent Marianne Williamson, who is now seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2020 United States presidential election, appeared on the scene and began discussing the book on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The results in sales were great with more than two million volumes sold, but how did an absolute nobody like Williamson suddenly become the main promoter of a book published by others in the 1970s?

Marianne Williamson dropped out of college in her junior year in 1973 and moved to New York City, where she originally intended to pursue a career as a cabaret singer (something Democrat clowns must appreciate), but in 1979, after delving into A Course in Miracles, she was apparently “enlightened” and after a brief time in Houston where she ran a typical New Age combination of metaphysical bookstore/ coffee shop, she moved to Los Angeles in 1983.

In the meantime, after the 1977 Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to project MKUltra, Professor Thetford resigned from his position at both Columbia University and at Columbia Presbyterian hospital, and moved to Tiburon in California in 1980. Thetford took on two part-time professional positions, one as a psychology consultant at Travis Air Force Base probably working on a follow-up to his MKUltra Subproject 130 and the other as one of the directors of the ACIM related Center for Attitudinal Healing where he met his new disciple Marianne Williamson though some say they first met in 1985, at the “Ten Year Celebration” of the publication of A Course in Miracles that was held in Honolulu. Bill Thetford, who had remained active in study groups using the published Course, spoke at that celebration.






A very interesting article from the Conservative Tree-house!   Very honestly…, I would have done things sooner myself, but Trump may have a good reason for the delays.  Time is growing short however….


It was only a matter of time before someone explained how the Chinese advisors to Chairman Xi Jinping are using President Trump’s inability to hold the coup plotters accountable as evidence they can wait out the President.

This is the crossover, where a lack of accountability for “Spygate” now begins to negatively influence the geopolitical, economic and strategic position of President Trump.

However, there’s an upside to this dynamic….

In several interviews the president has noted his preference to keep the DOJ and FBI issues at a distance and deferred action to others. The economic reset is President Trump’s #1 priority.

If Trump identifies the lack of DOJ and FBI accountability as an impediment to the economic program, he may become much more engaged.


The Crossover – China Views Lack of ‘Spygate’ Accountability as Evidence of Trump’s Weakness…







Dig into who she knows and hangs out with!

(OPRAH WINFREY – Biggest and most outspoken TV supporter for Barack Obama early on….)






Marianne Williamson, the author perhaps best known as Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual adviser, made a distinct impression during the first round of Democratic debates in June, as viewers either fawned over her old tweets or made fun of her “mid-Atlantic” accent. The 67-year-old became famous in the ’80s and ’90s for her work bringing the popular book A Course in Miracles out of the umbrella of Christianity, and for the past few decades, she has been leading thousandsof her followers in secular spiritual workshops to manifest miracles across the country. Her brand of spiritualism carries all the markers of American evangelism coupled with the aims of progressive politics—be it support of the HIV/AIDS community through her nonprofit, Project Angel Food, or her showy, jaw-dropping mediated public apologies between black and white Americans.

Political commentators have described Williamson, somewhat derisively, as the left’s Donald Trump. She is, as journalist Lynda Gorov wrote in a 1997 profile, the “high priestess of pop religion,” a self-help guru whose writing is “hyperbolic and given to psychobabble.” But it’s precisely her moony politics that made Williamson such an unexpected hit during her first televised debate. Onscreen she was nothing like the other candidates, vehement about love and dismissive of policy proposals, exclaiming at one point: “If you think we’re going to beat Donald Trump by just having all these plans, you got another thing coming.” (As it happens, some of her words have been misattributed to Nelson Mandela.)

Recapping the debate for Vanity Fair, I called her an “odd duck,” adding that she offered the audience “the exact kind of rule-breaking unhingedness that Trump sold to Republicans, except promoted via the language of compassion, and possibly also healing crystals.” So it was a surprise to discover later that day that Williamson tweeted out my piece, with the cryptic words, “It was the best of nights, it was the worst of nights.” A smiley face emoticon was squished on the end. I reached out and found her happy to be interviewed.

Like so much else about Williamson, the whole series of events was just rather off the beaten path. The slight, silky voiced, and unexpectedly forceful Californian once roomed with Laura Dern and in 1991 officiated Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding (at Neverland Ranch!) to her seventh husband, Larry Fortensky. Williamson has already received donations from Jeff Bridges, Dave Navarro, and Deepak Chopra. Alyssa Milano announced on Twitter that she would be attending a Williamson fund-raiser—and was quickly, as the kids say, ratioed.

Oh, yeah: Williamson called vaccine mandates “draconian” and “Orwellian” at a New Hampshire event, adding in June, “To me, it’s no different than the abortion debate. The U.S. government doesn’t tell any citizen, in my book, what they have to do with their body or their child.” (Previously, in 2015, Williamson said “the facts are in about measles,” but also advocated “a skepticism, which is actually healthy, on this issue of vaccinations.”) It’s a curious, potent mix of beliefs: she calls for at least $200 billion in reparations to the descendants of slaves, advocates for the creation of a Department of Peace, and has described herself as a “bitch for God,” but balks, at least at first, at mandatory vaccinations. (She’s since repeatedly tried to walk her words back, but the anti-vaxxer label has stuck.)

It is unsurprising that Williamson’s sticky wicket would be here, in the uncomfortable terrain of child-rearing, paranoia, faith, and wild theories about alternative medicine. The vaccine debate is fully about belief—a war in conviction between faith in modern medicine and deeply felt distrust for it. And belief—a heartfelt, if vague, idea of universal spirituality—is Williamson’s sweet spot. She has written 12 books about the “path of the heart” in everyday life, from her best seller A Return to Love to the regrettable A Course in Weight Loss. Williamson has glowing testimonials from thousands of readers and workshop attendees, and the seal of approval from people like Gwyneth Paltrow, who called her a “spiritual legend.”

As Katherine Miller reported in BuzzFeed, Williamson guided Oprah Winfrey and paved the way for Paltrow’s Goop. Her “cheesy and radical” New Age spirituality from decades ago integrally shaped “Big Wellness,” the now massive women-oriented industry that abuts health, happiness, and beauty, making it a catchall for face masks, houseplants, astrology, and therapy memes. A Texan Jew turned Californian preacher, Williamson aspires to spiritual leadership, the kind wielded by the great people she liberally quotes in her work—and her life. While we spoke, she slipped in quotes she attributed to Ronald Reagan, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and John Adams—only some of which I could readily verify.

Her efforts are intriguing. Some find Williamson’s candidacy repugnant: the Daily Beast calls her a “celebrity grifter,” and Molly Jong-Fast wrote of the candidate’s “moonbeam politics,” “Every minute Marianne Williamson spent talking could have been gone to a serious candidate discussing climate change or immigration or peace in the Middle East.” But Williamson’s tactics point to a glaring omission in liberal politics. About 9 out of 10 Americans believe in God, and yet in the last several decades, the left has fully ceded the language of faith to the Republican Party—the party that cages children and limits health care. It’s laudable, and necessary, to wage war against dogma and superstition. But in jettisoning spirituality, progressive politics has left something on the table.

And Williamson is savvy about television too. It’s not just the televangelism of the likes of Joel Osteen; it’s the medium itself—an intimate, time-shaping, collective form bound up with national expressions of deep emotion. Williamson is known for her appearances on Oprah; she’s practiced enough at speaking in public to respond in full sentences, leaning on her prepared talking points. (Though a recent appearance on The View proved grilling.) She’s fluent in the language of faith, and she knows that our modes of popular art engage with faith all the time. Belief can be manufactured or cultivated, just as commercials try to convince us to believe their promises, nature documentaries tout the advances of science, and scripted shows preach the value of community. Belief has a lot of power. As I discovered, Williamson fervently hopes to harness it.

Vanity Fair: How did you feel about your debate performance and how it went? Saying something like, “Girlfriend, you’re so on”—that became a thing. Did you think about that at all when you were going in?

Marianne Williamson: The reactions to my candidacy range from, “She’s a total whack job,” to, “She’s the one having what is essentially the most substantive conversation.” I’ve been particularly fascinated by some of the meme activity. Pop culture today is emerging from the streets, not in the media. It almost has its own metaintelligence. I’ve seen some of the most intelligent commentary, oddly enough, on memes.

I notice, in the younger generation, a particular distaste from getting their signals from any other source than their own knowing. There is the downside to that, but there’s the also very creative upsides to that. I mean, some are just hilarious. Very few of them really malevolent.

There’s a whole bunch with you in an anime show. [Editor’s note: Neon Genesis Evangelion, an animated Japanese show from the mid-’90s that finally debuted on Netflix in June. Williamson posted one of the memes on her Instagram account.]

People send [them to] me. Last night I read one that said, “Only Williamson’s holistic patriotism is enough to defeat this fascist nationalism,” and I thought, “That’s true.”

How do you feel about the fact that people, myself included, are comparing Trump’s “outsider” position in the primaries to your position in the primaries now?

There’s a part of that comparison that’s facile and ridiculous, and another part of it that people might want to think about.

Can you talk about addressing spirituality in the public forum of politics? It’s rare to see a candidate talk about faith so candidly.

Spirituality is a path of the heart. Any area of life divorced from the path of the heart is dysfunctional. People know this. We know it in our individual lives. Why do we pretend that as though that it’s not true in our collective lives? Millions of Americans are religious or spiritual, or into health and wellness, do yoga, meditate, go to [Alcoholics Anonymous], go to psychotherapy. This is America today. I’m not saying anything everybody I know isn’t saying…I’m just saying it when the microphone is on.

A political conversation so corporatist and over-secularized that it has no hope for some perspective is not mainstream. It’s fringe, and it’s also dangerously blind. That’s a filter that was not only blind to what got Donald Trump here—it’s blind to what it will take to remove him from office. He was tapping into psychological and emotional forces that go beyond mere policy. A conversation that doesn’t factor in those psychological and emotional forces is weak, not strong.

Based on your previous statements, you don’t trust mainstream science on vaccines.

No, I totally think we should trust mainstream science.

We’re living at a time right now when attorneys general all over the country are indicting pharmaceutical executives for their clear role in creating the opioid crisis, where due to the fact that billions of dollars were to be made, and a complete lack of effort, people died. What is it in us that would see that, but then in every other area of their function, just assume that Big Pharma is a paragon of pure intention and concern for the common good?

I’m very pro-science. I’m so pro-science; I want more scientific research. I want independent scientific research that is not tied only to big pharmaceutical companies. And is not suppressed by them. If anything, I’m the one asking for a greater array of scientific perspective.

Do you support researching vaccines? Do you support researching more vaccines to prevent disease?

I’m saying that the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health should be fully empowered as independent agencies acting as advocates for people of the United States, rather than in such routine deference to the dominance of corporate interests.

It’s interesting to me how some people who are so savvy about abusers and sociopaths in their personal lives have some kind of blind spot when it comes to how abusers and sociopaths work within institutions or on a larger public scale.

When you have major forces within government and media that are dominated by corporate voices telling us which and which are not to be considered “fringe” voices, and we don’t have the critical thought processes to think through that for ourselves, we’re in trouble.

You are, if elected president, you will be the commander in chief of the armed forces. But from everything I’ve read from your work, you are a pacifist…

No, no, no, no, no. You have never read, and you have never heard me say that I am a pacifist.

I have great respect for the U.S. military. My father fought in World War II. None of us would disagree that America must have a strong military.

Peace isn’t the absence of war; war is the absence of peace. You need to do more than just endlessly prepare for war. You have to cultivate peace. No generation should be living only for itself, any more than no person should be living only for themself. The president should be thinking about the world 25 years from now, and 50 years from now, and beyond that. Right now our national-security agenda is based almost entirely on ways to prepare for war, and only a tiny fraction of that is spent on waging peace. We have a $750 billion military budget. We have a $40 billion State Department budget, which is mediation, development, and diplomacy. The peace-building agencies represent skill sets that are just as sophisticated, and expertise which is just as deep as anything represented by brute force.

Large groups of desperate people should be seen as a national-security risk. Large groups of desperate people do desperate things. Large groups of desperate people are also more vulnerable to ideological capture by genuinely psychotic forces. So in saying that I want the United States Department of Peace, I’m saying that I want to give the peace builders a place at the table in a way that they do not have, in a far more robust relationship between our peace-building community and our military community.

Last year, in one of your videos, you talked about the Declaration of Independence as being a miracle.


A small miracle? [Note: the video is here. Williamson refers to 1776 as the date a miracle occurred.]

Well, it’s certainly been called a miracle in human history, but of course if I use that word—you know, if [Times columnist] David Brooks says something about spirituality, it’s considered profound. If I say something like that, it’s considered woo-woo. So we can stay away from that word for now.

What’s most important however, is that the Declaration of Independence forms America’s mission statement. We have lost our psychological and emotional connection to those principles. If you have them just inscribed on marble walls somewhere—or written on parchment and placed behind glass, so that we can send our kids when they’re in the eighth grade to see it and say, We did that—if that’s all they are, they lose their moral force. Principles are not alive unless they’re alive within us.

Do you think that there is a unique American spirituality or an American expression of spirituality?

There is a profound American spiritual wisdom, going back to Whitman, to Emerson, to Thoreau, to the transcendentalists. Gandhi himself said he was influenced by the transcendentalists. Spiritual wisdom is not relegated to any particular geographical location or ethnic identity, but the United States has certainly, throughout our history, played our part. The American mind, at its best, is freethinking, and free thought within the field of spirituality is vital.

In 2018, you directed a public apology in Houston, where all the white people in the room turned toward, and then apologized to, the black audience members present. Some of what you said was based on a prayer you wrote in 2016, still available on your website. Could you tell me about that exercise?

Many years ago, I think it was in the 1980s, I went to Sacramento, California, to see a charismatic Catholic priest named Father [Ralph] DiOrio. [Note: In the ’70s, DiOrio practiced charismatic healing, a controversial offshoot of Catholic practice. Some followers claimed he could heal disease.] …We went, and I was shocked that it was a huge auditorium. And there were many people there in wheelchairs, holding disabled children—all kinds of things. Father DiOrio bounds up on the stage, and he says, “Most of us here are Roman Catholics, but some are not. Some are Protestants, and some are other denominations. If you are not a Roman Catholic, please stand.” In this entire stadium, there were thousands of people, and maybe a hundred people stood up. He had all the Catholics line up in front of all the people who were standing and say, “If I, or any member of my religion, has ever done anything to hurt you or to offend you, please forgive me, and please forgive us.”

I was certainly not raised with any anti-Catholic sentiment. As a matter of fact, my father grew up in poverty, and the Catholics gave him an education, and my father always talked about that, how the Catholics had given this poor Jewish boy an education, and any time we ever passed a Catholic church, I saw my father put money in the box and utter some statement of gratitude to the Catholics. So I had no conscious thoughts in any way.

But I found myself, as I received those apologies, with tears streaking down my cheeks. I’m certainly aware, historically, of the attitude of the pope during World War II, his refusal to make killing a Jew a cardinal sin and the difference that might have made, the Inquisition, and so forth. That day I had my first visceral experience of cellular memory—my first visceral experience of the fact that the voices of your ancestors live in your cells and cry out for justice.

[Note: Williamson wrote about this experience using similar language for theWashington Post in a 2018 op-ed. In it she writes, “As I received those apologies one by one, it felt as though an inverted cone opened above my head and my ancestors seemed to be looking down over it. I was accepting the apology for them.”]

So the idea of national apology is not some fringe woo-woo idea, no matter how much some people might like to make it appear in order to denigrate my campaign. There are two aspects to reconciliation: there’s the atonement, and there’s the amends. And Ronald Reagan in 1988 signed the Civil Liberties Act,whereby all the surviving prisoners from the Japanese internment camps from World War II were paid between $20,000 and $22,000. So the idea of national atonement and national amends is, and should be, mainstream political thought.

Did you feel a call to run for president?

No one decides to run for president impulsively. It’s as brutal as it is exhilarating…There is the real conversations with voters, the real conversations with serious journalists, the real conversations about things that matter. That’s one political universe, and that is…that’s all right.

And then there is this parallel universe that’s the political dog and pony show. The polls and the numbers and the money and the mean-spiritedness. And they exist simultaneously. So it’s a psychological and emotional challenge to ground yourself in the world that matters to you…And claim your emotional stability and stay there.

I can’t imagine anyone doing this impulsively. I can’t imagine anyone going through this who didn’t feel…deeply called. Once again this is another area, where if a mainstream candidate says they feel called, then that’s considered something to respect. If I feel called, it’s something to make out like it’s some kind of mystical silliness, which I hope you won’t do.

What do you think the difference is?

There is no difference. What I went through is no different than what any politician went through. Months and months of deep thought, reflection, talking to people, talking to your professional colleagues, talking to your friends, talking to your family. It took me a year and a half. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Your life begins to end on the day you stop talking about things that matter.” [Note: This appears to be a paraphrase of a broader King passage.]

We don’t talk in America enough. We don’t talk enough about things that matter. We talk in our personal lives like we do. In our personal lives, Americans are as deep and dignified and as good as anyone else. But we have gotten into the habit over the last few decades of keeping too much of our deep conversation within the purview of our personal lives. We need to expand to a deeper conversation about what is happening in our collective lives.

The founding fathers spoke so freely and openly about their spirituality—

Providence this, providence that! All men are created equal, God gave inalienable rights. Bobby Kennedy spoke about the soul of America—“This was a conflict of the soul of America.”

This overly secularized, overly corporatist conversation at the center of our political life, is a product of the last 40 or 50 years. It’s so odd to someone who grew up in my generation. Why are we leaving out whole parts of our humanity? There is a recognition [in the 21st century] of many aspects and dimensions of human experience. Yet our political conversation is stuck somewhere in 1983, very externalized…There are millions of people who will be voting in this election who weren’t even born in the 20th century.

What is your spiritual practice?

I’m Jewish. I’m a student of the Course in Miracles, which is not a religion. It has been described as a system of spiritual psychotherapy, and I also do Transcendental Meditation. Once again millions and millions and millions and millions of Americans pray, meditate, reflect. It is only within politics that one would have the audacity to project onto that. That such pursuit is silly, fringe, or in any way less than deeply meaningful.

In 1992, the Los Angeles Times quoted you telling a man afflicted with AIDS, “The AIDS virus is not more powerful than God.” It’s a powerful sentiment in some ways, but—

Whatever context that was in, I never told anyone not to go to the doctor. I spent hours and hours and hours driving people to the doctor. When a clergyperson, a faith leader, prays with someone, or leads them in a guided meditation—this is not in repudiation of medicine. Body, mind, and spirit. In today’s world, the oncologist is liable to be the first person to suggest that you get yourself over to one of those spiritual support groups, because serious spiritual practice has been proven to boost the functioning of the immune system. And by the way, when I was working with AIDS patients, a lot of that was at a time when there was no medicine yet.

This entire idea of me as anti-medicine and anti-science could not be further from the truth. I’m a Jewish woman. You could read my last blog, “I’m a modern woman. Of course I go to the doctor…”

I think [the furor over your remarks] speaks to the fraught relationship people have with spirituality—

No, it doesn’t. It speaks to a deliberate effort to marginalize and minimize and mischaracterize my campaign.

Vogue did a portrait of five female candidates, and they didn’t include you in it, and I saw that you were not happy about that.

No, that’s a misrepresentation.

Well, you felt excluded from it.

All those memes that were sent to me, the meme that I put on my Instagram—people send them to me. None of those memes have originated with me. When I saw the picture in Vogue, I rolled my eyes, and that was the extent of my emotional reaction. “There they go again.” That’s why Ronald Reagan used to say, “There they go again.” That’s how I feel about such efforts to dismiss or marginalize my campaign: “There they go again.”

What happened on The View?

The View was an act of assault and attack on the part of people that I wouldn’t have expected. I mean, Meghan McCain, one might expect. I’ve always been a fan of Ana Navarro; even though I don’t usually agree with her politics, I’ve always been a fan of her spot, certainly of Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, so I was surprised.

Are you—worried isn’t exactly the right word. I know that you want people to take you seriously.

People do take me seriously.

But sometimes these certain media outlets might not.

What I’ve realized is that the media is not a monolith, and journalism is not a monolith. I have noticed that, while there have been clearly lazy journalists who simply repeat stories or mischaracterizations without doing their own work, there are also very serious journalists who do their own thinking and their own analysis, and for that I am very grateful.

Listen, in today’s world, if they’re not killing you, you consider it a good day.










LISTEN to what this lady Doreen Dotan has to tell us about the temple on Epstein’s Island !

The temple in Turkey after which the temple on Epstein’s Island is supposed to be modeled after. In Safed ( Israel ) there is a mausoleum which is used as a freemason lodge.

IT LOOKS VERY SIMILAR like that temple in Turkey and Epstein’s Island ! Rothschild also seems to have A LOT of buildings due to HAVILY INVESTMENTS in the town of Roch Pina ( Israel ) 3 to 5 min drive from Safed. And here it comes : Roch Pina means ” The Cap Stone” !!!!

A play on words seems to be involved also.

” Pi ” in Hebrew means ” Penis” and ” Roch ” means ” Head “.

Rich Pina means ” The head of the Penis ” which is the ” Cap Stone ” !

A sexual connotation is connected with the issue of a capstone in freemason architecture.

She poses a direct quest to the Anons ( researchers ) about the VERY rich and powerful Shoosterman family who run nothing but research institutes. ( psychological, AI, HR…you name it )

One of the research institutes study the ” abuse of children ” !? and children “at risk” !?

Lynn Shoosterman runs the foundation now since her husband Charles Shoosterman passed away.

Her maiden name = ROTHSCHILD !

Their daughter Stacey married someone form the DOW family. She looked if there was a connection between the Shoosteman’s and Epstein but couldn’t find any. ( so far )

What she did find was that the Shoosterman foundation recrutes for LESLIE WEXNER’S program for Jewish leadership in Israel and North America. And much more in the video !

Pls watch and connect the dots !

Link to ” The Bleu doors of Roch Pina :

The Blue Doors of Safed and Rosh Pina

More pics :






By: Bradley Loves


America’s greatest days were in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s!

During this 30 year time span, huge technological innovations were taking place and huge levels of technology were being invented (AND) being given to American people to actually use!

This is also when TIME TRAVEL and TELEPORTATION were invented!

I want you to take some time to appreciate just how innovative and forward thinking people were in the 1960’s and show you the 1964 Chrysler Jet Turbine Car!

Please watch!

You have no clue just how advanced this engine was at the time…, and how effective it would be today!

But the reason it was never really mass produced (in my opinion) is that Chrysler was very AWARE that teleportation experiments were on-going in the late 1960’s!

Andy Basaigo (a participant in Project Pegasus) has told me many times that he first teleported with his father from New Jersey to New Mexico in about 1967 or 1968!

By the 1970’s…, Andy was doing more TIME TRAVEL experiments than teleportation experiments!  And thus “time” had been compromised!

It is at this point that our entire HISTORY IN AMERICA WENT BAD!

Evil men…, with the ability to time travel, saw just how easy it would be to take over the entire world…, and hand it to those who worshiped Satan or Lucifer!

And thus…, the steady advance of technology and giving it to the PEOPLE stopped cold…, and from that moment on…, anything that was really beneficial to humanity was kept secret…, and the only technology that was given out to mankind was technology that would ENSLAVE him.

Computers, TV’s, phones, and broadcast technology continued to be given out only because it’s intended use was MIND CONTROL!

Nixon, (who was a totally controlled President) was removed from power and an even MORE EVIL man (Gerald Ford) was put in.

According to Kathy O’Brien, Gerald Ford was a huge pedophile and had attended Bohemian Grove for many years taking advantage of little children for sexual purposes!  After Ford, Jimmy Carter was made President, and his entire administration was formulated out of dark men from the Tri-lateral Commission.

Carter’s National Security Adviser was Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski


This man was a GLOBALIST…, who was determined to see a One World Government installed on the planet, and place America under the foot-hold of the NEW WORLD ORDER!

It is highly likely that Brzezinski was also a Luciferian!

Ronald Reagan was chosen by some WHITE HATS in the military to try to rescue America…, but George Bush Sr. (a NAZI and an extreme Satanist) was forced upon him as a Vice- Presidential running mate.

Bush tried to have Reagan killed on March 30, 1981, just barely a year from the day he took office!


From then on…, America was DONE!

A very dark and very Satanic path was foisted upon all Americans…, and the entire world suffered the consequences!

All of the money, technology, and wondrous GOOD that “could have been” was hi-jacked, stolen, and diverted and the lives of BILLIONS of good people were turned into torment and misery!

  • Huge, hi-tech underground bases were built all over the world with the most advanced technology available!   Magnetic Levitron shuttle trains that can reach speeds of MACH 2 were built underground all over America for the Elite!
  • Super advance Holographic Computers and Free Energy devices were built and given to the Military contingent living underground!
  • Time Travel and Teleportation became the every day experience of these same men and women.
  • Huge Space Ships were built by the very same American corporations that used to build good things for humanity!
  • Bases were built on the Moon and on Mars!
  • Secret Treaties were signed with Off World Races that the people of Earth were not allowed to know about!
  • And the worst part is that average Americans (seen as no longer useful) were used in mass as Guinea Pigs for countless experiments in MIND CONTROL and Broadcast Technology Silent TORTURE TECHNIQUES!

TRILLIONS of dollars were stolen from the American Tax-payers…, and while their lives got increasingly more miserable…, and they suffered more and more every single year…., most American cities went from the clean and happy condition of the 1950’s and 1960’s…, to the dirty, dark and disgusted condition they are now in.

Drug Trafficking, Weapons Trafficking, and Human Trafficking became the biggest secret industries in the world…, and all of humanity suffered and suffered and suffered as a result!

All of this due to the endless crimes of a few REALLY EVIL MEN…, who no one cared to stand up to!

Here is an image of current day RAT INFESTED Baltimore, Maryland…, a once beautiful city in the 1950’s and 60’s!

Since I was born in the early 1960’s…, my entire life has been “stolen” for all practical purposes…, and all due to the actions of these EVIL MEN…, who decided to force the entire world to suffer endless misery…, I and billions of people have NEVER been able to live the happy or decent life that GOD had intended for us to live…, just like those people who were living here in America in the 1920’s, 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s.

For that reason…, here is what I am going to do!

Each of us in our own time will go to GOD!

Each of us in our own time will have to die and leave the physical body we inhabit!

Based upon the actions of those souls who were “in power” in America…, and those who could have done something (but did not)…, when I reach the other side of the veil (a place I know quite well)…, I will petition God our loving Father to DESTROY…, these human SOULS…, for the pain and the suffering they have brought to BILLIONS of other souls during this time in human history!

If a place of eternal suffering exists…, then I will witness and testify AGAINST EVERY SINGLE SOUL that participated in the dark and the evil activities that stole the lives of so many, and changed America from its original path and course of advancement and benefit to humanity and then FORCED THE ENTIRE WORLD into an outrageous NIGHTMARE…, from which it can not seem to wake up!

Mark my words…, THIS IS NOT OVER!

The fat lady has not yet sung…, and I have not yet had my chance to witness and testify to PRIME CREATOR…, the ONE…, the eternal source who first created us all!

My entire life here in America will be used as EVIDENCE against those who perpetrated this huge and monumental CON upon all living and breathing Americans…, and also upon all of the good people across the planet!

I will not rest until ETERNAL JUSTICE is meted out and every single soul that used their time while here on Earth to detour, corrupt, and destroy what was good and decent is forced to pay for their CRIMES!

If there is such a place as HELL…, then millions and millions of souls will be BURNING THERE for eternity if I have my way!


GOD must listen to those innocent souls who were tormented and damaged for no other reason but that they LOVED HIM and LOVED TRUTH…, and so would NOT give in to evil and would NOT sell out to the darkness!

The TESTIMONY of these SOULS will carry weight!

And when these souls REFUSE to back down…, and REFUSE to be silent…, and REFUSE to stop (due to the severe and awful experiences they had while living on Earth)…, those who formulated, plotted, and planned the destruction of America will NOT be able to make excuses, nor will they be able pacify the hundreds of millions of souls they HARMED!




I will give these human souls (termed used loosely) one chance to make it right!

That chance is to stop the madness NOW…, and to force these Satanists out of the seats of control…, and to return the POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  • Bring out every form of advanced technology, and allow the people to use it to monumentally improve life here on Earth.
  • Make full restitution…, meaning EVERYTHING that was stolen from us…, (the money that we should have and could have had if it had not been diverted and stolen from us and our families) must be returned to the PEOPLE!

If those who are now in power do not do this…, then…, as GOD is my witness…, I will use the rest of ETERNITY to make certain that every single soul who was involved in this SATANIC NIGHTMARE perpetrated here on Earth is PUNISHED as severely as Cosmic Law Allows…, and if at all possible DESTROYED FOR ALL TIME!

This will never happen again…, on any world…, in any place…, in any time…., because those who have done this will wish they had NEVER BEEN BORN!


Those who gave up and gave in to these Satanists…, SHOULD HAVE KNOWN…, that the rest of us (millions and billions of souls) would come for them once we all got back to Heaven (the other side of the veil).

They should have known that we who were wronged, tormented and tortured – COLLECTIVELY – could use our combined power to punish them and to cause them A PAIN SO SEVERE they can not even imagine it!


Far better for them if they had simply refused to help the Satanists and had been killed – rather than to work for the Satanists and effectively destroy the lives of BILLIONS!

Who are you going to call for help??   The GOD that you denied?   The souls that you tortured?

Who will help you after you leave your body??




By: Bradley Loves



The “far left” in America has just declared WAR not only on Donald Trump…, but on anyone who supports him, likes him, or would probably vote for him!

I wrote as much a few days ago only to see many of my readers remain silent!

See this:

Rob Reiner Says All Trump Supporters are Racist


And this:


“Don’t hide it like a coward. Wear that racist badge proudly and see how it feels.”

CNN Commentator: ‘Anyone Who Votes For Trump Is Racist’

What is happening here is that the far left is preparing their own political base for VIOLENCE!  (Both verbal and physical)

By labeling EVERYONE in America who supports Donald Trump as a RACIST…, they are “justifying” any and all future VIOLENCE against these people as moral, ethical, right and proper!

This in WAR TERMS is called:  Softening up the Field

During times of real war…, before any ground troops are sent in to a battle…, the entire area is BOMBED from the air repeatedly for days, weeks, and even months!

The massive “word bombs” constantly being sent out by the far left, and dropped on the public at large by their “bought and paid for Deep-State media”…, are intentionally being deployed as verbal tactical nukes from the air, and whose only real purpose is to soften up the “voting arena” before the real ground troops (ANTIFA) are sent in to major battle ground cities to intimidate and physically beat up anyone who might actually VOTE for Donald Trump!

The media will then quickly and decisively JUSTIFY any and all PHYSICAL VIOLENCE against conservatives, Trump voters, Christians, and even independents…, as completely MORAL, ETHICAL, and DECENT…, because well…, Trump voters and supporters are just plain EVIL.  (See articles above)

As I told you in THIS article:




For the first time leading up to an election, you are going to see quite a bit of physical violence being perpetrated upon an entire swath of American voters!

These “far left” pundits are preparing you for it in advance by JUSTIFYING IT in their media and giving it a moral standing!

Because you have never read the ART OF WAR…, or have never studied PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, then you are ill prepared for what is coming!

You do not see the “tactics” that are now being employed and deployed in the News Media against half of America as: WAR TACTICS.

You are BLIND to what is coming!

I said it here, and I was not joking!



Before the 2020 election cycle is over…, fully half of America will have been either verbally or physically abused or beaten up due to their political views!

And…, at that point it will NOT be the Russians who meddled in our elections…, but it will be the Deep-State, the Media, The Far Left, ANTIFA, and Hollywood who meddled and tried to change an election with violence!

Big Tech is on their side, and has already BEEN DEPLOYED on the field of battle!

Their job is logistical…

Their job is to deny any voters in the American Arena…, necessary information!

This is akin to denying fuel, weapons, food, water, tents, beds and other NECESSARY items to an opposing army!

Big Tech is blowing up SUPPLY LINES before the voters get to the field of battle.

History will PROVE ME RIGHT!

I do not need even two people to read my blog to know exactly what is happening out there now…, or what the plans of the Deep State are!

I’m simply telling you because it is something you should all be concerned about!

You’ve all been WARNED…, that is all I can do…