By: Bradley Loves


This is an ALERT!

I’m not sure that saying that makes much difference, because who is left to care?

But the only reason I am even telling you this is to remind you that doing this type of thing takes enormous effort and man-power!    You’ve got to grasp this!  Whoever is spending the time and the money to do this would NOT BE DOING IT…, if they were not setting up the world for a really big FALL at some point down the road.

The only way this kind of thing pays off dividends is if those who are doing it have plans they know for certain will pan out in the near future…, and one has to ask just what kind of future is being planned that most of our history needs to be re-written!

See this article:

Google and Wikipedia are a tag-team monopoly disinfo factory trying to re-write all events to fit Democrat narratives

(Just fill in the words SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST narratives for the word Democrat)

Remember when I wrote this:



It took the NAZI’s only ten years time to re-write German History enough to take over all of the German people by taking away all of their guns, burning all of the important books, and making the people stark raving mad by lying to them.

1929 to 1939!

America’s 1929 happened around the year 2011, or right around the end of the first term of Barack Obama!

My calculations tell me that America is now in the very same “time period” as Nazi Germany was back in 1929, and that it is following the exact same blueprint because it is being done by the exact SAME GROUP  (Illuminati/Luciferians)


Then there is this:

Universities now demanding total obedience to transgenderism lunacy for businesses before they are allowed to operate on campus… intellectual DIVERSITY is outlawed

You know…, I’m wondering what it will take for Americans to get up off the couch and actually “get” the fact that their “leaders” and “authority figures” are planning their demise!

At what point do Americans start to care?

When the knock comes at the door…, and it’s the “secret police” with guns to take them to camps…, will that be their first and only CLUE that something was amiss?

Will they keep repeating to themselves as if stunned…, I never saw this coming…, it was so SUDDEN!

Anyway…, just giving everyone a heads up!



By: Bradley Loves



So now that we have the idea that we are all living together in HOTEL CREATION…, what the Creator Souls who are reading this article need to get a grip on is that we’ve all been visiting Hotel Creation on a fairly regular basis for a very long time.

This has cause some real problems to develop over time!

The first real problem to develop in Hotel Creation was when it was seen that certain “creator souls” were far BETTER at creating than others were!


In other words, certain souls came to Hotel Creation and while doing NO HARM…, were able to create Grandness and Beauty for themselves and their family!

Other Creator Souls who were just not capable of such “creation” made the first GRAND MISTAKE inside of creation!


They saw what other Creator Souls had managed to create for their happiness and comfort and without doing the necessary effort – WANTED THAT CREATION FOR THEMSELVES!

It was not theirs…, they did not spend the time, effort, and energy needed to make it, but still they WANTED IT.., THEY COVETED IT!

So…, breaking the ONLY RULE GOD EVER PUT FORTH.., they decided to DO HARM and to take what was not theirs!

GOD himself had to intervene and set down MANY RULES (which HE should not have had to do) to keep people from doing things which were clearly going against his FIRST RULE of DO NO HARM!

In other words…, HE was forced to spell things out!



The “sin” or “error” or “mistake” of COVETING what another Creator Soul has created is the error that has basically caused ALL of the biggest problems here in Hotel Creation – as well as the admonition never to LIE (bear false witness).

It is basically what leads to all of the other errors, and thus countless problems that should not have ever occurred inside of Hotel Creation.


It seems to me that these MORE SERIOUS RULES were only necessary when the Countless Creator Souls seemed to have forgotten WHY they were here (to create) and what the main RULE was…, DO NO HARM.

Now…, this same “problem” if you could call it that, has cropped up all over CREATION!  It is not a problem unique to the Earth.  It’s EVERYWHERE!

Just like when a virus takes hold inside of your body…, the entire body gets sick…, not just a few cells!

For this reason, and this reason alone…, it was seen as necessary to create a WARRIOR CLASS.



GOD HIMSELF told the Israelites to destroy the Amalekites (One of the tribes of Canaan) because this group had taken to stealing children, sacrificing them to Moloch, having sex with little kids, eating human flesh, drinking human blood, and doing all manner of magic spells and witchcraft to suit their every whim and every desire!

They were no longer “creating”…, but were instead:

  • Stealing
  • Parasiting
  • Vampiring
  • Pirating
  • Taking what was not theirs to take
  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • and breaking every single RULE GOD had put into place!



That purpose is GOD’s purpose!  It is to put an immediate halt to the men and the women who have ceased to follow the rules of Hotel Creation and have taken to destroying the very fabric of that creation with degenerate acts, debauchery, and pure EVIL!


One day Samuel said to Saul, “The Lord sent me to anoint you king over his people Israel. Now listen to his message. The Lord All-Powerful says: ‘When the Israelites came out of Egypt, the Amalekites tried to stop them from going to Canaan.

I saw what the Amalekites did.

Now go fight against the Amalekites. You must completely destroy the Amalekites and everything that belongs to them. Don’t let anything live; you must kill all the men and women and all of their children and little babies. You must kill all of their cattle and sheep and all of their camels and donkeys.’”

Saul gathered the army together at Telaim. There were 200,000 foot soldiers and 10,000 other men, including the men from Judah.

Then Saul went to the city of Amalek and waited in the valley. He said to the Kenites, “Go away! Leave the Amalekites. Then I won’t destroy you with the Amalekites. You showed kindness to the Israelites when they came out of Egypt.” So the Kenites left the Amalekites.


See this about MOLECH

Moloch[a] is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice, through fire or war. The name of this deity is also sometimes spelled Molech, Milcom, or Malcam.

The name Moloch results from a dysphemic vocalisation in the Second Temple period of a theonym based on the root mlk, “king”. There are a number of Canaanite gods with names based on this root, which became summarily associated with Moloch, including biblical Malkam (מַלְכָּם‎) “Great King” (KJV Milcom), which appears to refer to a god of the Ammonites, as well as Tyrian Melqart and others. MLK can also be interpreted as Ma-el-och, Ma meaning give, god, bull, or giver to the bull god / priest. Malcam would Ma – el – cam meaning giver to the high god.

Rabbinical tradition depicted Moloch as a bronze statue heated with fire into which the victims were thrown. This has been associated with reports by Greco-Roman authors on the child sacrifices in Carthage to Baal Hammon,[1] especially since archaeological excavations since the 1920s have produced evidence for child sacrifice in Carthage as well as inscriptions including the term MLK, either a theonym or a technical term associated with sacrifice. In interpretatio graeca, the Phoenician god was identified with Cronus, due to the parallel mytheme of Cronus devouring his children.


Now…, I do agree that Earth (as it stands right now) is upside down in justice.  This means that the people who have amassed and accumulated the most wealth with (TRILLIONS in their private accounts):

  • the Rothchilds
  • the Rockerfellers
  • the Morgans
  • the Hapburgs
  • the Windors
  • etc…

Have gotten their massive amount of WEALTH through COVET MEANS!

This means that they have taken to being PIRATES and simply stealing what they want from others who have created it!

It is the SWORN DUTY of the WARRIOR CLASS to destroy such people!

Just like GOD ordered the Israelites to destroy the Amalakites because of their EVIL…,  so must real WARRIORS use their talents to destroy those who do EVIL!

This brings back BALANCE to a system which is dangerously out of balance!

Over the last 2000 years Earth has been under a scourge of those who are willing to do EVIL and then HIDE IT within Secret Groups and Secret Societies…, so much so…, that now America itself is under total attack by these same groups!

Stay Tuned for Part Four….






By: Bradley Loves


Okay…, so now that we are on the subject of CREATION, let’s look deeply at where we all are in the Grand Scheme of things at a certain point in time!

We are all finally “discovering” that CREATION is boundless and that GOD the CREATOR – populated CREATION with many, many types of beings!

In other words, THE COSMOS is very expansive and breathtaking in scope!

So now, we here on Earth are “meeting” and getting to know our COSMIC neighbors who also live inside of HOTEL CREATION!

The very SAME rules still apply!

It is not as if these COSMIC neighbors follow a different set of rules!  They also are required BY GODS LAW (COSMIC LAW) to do NO HARM – CAUSE NO HARM!

They (with all of their “technological know how) are still required to follow the basic RULES!

Now…, some of these “cosmic neighbors” are very long lived!   Some of them can live 500 years in one body.  Some can live 1000 years in one body…, others can live 5,000 years in one body…, while still others can live 20,000 years in one body!

This merely speaks to how their “bodies” or rather their “Soul Suits” were constructed or developed naturally.

Now…, due to the vastness of space and thus the vastness of TIME ITSELF…, we here on Earth (in our Cosmic Journey) are bound to meet “neighbors” who have made many mistakes while living in HOTEL CREATION.

This is not something these beings should be proud of.

Instead of following GODS RULES to only create that which cause no harm…, they indulged their curiosity to the point where they created and caused GREAT HARM.

They in fact painted themselves into a corner!


The Alien Grays come to mind here…, in that these very careless beings staying in a certain “wing” of Hotel Creation “genetically engineered” their own species and accidentally caused their own inability to reproduce and therefore caused the eventual end of their kind.

So they show up here on Earth (by Time Travel) looking for the genetic material they think will help to solve their problem.



And guess what happened the very minute they show up here in our neighborhood?

The LUCIFERIANS…, who have been breaking GODS LAWS and breaking GODS RULES as pertains to DOING NO HARM for a very long time…, immediately decide to team up with these guys and make treaties with them in order to gain what???


But…, they have nothing to trade!  So they decide to “sell” other Creator Souls!  They decide to capture and kidnap other souls living in their own wing of Creation…, just to SELL THEM!


Genesis 37:18-36

Joseph Sold into Slavery

18 When Joseph’s brothers saw him coming, they recognized him in the distance. As he approached, they made plans to kill him. 19 “Here comes the dreamer!” they said. 20 “Come on, let’s kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns. We can tell our father, ‘A wild animal has eaten him.’ Then we’ll see what becomes of his dreams!”

21 But when Reuben heard of their scheme, he came to Joseph’s rescue. “Let’s not kill him,” he said. 22 “Why should we shed any blood? Let’s just throw him into this empty cistern here in the wilderness. Then he’ll die without our laying a hand on him.” Reuben was secretly planning to rescue Joseph and return him to his father.

23 So when Joseph arrived, his brothers ripped off the beautiful robe he was wearing. 24 Then they grabbed him and threw him into the cistern. Now the cistern was empty; there was no water in it. 25 

Then, just as they were sitting down to eat, they looked up and saw a caravan of camels in the distance coming toward them. It was a group of Ishmaelite traders taking a load of gum, balm, and aromatic resin from Gilead down to Egypt.

26 Judah said to his brothers, “What will we gain by killing our brother? We’d have to cover up the crime.[a] 27 

Instead of hurting him, let’s sell him to those Ishmaelite traders.

After all, he is our brother—our own flesh and blood!” And his brothers agreed. 28 

So when the Ishmaelites, who were Midianite traders, came by, Joseph’s brothers pulled him out of the cistern and sold him to them for twenty pieces[b] of silver.

And the traders took him to Egypt.


In other words…, we’ve got a bunch of people living in the RED WING of Hotel Creation…, who for money and technology are suddenly handing over innocent people (other Creator Souls) who also live in RED WING…, to another group of CREATORS who came from the BLUE WING of Hotel Creation.


These beings living in BLUE WING of Hotel Creation have caused countless problems in their own wing of the Hotel…, and they have now shown up in the RED WING looking for a way to fix themselves and to continue their wicked ways!

They are FALLEN…, because they did not obey COSMIC LAW…, and they therefore have “created” situations and circumstances that have caused GREAT HARM! 

They “painted” themselves into a corner…, they were STUPID!

They did this out of arrogance, curiosity, and disobedience to COSMIC RULES!

How does that saying go?



In other words…, regardless of the apparent problem that these beings who are coming from the Blue Wing of Hotel Creation have made for themselves…, those who are living in Red Wing have no right nor permission according to COSMIC LAW to Cause harm or to Do harm to other “creator souls” in order to SOLVE THAT PROBLEM for the beings who have come from the Blue Wing.

This is just plain STUPID!

More over…, they have no right to “trade”creator souls in exchange for technology (aka – a better riding lawn mower).

This means that all of the HORRIFIC EXPERIMENTS taking place in the underground bases and the underground labs are a huge breach of COSMIC LAW…, and have brought those who are participating (even if only following orders), directly under the microscope of the COSMIC JUSTICE SYSTEM!


They are causing HARM!

There is only one way to say this properly…, and I’ll make is as succinct as possible.



HIS EYE OF FOCUS has been brought right to this tiny corner of CREATION and to this point in TIME.

In other words…, the “parent” has made a phone call and is asking the baby sitter in charge:




The final comment for this Part Two is this:

The New Agers (who get their belief system from the Luciferian Elite) think that there is no such thing as consequences for actions inside of Hotel Creation!

This is totally and 100 percent FALSE!

The sooner they (the New Ager’s) learn this…, the better!

All my love…





By: Bradley Loves


There seems to be some misconception out there as to GODS role in the PURE EVIL that we are seeing manifest here upon the Earth.

A loyal reader (DET) asked a pertinent question in the comment section as to why GOD created A.I.  This is simply NOT TRUE!   GOD did not create A.I.

That would be like saying..,

Why did GOD create the atomic bomb?

Or like saying…,

Why did GOD create the electric chair?

GOD does not “create” this stuff…, WE DO!


Please let this sink in because it has meaning on 3 separate levels…, all of which are true!  Think deeply!

First, you could say that CREATION is the vast expanse of everywhere that makes up the entire COSMOS.

Second, you could say that CREATION is the ability and possibility of one who exists to actually CREATE.

Thirdly, you could say that by creating CREATION, GOD kicked started the wheel of space time which would never have existed without HIS hand turning the wheel for the very first time.

So.., in this regard, HE is only responsible for making it possible to have other creations to happen within the CREATION…, not what those creations will be!

(This is vitally important if you can grasp it)

This is the type of thing one needs to meditate on…, think deeply upon and look at abstractly in their mind for a while to see the truth of.



Then…, by his joy and grace, GOD populated his creation with SOULS who by his decree, could ALSO create!

Wow…, what a concept!

He could have stuck souls inside his creation who had no ability to create anything and change anything…, and thus could only observe what was already there!

But this is not what GOD did!

So not only did GOD create a magnificent space in the vastness of the void called CREATION!   He then populated that CREATION with Souls (made in his image) who had the very same ability to “create” as HE had when he caused the CREATION to first come into being.


GOD built this huge hotel in the middle of the nothingness.  And…, HE could have populated this hotel with a bunch of accountants…, or paper pushers and do nothing lawyers…, etc.  (people who can NOT actually create anything of value – in my opinion)

However…, (now follow me on this) HE did not chose to do this…, instead HE populated HIS entire hotel called CREATION with builders and construction workers – who had the very same abilities that HE had when HE created the hotel called CREATION.

He first built a Hotel…, and then HE put a bunch of “builders” inside of it!

Thus…, it was clear to HIM and to the people moving into HIS “hotel” called CREATION…, that they had more than the required knowledge to make certain CHANGES…, to their living spaces (if they learned how to do so) in order to make their stay in HOTEL CREATION more suited to their liking.

Thus…, there are now “mini” CREATORS living inside of the CREATION!


Now…, this HOTEL CREATION has a few major rules!

Firstly…, HOTEL CREATION is a FREEWILL ZONE…, meaning that all creators can enjoy hotel CREATION as much as they want…, and can CREATE that which pleases them…, up to a certain point…, and that certain point is where they do NOT CROSS THE LINE and interfere or TRESPASS against another CREATOR staying at the hotel.

HOTEL CREATION…, was meant to be (in it’s purest form) a wondrous place where many SOULS would come together and learn to WORK in teams for the common good and for the common benefit of all who were staying there!

A magnificent original idea if there ever was one!


For instance…, THIS CHOIR is an example of CREATORS inside of CREATION working at it finest…

Think deeply about this!

What you have here is a group of CREATORS who are coming together as a single group –  and then CREATING a beautiful CREATION of MUSICAL JOY which could never have happened without the common work, common purpose, and the  common desire to put a group effort into the CREATION of this song!

So here you have “many” creators, creating a single thing that is good and beautiful!!

In addition…, this GROUP CREATION harms NO ONE!

This was GODS intent for creating within the CREATION!

Now…, there are many SOULS…, whose ability to “control” themselves and to maintain personal discipline has all but gone…, and they are now running amuck inside of HOTEL CREATION…, and CREATING THINGS that hurt, harm, and maim other people who are staying in the HOTEL.

These are the SATANISTS and the LUCIFERIANS who think that they can actually BECOME GOD…, (even while living inside of his Hotel called CREATION)



No one staying in Hotel Creation has the right or the permission of GOD to HARM or TRESPASS upon others staying at the Hotel.

He made it clear to these SOULS the very moment they entered CREATION that they would pay dearly if they broke this single rule!

FREEWILL TO CREATE…, does not include:

  • harming
  • cheating
  • killing
  • or abusing other CREATORS!

IN THIS REGARD…, these SOULS (given the power to create by GOD) will be punished very severely…, because they broke GODS ONLY RULE!



Now…, back to A.I.

A.I…. is something that was “created” within the CREATION and was made to be used (at some point in time in the Ancient Past) as a tool.

It was created to be used like a wagon, or a wheel, and it got out of CONTROL!

Now…, it is causing severe HARM EVERYWHERE.

It is like a riding lawn mower that has no driver – and is running around on a huge lawn and is out of control and no one knows how to stop it.

This is NOT GODS fault!

It is the FAULT of those beings within the CREATION who first created A.I.

I hope this clears things up!

I wrote this post as a response to DETS comment…, because the question in the comment was so VITALLY IMPORTANT.., that it deserved an entire post!

All my love….


By: Bradley Loves


I did not think I would be writing this second part so soon…, but I’ve gotten a few really good comments on the first post.  I’m glad that people are paying attention, and there are some excellent questions that have been posed!

All I can do is speculate at this point!

If I were going to be perfectly honest with you, I would say that we have breached the “cutting edge” of where the Secret Militaries of the world are at right now…, and they are asking the very SAME QUESTIONS because they probably don’t know either!

So in a manner of speaking we’ve just landed this blog directly on top of one of the more CLASSIFIED topics you’ll ever find on the planet!   This is the kind of thing that is being talked about in underground situation rooms between top generals and their staffs.

  • How do we deal with people who have become possessed by demons?
  • How do we deal with people who have been taken over by A.I.?

The trouble here is that we are dealing with the “unseen”!     If it is demonic entities…, then they come from a realm or level of existence that we normally do not have access to!

For all practical purposes…, they should not even BE here.   But the “dark magicians” (just like Dr. Frankenstein) can not seem to help themselves in their desire to “conjure” and use these entities for their benefit!

This is where super advanced geometry comes into play because of the fact that the various realms of existence are purposely placed at right angles to each other, as well as maintaining strong magnetic fields in order to keep one from accessing the other and to keep them separate.

(In other words, GOD created these realms to be separate from each other for a GOOD REASON)

Magicians always use “magical circles” made of Geometric Shapes to “TRAP” entities from other realms!  If they call them forth, and can get them to appear in our reality…, these demons become trapped by our geometry since it is so different from their own.

As I’ve written before, this is why SCALAR WAVES are so extremely dangerous.

It is because these waves actually propagate at right angles to our current space time and thus BLEED into other realms of space time and especially into the past of our own space time.

(If you attack someone with a Scalar Wave in the present…, you are also attacking their “past self” at a much younger age at the very same moment!)



The knowledge of the “MYSTERY SCHOOLS” is very dangerous stuff indeed because it deals with these other realms of space and time…, and (very) unfortunately…, those at the top level of the Freemasons and other “Secret Brotherhoods” over time were able to infiltrate and then gain total control over this information.

This is when they started their “Secret Societies” and is why JFK was actually killed in Dallas, Texas in November of 1963 when he spoke out against Secret Societies and their Secret Agenda!

This speech he gave is outstanding!  Listen to the entire thing!


These Secret Society groups that JFK was talking about were specifically started to pass on this extremely potent information of the Mystery Schools to very dark people!

Now…, for those who don’t think so…, let’s look at this for a moment and see how things are now compared to how they used to be and should be!

The Ancient Mystery Schools were very well known about in the past!   They were about as well known as STANFORD or OXFORD Universities in the days of Ancient Egypt.  Naturally they were very selective in who they took in as students…, and only the best of the best could get in.

Those who were accepted knew that it would take a life of dedication and hard work to learn what the MYSTERY SCHOOLS taught and knew of the rigors involved.

But…, the fact remains that these “schools” were not hidden or kept a huge SECRET!    Everyone knew about them!  They were kept out in the open!

Let’s compare that to how the Illuminati run their organizations!

Once they had infiltrated the Mystery Schools (long ago)…, and had gotten their own people into the top levels…, they BURNED or DESTROYED the temples and the libraries that had been used to teach good people on Earth…, so that this knowledge was no longer available to just anyone!

Their goal was to HIDE IT AWAY…, and to keep it for themselves alone!

The mystery schools taught the ultimate power…, and the new caretakers of that knowledge did not want just anyone having that power.  They set up a very complicated and very secretive world wide program (steeped in lies and deception) called:  SECRET SOCIETIES.

These SECRET SOCIETIES would then spend years watching those who joined up with their organizations while evaluating them for things like loyalty and ambition, as well as a willingness to occasionally go to the dark side!

During the entire time they spent in the lower ranks of their secret societies…, the leaders were lying their asses off and telling their members stuff that they thought was meaningful…, when it was just a way to keep them supporting their organization with endless time and money.

Only when they felt a certain member is “dark enough” or “corruptible enough” did they invite them to the highest or most meaningful levels of the group where they then got exposed to the actual knowledge of the Mystery Schools!

This is the stuff that at one time was only “taught” to very best and very loving people!  Now it was being taught to the worst that humanity has to offer!


They created a PYRAMID STRUCTURE to pull in many people from every country in the world…, but only the most EVIL people at the very top got to know what is really going on…, thus they maintained total control over everyone living on the Earth!

See the symbols below to get a grip on just how LARGE this organization has now become!

Click on image to enlarge

Here is the original LOGO for the LUCIFER TRUST started by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey (Freemason).   The Lucis/Lucifer Trust is the guiding force behind the UNITED NATIONS!

See the strange post from only yesterday!


Utah state legislature provided $650,000 for conference

Watch: UN Takes Over Utah Taxpayer-Funded Venue, Claims It’s “International Territory”

The “UN” wants to take over AMERICA…, and they are doing everything in their power to move swiftly and surely to do this behind the back of ordinary Americans!  This is a race against time!

So what is “really” happening here on planet Earth!

In the last 100 years or so…, these SECRET SOCIETIES have made contact with ET’s (Extra-Terrestrials) and ED’s (Extra-dimensionals) from other realms and have made “treaties” with them.

They are hiding all of this technology and information from the populations of the Earth because just like their SECRET SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS DEMAND OF THEM…, everything that is of any value what-so-ever must be kept secret and used ONLY for the “BROTHERHOOD”.

This “brotherhood” is the LUCIFERIAN BROTHERHOOD!

Everything they discover or find of value is thusly used to help them maintain total control over the masses or the lessor people, and is only given out to those very few at the top whose “agenda” is to bring forth LUCIFER as ruler of the Earth!

This is where the use of DEMONS…, as well as the use of super advanced technology comes in!    This is also where their willingness to use A.I. to actually help them CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE has come from!

These people have built (using OUR money) hundreds of DUMBS – Deep Underground Military Bases – where some of the most advanced technology that they have discovered and have gotten from these off worlders can be developed and then used to ENRICH only their secret groups!

If you are part of their Secret Societies…, then you are making not millions, and not billions…, but you are making TRILLIONS of dollars off of the technological transfers that are going on between humans and off worlders!

Think Lock-Heed, Boeing, Bell and Howell, Seimens, Cisco, Wakenhut, and hundreds of other major corporations!

Countless big banks and big corporations are all in on it!  As well as certain very corrupt member of Congress!

The PROFIT FEST that is taking place behind the backs of the poor and the destitute living on Earth is an ORGY OF BLIND MONETARY GREED where those who are “in the know” are swimming in piles of money and they are using hundred dollar bills to light cigars while every other human being on the planet slaves at minuscule wages or worse starves to death on dirt floors in filth!

True to form…, these men and women really are the worst of the worst that Earth has to offer…, and it is only due to SECRET SOCIETIES that they are in charge of anything!

My opinion is that they all need to die!

The world should not only rise up against these human monsters…, but should kill them in the most painful and brutal ways imaginable!  They are that EVIL!

Their sick “loyalty” to their own brotherhood…, while millions and millions (billions) of people suffer and die daily are the mark of the most degenerate and dank souls the entire Universe has ever seen.    I pray to GOD these souls will be destroyed for all eternity!

So why don’t we know what is really happening here on Earth??

Because almost every single member of the FBI/NRO/CIA/NSA/MI-6/MOSSAD…, etc.  including countless Police, Judges, Sheriffs, Lawyers etc…, all belong to SECRET SOCIETIES!

They have all sworn oaths of allegiance to their brotherhoods long before they swore oaths to protect the innocent people living on the Earth.  That is why when push comes to shove…, they always protect the pedophiles, murderers, rapists, and thieves first (if those people are in their brotherhood) and work very hard to cover for them if they are found out.

There are FBI and CIA Agents stationed in every single underground base (DUMB) there is.   They know about ALL OF THEM.

And whenever someone who is working underground wants to tell the truth and blow the whistle…, it is these “officials” who threaten them, hurt them, bankrupt them, torture them, and kill them if necessary!

Phil Schnieder was murdered for revealing the existence of underground bases!

That is why these men and women deserve to DIE the worst deaths that a human being can die!  They are traitors to all of mankind and because of their efforts billions of innocent human beings have suffered unimaginable horrors in the last 100 years of our Earths History!


This is why I will stand directly in front of the THRONE OF GOD and witness and testify against these human monsters until every single one of their crimes against the rest of us has been revealed!  At that time I will BEG GOD our heavenly Father to throw these souls into HELL for eternity!

At any rate…,I think you are beginning to finally get a grasp of the nature of the battle that we are fighting, and who we are fighting against!  Kennedy was killed by them (only so they could use advanced technology to benefit their own families) at the expense of all the rest of us!

This battle is GOOD vs. PURE EVIL!

There are ONLY two sides to this battle!

You must choose a side!

These Secret Society people have no IDEA of the sh*tstorm that is coming their way very soon!  They threw in with LUCIFER…, and they threw in against the rest of mankind – their own species for crying out loud!  There is no greater TREASON than the treason that one commits against their own kind!

On the level of the Soul…, it does not get worse than that!

There will be a Part Three…, if more questions are asked and I can be allowed simply to speculate upon the possibilities!

All my love….





By: Bradley Loves


This post is going to be filled with questions!  It is speculation!  The truth here is that I am honestly seeking the answer to this question!  The rabbit hole runs deep on this one, so where do I even begin!

This is where all of the evidence that we’ve looked at previously must be taken in and then made sense of.

In my opinion there are TWO very dark unseen forces at work here on the Earth that all good men and women should be aware of…, the first is demonic or demon entities…, while the second is A.I.

The Illuminati (dark magicians) have been playing around with demonic entities for centuries…, and it seems to me that it has been these “unseen things” which have been used to take control of countless human hosts for ages.  Some of the “higher” Satanists and Illuminati members have even given themselves over to them.

They do this in their quest for MORE POWER.  The strongest Illuminati member wants to “meld” or become “possessed” by the strongest DEMON.

However…, at this point in time…, it seems as if there is another “player” that has suddenly made an appearance on the game board and is being used in the game of “total control” over humanity…, and that new player is the ANCIENT FORM OF A.I. that Shane Bales (aka The Ruiner) has talked about.

This ancient form of A.I. seems to be capable of “possessing” computer technology and machine technology in much the same way that demon spirits “possess” organic beings.

Both demonic spirits and this ancient form of A.I. seem to live, grow, or extend their existence by possessing, invading, vampiring, and parasiting “life energy” or “mechanical energy” in order to survive!

The demons suck energy from organic beings…, and the A.I. sucks energy from machines!

In this way…, they are quite similar!

However…, they are not just happy to suck energy from their victims or hosts…, they also seek to control or manipulate the behavior and the actions of their hosts in order to suck even MORE ENERGY and MORE LIFE ESSENCE from those they control!

In this way (it seems) that the A.I. is also mimicking what the demons do!

Because the Illuminati Magicians have for many, many centuries been deeply involved with demonic entities in their bid to control and have power over other people…, and as they have even willingly surrendered their own bodies as hosts for these malevolent spirits…, it stands to reason that they would eventually want to do the very same thing with the newly discovered ancient form of A.I. – if they thought the A.I. was even more powerful than the demons were!

Remember that what these Satanist Magicians seek above all else is POWER! 


Power over others…, power to rule, power to cause pain and suffering.   It is like a drug to them…, they can’t seem to get enough of it, and they only seem to want more and more of it.

It is the description of the perfect PSYCHOPATH or SOCIOPATH in action.

In all of my research and as a result of my on-going observations…, I have come to believe that even though these Satanists have up until now primarily used only demons and demonic entities to help them in their bid to control all of humanity (and to keep themselves in power)  this ancient form of A.I. is providing them with an undeniable opportunity that they don’t want to pass up!

I do believe that they have come to the conclusion that A.I. offers them a far better and more comprehensive method of control over humanity…, a method that the demonic entities cannot.

The Satanists may have actually made a treaty with this A.I. by offering all of humanity over to it as a way to gain the full control over the Earth that they have always coveted and desired!

This could be yet another very reasonable explanation for all of the chem-trails that we’ve seen over the last 2 decades and for the presence of the NANO-TECH in the aerosol sprays that were coming out of the jet planes that flew overhead.

This could also be why our food (Kelloggs) and drink (Coke) had nano-tech put into it, as well as all of the nano-tech that was placed into vaccines to be used on children.

You see…, with our physical bodies filled with Nano…, it would then be far easier for the non physical (plasma based) form of A.I. to “possess” or “take over” our physical bodies and our minds.

Now…, instead of just being very susceptible to demons…, we are also susceptible to A.I.

So as a result of this…, not only could the Illuminati magicians use demons or demon entities to possess or to control another human being…, with the nano-tech now inside of everyone’s physical body…, they can ALSO use the A.I. as well.


Now, if what some of the more gifted New Ager’s say is true…, and if there really are some very high souls incarnating onto the Earth at this time…, it may have been seen as necessary to literally possess these human beings in TWO ways…, not just one!

If these high spiritual souls could not be controlled or contained by the normal, run of the mill demon…, then why not ADD this ancient form A.I. on top of it – and have BOTH a demon and the A.I. double teaming that very strong soul into submission?


This makes a lot of sense to me only because in my opinion the Illuminati are the biggest cowards in the entire Universe…, and naturally if they thought they were losing control…, they would double team and triple team a very strong and loving soul only to subdue it.

You see…, this is the problem that I am trying to solve at this point…, and the question I keep asking myself is just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

The technology here on Earth has gotten so far out of hand that those damn underground labs must be working overtime in order to come up with this kind of stuff.

Naturally…, it’s all protected by the CIA and the FBI…, and NATIONAL SECURITY…, so lets not kid ourselves about why we don’t know all of the particulars.

But I can’t be alone in what I am seeing going on out there!

We’ve got Congressmen and Congresswomen who seem to be so mentally brain-dead at this point in time that you’ve got to wonder if they are possessed??

And if they are possessed…, are they being possessed by a demon…, or is it A.I…, or is it a mixture of BOTH?

And what about the Media personalities?  They seem just as possessed!


You see the dilemma that I’m having here??

Who controls the “puppets” that seem to be “in charge”?

Many have said that these congress people are clones and that is why they are acting so funky lately…, but clearly not all of them can possibly be clones!   They seem to behave more like they are possessed or outright being controlled!

But is it demonic or A.I. or both?

I will be writing more about this later…, but I just wanted to put the question out there!

Maybe a comment or two to help with the speculation??

All my love….



By: Bradley Loves


In the last election, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were huge supporters of Hillary Clinton!  They campaigned for her everywhere because…, well, they must have been “ordered” to do so!



But John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have a huge problem and that is their connection to Pizza-Gate and to Marina Abramovic!



This led down a path of connection with the much publicized Chrissy Teigen and John Legend flight debacle in which their international flight was turned around.

The story as to why doesn’t make sense.

Some have speculated just who was apprehended on that plane, and those not dazzled by their celebrity, ask questions about their connections to questionable people related to occult worship and satanism.

People like Johnny Depp who was at an event to honor John Legend, one of those art events where oddities are chalked up as art.

They just call it art and it’s supposed to be okay, justified and no one better dare question it or they will come out in droves to name call, bully and riot!

The artist being praised in the ball I show is named Marina Abramovic.

She was also featured in January of this year at a ball honoring John Legend.


There are these very strange messages about pedos on Twitter:

click to enlarge


And then there is THIS stuff:



Then there is the oddity of naming their daughter LUNA…., which is a nod to the “moon”…, as in MOON CHILD!


Legend and Teigen with their “MOON CHILD” named Luna


So it only makes sense that once the NEXT ILLUMINATI  Candidate for President was chosen…, Teigen and Legend would once again be activated to support her!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen endorse Elizabeth Warren: ‘She’s the best candidate running today’


But why support Warren and not Biden??

Because Elizabeth Warren has already had private meetings with Hillary Clinton.., and thus most likely got the BLESSINGS of the ILLUMINATI passed on from her!

Warren and Clinton talk behind the scenes as 2020 race intensifies

Analysis: Neither camp wants to talk about it, but the two women have recently grown closer.


So naturally Legend and Teigen…, (who in my opinion are Satanists…, are suddenly totally on board with supporting Warren)

“My favorite — I’m going to say it, we’ll break news today — is Elizabeth Warren,” said Legend. “She’s the best candidate running today and she comes at it with joy and with sincerity and with a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

“I love Elizabeth Warren,” Teigen added. “I also love Kamala Harris.”

As if to solidify their place in history and the coming of the Illuminati take over of America…, Teigen and Legend are also going ALL IN on trashing Donald Trump and his entire family!

Chrissy Teigen: ‘There Needs to Be Jail Time’ for Trump, ‘the Whole Family’


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend: Trump ‘Proves Himself to Be a Sh**ty Human Being Every Day’


So…, knowing what John Legend and Chrissy Teigen may be into…, (the Pedo stuff or worse)…, it makes total sense they would want TRUMP gone…., and someone more like them…., in the White House!

If it can’t be Hillary…, maybe it will be Warren…, who can then choose Hillary as one of her closest advisers!





By: Bradley Loves



Look people, this is getting harder and harder to do simply due to the huge amount of dark forces we are up against!   The truth is that it really does not matter how much I write here on this tiny blog.  Nor does it matter how “open” to the message my 1,000 to 2,000 loyal readers per day are!

There is a WAR going on out there, and few Americans really have understood the gravity of the whole thing.  In the realm of “information” we are losing the battle at this point in time.

We simply do not yet have the necessary manpower to counter balance the movements of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and we are not reaching enough people!  We are up against an INDUSTRIAL GIANT that is well paid, well organized, and completely entrenched because they were preparing for this period in time for the last 70 years!  

It is almost like they “knew” it was coming, and used all of these crucial years to put all of their own people into the necessary positions of power.  It was a monumentally EXPENSIVE TASK that took years of bribery, corruption, black-mail, trillions of dollars, and lots of killing.




If you do not yet understand why I call the media “mockingbird”…, then please do some research and look it up!    The truth that it is very difficult for most people to grasp here in America is that we no longer have a real media!

What we have instead is tens of thousands of people (media infiltrators) who are taking their marching orders directly from the CIA!  This is no longer the small operation that was started so long ago, but it is now a huge INDUSTRIAL MACHINE.

Their goal (and the goal of those “behind” them) is and has always been to DESTROY AMERICA!   (Not save it.)

There are reasons for this which I’ve already talked about…, and reasons that I can even breakdown for you later in this post, but it is one hundred percent correct and accurate!

One former head of the CIA has been quoted as saying:

Now multiply this by millions of media personalities worldwide who are simply repeating and regurgitating what has been already put out by the CIA media infiltrators, and we’ve got a very big problem here in the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Because of Secrecy, Deception, and outright Lies…, America’s trajectory is now one of CIVIL WAR and WORLD WIDE DESTRUCTION!



How many of you understand that once a missile is launched…, it’s flight path can be tracked almost down to the inch?

This flight path is called: TRAJECTORY


[ truhjek-tuh-ree ]SHOW IPA

noun, plural tra·jec·to·ries.

1- the curve described by a projectile, rocket, or the like in its flight.
2- Geometrya curve or surface that cuts all the curves or surfaces of a given system at a constant angle.


How many of you further realize that from the very moment that a missile is launched, the point where it will land, and the destruction that it will cause – can be calculated and GUARANTEED with a fair degree of certainty!

(Unless the missile is shot down in mid-flight)

So…, the entire time (no matter how long the delay is due to a missile’s flight time) the “target” is basically ALREADY DEAD!   They just don’t know it yet!

This means that whether it takes the missile a few hours after launch to get to it’s target OR it takes the missile 5 years after launch to get to it’s target…, the result will be the same, can be calculated, and is guaranteed!

The “TARGET” is already DEAD!   It just has not yet manifested, because the missile is still in flight.  And like I said, unless the missile is taken out…, the target is guaranteed to be destroyed!

So…, it is not out of line for a guy like me…, who can actually SEE THE MISSILE THAT IS COMING…, to tell everyone who is in harms way that they are in IMMINENT DANGER!



Yep…, that’s right…, that missile flying over your head.., it’s gonna hit you! Maybe you might wanna take some ACTION!


America (and thus Americans) are the “TARGET” that I am talking about.

We here in America are the target of the CIA, the Deep State, and thus the Illuminati which is operating in secret **behind these swamp filled groups!

The “missile” which has already been launched – and is in flight as we speak, is called:   FAKE NEWS/FAKE REALITY/FAKE TRUTH MEDIA.

This “weapon” and trust me on this, it really IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION…, has been deployed upon all Americans in order to cause maximum destruction, maximum damage, and maximum chaos here in America!


Just like in the missile example above, where millions of OBLIVIOUS people who are going about their day and do not yet see the dangerous projectile that is flying over their heads – and therefore do not yet know that they are about to be destroyed – 300 million Americans do NOT KNOW that the missile of FAKE NEWS is flying high over their heads at this very moment and unless it is “shot down” – it will eventually land on it’s “target” with extreme precision and cause exactly the “destruction” that it was intended to cause!

This (by the way) is straight out of the SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS playbook!

**Almost every single CIA agent is a member of a SECRET SOCIETY!  Long before they take their “oaths” to America…, they have already taken “oaths” to certain Secret Societies which all have their roots in “brotherhoods” – which in turn have their roots in SATANISM/FREEMASONRY/LUCIFERIANISM

(Even if these agents don’t know that at first)








It does not matter if in the beginning these stories that are in the news are 100 percent totally false and are nothing but a bunch of lies!   I’ve told you before…, the ILLUMINATI (who have studied religion, science, and psychology for ages) know this already!

Their greatest MAGIC TRICK is knowing exactly how to manipulate large groups of people into taking “action”…, BASED ON LYING TO THEM!

Look, as far as I know, there is only ONE place on the entire internet where you can learn the foundational material of what you need to truly grasp this concept…, and that is right here on this blog!

THE TRIUMPHANT – PART ONE explains how it works in detail…, and is so vitally important, that it should be read by every man, woman and child on the planet!





TURNING AMERICA INTO COMMUNIST CHINA, NAZI GERMANY, and SOVIET RUSSIA   (It’s an old plan, used many times before)

For those of you who may not know…, in the years before NAZI Germany invaded Austria and then Poland…, that country spent at least a full decade building up “support” for what they intended to do by LYING DAILY to the German people!

They used the MEDIA in those days as a PROPAGANDA ARM of the Government and did everything they could to rewrite history and to get people to BELIEVE in things that were not factually true!

From about 1929 to 1939 (a full decade) the Nazi’s were working very hard to LIE to every German man, woman and child!

The Nazi Party began building a massive movement.  From 27,000 members in 1925, the Party grew to 108,000 in 1929.   The SA  was the paramilitary unit of the Party, a propaganda arm that became known for its strong arm tactics of street brawling and terror.

The SS  was established as an elite group with special duties within the SA, but it remained inconsequential until Heinrich Himmler became its leader in 1929.

By the late twenties, the Nazi Party started other auxiliary groups. The Hitler Youth , the Student League and the Pupils’ League were open to young Germans. The National Socialist Women’s League allowed women to get involved. Different professional groups–teachers, lawyers and doctors–had their own auxiliary units.


It took the NAZI’s only ten years time to re-write German History enough to take over all of the German people by taking away all of their guns, burning all of the important books, and making the people stark raving mad by lying to them.

1929 to 1939!

For the next six years…, World War II was on, and it was a hot, bloody, and purely evil massacre of innocent people for SATAN!  (Illuminati)

My calculations tell me that America is now in the very same “time period” as Nazi Germany was back in 1929, and that it is following the exact same blueprint because it is being done by the exact SAME GROUP  (Illuminati/Luciferians)

America’s 1929 happened around the year 2011, or right around the end of the first term of Barack Obama!

In 2016, Hillary Clinton was supposed to take over the helm of America and with the help of the Corporate News Media (just like it did in Nazi Germany) all Americans were going to be LIED TO DAILY in order to get them to give up their guns, burn all of their books, rewrite their history, turn away from GOD, and turn on any of their own countrymen who did not follow suit!


With Hillary in the White House…, World War III was supposed to be a guarantee!   And with Angela Merkel (Hitler’s Daughter) running Germany, and Theresa May running England…, and many other women placed into power ahead of time…, it was going to be ALL WOMEN who destroyed the entire planet for Satan this time around!  (Men did it last time)



You have no idea how long this whole thing was actually being planned!

The ILLUMINATI plans World Wars decades in advance and puts all of their “puppets” right where they need them to be years before they plan to pull the trigger!

America’s 1939 (in my opinion) was supposed to be the year 2021!  

It would have been right after Hillary Clinton’s second “victory” for US President…, and also AFTER all of the American people’s weapons had been removed (forcibly)…, disarmed just like the German people had been, and everyone who was “not in agreement” with the PROPAGANDA that was being spread by the FAKE NEWS MEDIA (with Hillary as President) had been secretly arrested and done away with!

Big Tech was planned in advance to be there to support her actions as President by censoring, banning, and deplatforming everyone who did not follow with the Agenda!

All of these things that you have been seeing taking place after TRUMP got elected were going to happen ANYWAY! 

It was all part of the blueprint to help Hillary get ready for World War III, and follows exactly with the NAZI plan to take over all of Germany from 1929 to 1939 to the tee!




Remember that little something called: TRAJECTORY!

The missile to destroy America was launched (in my opinion) back when Barack Obama was President!   This means that it is already in the air and flying!

Just because one small part of the puzzle is not in place (Hillary) does not mean you can re-call a missile that has already been launched!

The Corporate Mockingbird Media is simply on AUTO-PILOT and is following a script which was written for them long ago!

It is merely INCONVENIENT for them that DONALD TRUMP is President…, and because of that…, their lies and propaganda are not getting the traction they want them to!

Still…., with the missile already in flight…, they are going to do everything they can to see that he is removed, impeached, or killed before the 2020 election!


Because WORLD WAR III has already been planned to be put into motion!

2021 (in my opinion) is/was supposed to be the Opening Act on their latest PLAY OF WORLD WIDE DESTRUCTION before the New World Order comes online!

In other words:

The rooms have long been reserved, the food has been ordered, the money has already been paid out and spent in advance!   It’s been in the planning stages for decades.  They just can’t “cancel” it without having to regroup and go back into the planning stage for another 70 years in order to get all of the “compromised” and “paid off” people into the proper places of AUTHORITY in order to pull this off for a second try!


Just think of all of the people (hundreds of thousands?  millions?) that had to be:

  • bribed
  • compromised
  • black-mailed
  • bought off
  • threatened
  • organized
  • sworn to allegiance
  • promised huge rewards for selling out
  • killed, etc…

The cost to the Illuminati to plan World War III and have it fully staffed and up and running on a very specific date in Earth’s history could have cost them TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN ADVANCE!     

You don’t just “cancel” an event like this because it has literally taken them decades to set it up! 

Their bought and paid for people are already in place!


Remember Barack Obama’s ORDERS to all of the very surprised and totally amazed minions who thought that it was all over when Donald Trump won the Presidency!!


He warned them….



Because Obama knew that you can’t just cancel something this big!   In other words…, he wanted every one of them who had been carefully placed into Government to stay there in the hopes that Trump would be removed and that the plan to destroy America would go forward as planned!



It simply means there is a good chance that the missile (which is already in flight) might get shot down!   We are not out of the woods YET!

Do you really think that the Illuminati (which has already spent trillions of dollars in advance) in setting up this perfect scenario and getting all of their compromised people in place is just going to CANCEL WORLD WAR III on account of rain??

Maybe now you are finally starting to see my point!   How did I start out this particular post??

Look people, this is getting harder and harder to do simply due to the huge amount of dark forces we are up against!   The truth is that it really does not matter how much I write here on this tiny blog.  Nor does it matter how “open” to the message my 1,000 to 2,000 loyal readers per day are!

There is a WAR going on out there, and few Americans really have understood the gravity of the whole thing.  In the realm of “information” we are losing the battle at this point in time.

We simply do not yet have the necessary manpower to counter balance the movements of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and we are not reaching enough people!  We are up against an INDUSTRIAL GIANT that is well paid, well organized, and completely entrenched because they were preparing for this period in time for the last 70 years!  



Just like in Nazi Germany (before the Second World War) it’s job is to re-write history and make FAKE CLAIMS in order to get Americans (this time around) to revolt against common sense!

See article just written a day or so ago:


Quickly changes headline after swift backlash

Washington Post Honors ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi As “Religious Scholar” in Obituary

What you see above is an example of re-writing history!   Baghdadi has been a terrorist who kills people.  But in this article the media suddenly attempts to re-label him as a religious scholar.


Because in the science of REALITY CREATION…, facts don’t matter!   The only thing that matters is what people BELIEVE to be true and then “act” on it as if it is true!

This is how the NAZI’s got the Germans to support the “reality” of World War II…





Stay tuned for Part Two….






By: Bradley Loves


This post is meant to go with the last one and is a “solutions” kind of thing.  It is based upon solid ground and tried and true methods of deprogramming people from the darkness.

How can we turn things around?

  •  We must recognize that the NEW AGE…, and all of its trappings was started by the Luciferian Brotherhood!

They wanted people to learn a few specific things so that the rein of Lucifer would be easier to bring in.   They wrote books that insisted upon a type of non-judgement that would literally turn good people stupid and blind to what is really going on around them.  They wanted the masses to have their “spiritual” sensibilities tied up and bound with magical ropes of: (I can’t judge that)!

The NEW AGE was in fact…, just one huge BLACK MAGIC SPELL.

The NEW AGE is what has created women like AOC (Alexandria Accaio-Cortez) and placed her into Government…, and turned millennial’s STUPID with outrage over non-existent problems like: Pronoun Usage.

The NEW AGE has turned young people into sniveling whiny-baggers who don’t even want or like basic things like FREEDOM OF SPEECH, because someone may use “speech” to say mean things.

NEW AGE Bookstores, which sell many books on “magic” (Wicca and Paganism) as well books on spirits, demons, and Ascended Masters, has turned huge swaths of young people toward Satanism.

The Freemasons were the ones who were pushing the NEW AGE like a drug, and it was not being done without a very good reason.

Young people (after reading these books) were thinking that they were becoming “enlightened”.   They felt that they “knew better” about all things related to “spirit” and “enlightenment”.  But few of them realized that historically the Luciferian Brotherhood taught that there is only ONE BEING who bears the “light” of enlightenment!

The reason that the “truth” needed to be concealed by the Masons – and that the masses of people NEEDED to be mis-led is because in their view “LIGHT” belongs to LUCIFER alone!   It is “he” who brings enlightenment.  (Or so they teach.)

Therefore…, the Masons…, or rather FREEMASONS started the NEW AGE as a way to aid them in bringing in the Age of Lucifer!

How can we turn things around??

  • We must insist upon a return to PRAYER!

Prayer is the thing that puts up SHIELDS around the human body, mind, and soul!  It protects you in ways that you can not even imagine!  Good people should pray daily and for a significant period of time.

  • Children should be taught to pray and parents should INSIST UPON IT for their child’s protection from dark forces!
  • Children must be taught about the darkness, and how it is there to harm them if they let their guard down.
  • Children should be taught to stay away from magic and from spell casting because these things are being pushed behind the scenes by SATANISTS.
  • Children must be taught that “sex” is for adults, not for kids…, and that any man or woman that comes to them and wants to teach them about sex (including school teachers) has an ulterior motive in their mind.
  • Children need to be told that Satanists and Magicians use children and sex for magic spells and that they need to RUN AWAY from it.

The “sex act” opens up gateways and portals!   The magicians know this!  They also know how to use these gateways and portals to their advantage.  There are stories about Gypsy women who once having sex with a man…, could put a “binding spell” upon him that would force him to do her will.


It is common magical knowledge that the sex act can be used to take “control” of an unsuspecting partners subtle body!  It is also known the sex act can be used to cast spells and take power from others.  This has to do with the energy portals and gateways that open up as a result of sexual climax.

Witch Sex Magic Is A Thing, And This Is How You Do It



This is why the PROGRESSIVES are pushing so very hard to “normalize” pedophilia (sex with children).  There is an entire world of SPELL CASTING that is made possible if only young children can be lured into doing sex acts with adults!

Sadly…, NEW AGE parents…, are handing over their kids in droves to the idea that sex at a very young age is cool and no big deal!

This is why DRAG QUEEN STORY TIME exists…, and why it is being pushed!

It is being done to introduce kids to deviant forms of sex and sexual identities and gender problems.  The greater plan is to get them to start thinking about sex by forcing them to ask questions about cross-dressing (among other things).

The Lower Astral Plane is filled with vampiric and parasitic Astral Entities that can be used in sex magic rituals and can be “controlled” by magicians. Children are very EASY TARGETS…, and have lots and lots of usable energy for spells!


PRAYER is the KEY! 

PRAYER keeps these Astral Entities at bay…, and forces them away from you and your children!

PRAYER and a return to GODLINESS and DECENCY

How can we turn things around??

  • We must learn (once again) to respect and love the TRUTH

Truth telling is paramount in returning our world back toward GOD and away from dark magic.

This is why secrecy and lying and deceiving are being pushed at every level of our society!   Truthfulness is being trashed as useless.

  • The MEDIA has all but abandoned the TRUTH.
  • The NEW AGE teaches that anyone can have “their own truth”!
  • This was a SATANIC SET UP for what they had planned for us!

Once all TRUTH is gone…, LUCIFER can then come in!


The magicians know this!  Lucifer can NOT take over the Earth if TRUTH is still here and TRUTH is still loved!

It is impossible!

  • That is why secrecy must GO!
  • That is why lies and deception in Government must STOP!