By: Bradley Loves


This post is meant to go with the last one and is a “solutions” kind of thing.  It is based upon solid ground and tried and true methods of deprogramming people from the darkness.

How can we turn things around?

  •  We must recognize that the NEW AGE…, and all of its trappings was started by the Luciferian Brotherhood!

They wanted people to learn a few specific things so that the rein of Lucifer would be easier to bring in.   They wrote books that insisted upon a type of non-judgement that would literally turn good people stupid and blind to what is really going on around them.  They wanted the masses to have their “spiritual” sensibilities tied up and bound with magical ropes of: (I can’t judge that)!

The NEW AGE was in fact…, just one huge BLACK MAGIC SPELL.

The NEW AGE is what has created women like AOC (Alexandria Accaio-Cortez) and placed her into Government…, and turned millennial’s STUPID with outrage over non-existent problems like: Pronoun Usage.

The NEW AGE has turned young people into sniveling whiny-baggers who don’t even want or like basic things like FREEDOM OF SPEECH, because someone may use “speech” to say mean things.

NEW AGE Bookstores, which sell many books on “magic” (Wicca and Paganism) as well books on spirits, demons, and Ascended Masters, has turned huge swaths of young people toward Satanism.

The Freemasons were the ones who were pushing the NEW AGE like a drug, and it was not being done without a very good reason.

Young people (after reading these books) were thinking that they were becoming “enlightened”.   They felt that they “knew better” about all things related to “spirit” and “enlightenment”.  But few of them realized that historically the Luciferian Brotherhood taught that there is only ONE BEING who bears the “light” of enlightenment!

The reason that the “truth” needed to be concealed by the Masons – and that the masses of people NEEDED to be mis-led is because in their view “LIGHT” belongs to LUCIFER alone!   It is “he” who brings enlightenment.  (Or so they teach.)

Therefore…, the Masons…, or rather FREEMASONS started the NEW AGE as a way to aid them in bringing in the Age of Lucifer!

How can we turn things around??

  • We must insist upon a return to PRAYER!

Prayer is the thing that puts up SHIELDS around the human body, mind, and soul!  It protects you in ways that you can not even imagine!  Good people should pray daily and for a significant period of time.

  • Children should be taught to pray and parents should INSIST UPON IT for their child’s protection from dark forces!
  • Children must be taught about the darkness, and how it is there to harm them if they let their guard down.
  • Children should be taught to stay away from magic and from spell casting because these things are being pushed behind the scenes by SATANISTS.
  • Children must be taught that “sex” is for adults, not for kids…, and that any man or woman that comes to them and wants to teach them about sex (including school teachers) has an ulterior motive in their mind.
  • Children need to be told that Satanists and Magicians use children and sex for magic spells and that they need to RUN AWAY from it.

The “sex act” opens up gateways and portals!   The magicians know this!  They also know how to use these gateways and portals to their advantage.  There are stories about Gypsy women who once having sex with a man…, could put a “binding spell” upon him that would force him to do her will.


It is common magical knowledge that the sex act can be used to take “control” of an unsuspecting partners subtle body!  It is also known the sex act can be used to cast spells and take power from others.  This has to do with the energy portals and gateways that open up as a result of sexual climax.

Witch Sex Magic Is A Thing, And This Is How You Do It

This is why the PROGRESSIVES are pushing so very hard to “normalize” pedophilia (sex with children).  There is an entire world of SPELL CASTING that is made possible if only young children can be lured into doing sex acts with adults!

Sadly…, NEW AGE parents…, are handing over their kids in droves to the idea that sex at a very young age is cool and no big deal!

This is why DRAG QUEEN STORY TIME exists…, and why it is being pushed!

It is being done to introduce kids to deviant forms of sex and sexual identities and gender problems.  The greater plan is to get them to start thinking about sex by forcing them to ask questions about cross-dressing (among other things).

The Lower Astral Plane is filled with vampiric and parasitic Astral Entities that can be used in sex magic rituals and can be “controlled” by magicians. Children are very EASY TARGETS…, and have lots and lots of usable energy for spells!


PRAYER is the KEY! 

PRAYER keeps these Astral Entities at bay…, and forces them away from you and your children!

PRAYER and a return to GODLINESS and DECENCY

How can we turn things around??

  • We must learn (once again) to respect and love the TRUTH

Truth telling is paramount in returning our world back toward GOD and away from dark magic.

This is why secrecy and lying and deceiving are being pushed at every level of our society!   Truthfulness is being trashed as useless.

  • The MEDIA has all but abandoned the TRUTH.
  • The NEW AGE teaches that anyone can have “their own truth”!
  • This was a SATANIC SET UP for what they had planned for us!

Once all TRUTH is gone…, LUCIFER can then come in!


The magicians know this!  Lucifer can NOT take over the Earth if TRUTH is still here and TRUTH is still loved!

It is impossible!

  • That is why secrecy must GO!
  • That is why lies and deception in Government must STOP!








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