By: Bradley Loves



Look people, this is getting harder and harder to do simply due to the huge amount of dark forces we are up against!   The truth is that it really does not matter how much I write here on this tiny blog.  Nor does it matter how “open” to the message my 1,000 to 2,000 loyal readers per day are!

There is a WAR going on out there, and few Americans really have understood the gravity of the whole thing.  In the realm of “information” we are losing the battle at this point in time.

We simply do not yet have the necessary manpower to counter balance the movements of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and we are not reaching enough people!  We are up against an INDUSTRIAL GIANT that is well paid, well organized, and completely entrenched because they were preparing for this period in time for the last 70 years!  

It is almost like they “knew” it was coming, and used all of these crucial years to put all of their own people into the necessary positions of power.  It was a monumentally EXPENSIVE TASK that took years of bribery, corruption, black-mail, trillions of dollars, and lots of killing.




If you do not yet understand why I call the media “mockingbird”…, then please do some research and look it up!    The truth that it is very difficult for most people to grasp here in America is that we no longer have a real media!

What we have instead is tens of thousands of people (media infiltrators) who are taking their marching orders directly from the CIA!  This is no longer the small operation that was started so long ago, but it is now a huge INDUSTRIAL MACHINE.

Their goal (and the goal of those “behind” them) is and has always been to DESTROY AMERICA!   (Not save it.)

There are reasons for this which I’ve already talked about…, and reasons that I can even breakdown for you later in this post, but it is one hundred percent correct and accurate!

One former head of the CIA has been quoted as saying:

Now multiply this by millions of media personalities worldwide who are simply repeating and regurgitating what has been already put out by the CIA media infiltrators, and we’ve got a very big problem here in the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Because of Secrecy, Deception, and outright Lies…, America’s trajectory is now one of CIVIL WAR and WORLD WIDE DESTRUCTION!



How many of you understand that once a missile is launched…, it’s flight path can be tracked almost down to the inch?

This flight path is called: TRAJECTORY


[ truhjek-tuh-ree ]SHOW IPA

noun, plural tra·jec·to·ries.

1- the curve described by a projectile, rocket, or the like in its flight.
2- Geometrya curve or surface that cuts all the curves or surfaces of a given system at a constant angle.


How many of you further realize that from the very moment that a missile is launched, the point where it will land, and the destruction that it will cause – can be calculated and GUARANTEED with a fair degree of certainty!

(Unless the missile is shot down in mid-flight)

So…, the entire time (no matter how long the delay is due to a missile’s flight time) the “target” is basically ALREADY DEAD!   They just don’t know it yet!

This means that whether it takes the missile a few hours after launch to get to it’s target OR it takes the missile 5 years after launch to get to it’s target…, the result will be the same, can be calculated, and is guaranteed!

The “TARGET” is already DEAD!   It just has not yet manifested, because the missile is still in flight.  And like I said, unless the missile is taken out…, the target is guaranteed to be destroyed!

So…, it is not out of line for a guy like me…, who can actually SEE THE MISSILE THAT IS COMING…, to tell everyone who is in harms way that they are in IMMINENT DANGER!



Yep…, that’s right…, that missile flying over your head.., it’s gonna hit you! Maybe you might wanna take some ACTION!


America (and thus Americans) are the “TARGET” that I am talking about.

We here in America are the target of the CIA, the Deep State, and thus the Illuminati which is operating in secret **behind these swamp filled groups!

The “missile” which has already been launched – and is in flight as we speak, is called:   FAKE NEWS/FAKE REALITY/FAKE TRUTH MEDIA.

This “weapon” and trust me on this, it really IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION…, has been deployed upon all Americans in order to cause maximum destruction, maximum damage, and maximum chaos here in America!


Just like in the missile example above, where millions of OBLIVIOUS people who are going about their day and do not yet see the dangerous projectile that is flying over their heads – and therefore do not yet know that they are about to be destroyed – 300 million Americans do NOT KNOW that the missile of FAKE NEWS is flying high over their heads at this very moment and unless it is “shot down” – it will eventually land on it’s “target” with extreme precision and cause exactly the “destruction” that it was intended to cause!

This (by the way) is straight out of the SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS playbook!

**Almost every single CIA agent is a member of a SECRET SOCIETY!  Long before they take their “oaths” to America…, they have already taken “oaths” to certain Secret Societies which all have their roots in “brotherhoods” – which in turn have their roots in SATANISM/FREEMASONRY/LUCIFERIANISM

(Even if these agents don’t know that at first)








It does not matter if in the beginning these stories that are in the news are 100 percent totally false and are nothing but a bunch of lies!   I’ve told you before…, the ILLUMINATI (who have studied religion, science, and psychology for ages) know this already!

Their greatest MAGIC TRICK is knowing exactly how to manipulate large groups of people into taking “action”…, BASED ON LYING TO THEM!

Look, as far as I know, there is only ONE place on the entire internet where you can learn the foundational material of what you need to truly grasp this concept…, and that is right here on this blog!

THE TRIUMPHANT – PART ONE explains how it works in detail…, and is so vitally important, that it should be read by every man, woman and child on the planet!




TURNING AMERICA INTO COMMUNIST CHINA, NAZI GERMANY, and SOVIET RUSSIA   (It’s an old plan, used many times before)

For those of you who may not know…, in the years before NAZI Germany invaded Austria and then Poland…, that country spent at least a full decade building up “support” for what they intended to do by LYING DAILY to the German people!

They used the MEDIA in those days as a PROPAGANDA ARM of the Government and did everything they could to rewrite history and to get people to BELIEVE in things that were not factually true!

From about 1929 to 1939 (a full decade) the Nazi’s were working very hard to LIE to every German man, woman and child!

The Nazi Party began building a massive movement.  From 27,000 members in 1925, the Party grew to 108,000 in 1929.   The SA  was the paramilitary unit of the Party, a propaganda arm that became known for its strong arm tactics of street brawling and terror.

The SS  was established as an elite group with special duties within the SA, but it remained inconsequential until Heinrich Himmler became its leader in 1929.

By the late twenties, the Nazi Party started other auxiliary groups. The Hitler Youth , the Student League and the Pupils’ League were open to young Germans. The National Socialist Women’s League allowed women to get involved. Different professional groups–teachers, lawyers and doctors–had their own auxiliary units.


It took the NAZI’s only ten years time to re-write German History enough to take over all of the German people by taking away all of their guns, burning all of the important books, and making the people stark raving mad by lying to them.

1929 to 1939!

For the next six years…, World War II was on, and it was a hot, bloody, and purely evil massacre of innocent people for SATAN!  (Illuminati)

My calculations tell me that America is now in the very same “time period” as Nazi Germany was back in 1929, and that it is following the exact same blueprint because it is being done by the exact SAME GROUP  (Illuminati/Luciferians)

America’s 1929 happened around the year 2011, or right around the end of the first term of Barack Obama!

In 2016, Hillary Clinton was supposed to take over the helm of America and with the help of the Corporate News Media (just like it did in Nazi Germany) all Americans were going to be LIED TO DAILY in order to get them to give up their guns, burn all of their books, rewrite their history, turn away from GOD, and turn on any of their own countrymen who did not follow suit!


With Hillary in the White House…, World War III was supposed to be a guarantee!   And with Angela Merkel (Hitler’s Daughter) running Germany, and Theresa May running England…, and many other women placed into power ahead of time…, it was going to be ALL WOMEN who destroyed the entire planet for Satan this time around!  (Men did it last time)



You have no idea how long this whole thing was actually being planned!

The ILLUMINATI plans World Wars decades in advance and puts all of their “puppets” right where they need them to be years before they plan to pull the trigger!

America’s 1939 (in my opinion) was supposed to be the year 2021!  

It would have been right after Hillary Clinton’s second “victory” for US President…, and also AFTER all of the American people’s weapons had been removed (forcibly)…, disarmed just like the German people had been, and everyone who was “not in agreement” with the PROPAGANDA that was being spread by the FAKE NEWS MEDIA (with Hillary as President) had been secretly arrested and done away with!

Big Tech was planned in advance to be there to support her actions as President by censoring, banning, and deplatforming everyone who did not follow with the Agenda!

All of these things that you have been seeing taking place after TRUMP got elected were going to happen ANYWAY! 

It was all part of the blueprint to help Hillary get ready for World War III, and follows exactly with the NAZI plan to take over all of Germany from 1929 to 1939 to the tee!




Remember that little something called: TRAJECTORY!

The missile to destroy America was launched (in my opinion) back when Barack Obama was President!   This means that it is already in the air and flying!

Just because one small part of the puzzle is not in place (Hillary) does not mean you can re-call a missile that has already been launched!

The Corporate Mockingbird Media is simply on AUTO-PILOT and is following a script which was written for them long ago!

It is merely INCONVENIENT for them that DONALD TRUMP is President…, and because of that…, their lies and propaganda are not getting the traction they want them to!

Still…., with the missile already in flight…, they are going to do everything they can to see that he is removed, impeached, or killed before the 2020 election!


Because WORLD WAR III has already been planned to be put into motion!

2021 (in my opinion) is/was supposed to be the Opening Act on their latest PLAY OF WORLD WIDE DESTRUCTION before the New World Order comes online!

In other words:

The rooms have long been reserved, the food has been ordered, the money has already been paid out and spent in advance!   It’s been in the planning stages for decades.  They just can’t “cancel” it without having to regroup and go back into the planning stage for another 70 years in order to get all of the “compromised” and “paid off” people into the proper places of AUTHORITY in order to pull this off for a second try!


Just think of all of the people (hundreds of thousands?  millions?) that had to be:

  • bribed
  • compromised
  • black-mailed
  • bought off
  • threatened
  • organized
  • sworn to allegiance
  • promised huge rewards for selling out
  • killed, etc…

The cost to the Illuminati to plan World War III and have it fully staffed and up and running on a very specific date in Earth’s history could have cost them TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN ADVANCE!     

You don’t just “cancel” an event like this because it has literally taken them decades to set it up! 

Their bought and paid for people are already in place!


Remember Barack Obama’s ORDERS to all of the very surprised and totally amazed minions who thought that it was all over when Donald Trump won the Presidency!!


He warned them….



Because Obama knew that you can’t just cancel something this big!   In other words…, he wanted every one of them who had been carefully placed into Government to stay there in the hopes that Trump would be removed and that the plan to destroy America would go forward as planned!



It simply means there is a good chance that the missile (which is already in flight) might get shot down!   We are not out of the woods YET!

Do you really think that the Illuminati (which has already spent trillions of dollars in advance) in setting up this perfect scenario and getting all of their compromised people in place is just going to CANCEL WORLD WAR III on account of rain??

Maybe now you are finally starting to see my point!   How did I start out this particular post??

Look people, this is getting harder and harder to do simply due to the huge amount of dark forces we are up against!   The truth is that it really does not matter how much I write here on this tiny blog.  Nor does it matter how “open” to the message my 1,000 to 2,000 loyal readers per day are!

There is a WAR going on out there, and few Americans really have understood the gravity of the whole thing.  In the realm of “information” we are losing the battle at this point in time.

We simply do not yet have the necessary manpower to counter balance the movements of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and we are not reaching enough people!  We are up against an INDUSTRIAL GIANT that is well paid, well organized, and completely entrenched because they were preparing for this period in time for the last 70 years!  



Just like in Nazi Germany (before the Second World War) it’s job is to re-write history and make FAKE CLAIMS in order to get Americans (this time around) to revolt against common sense!

See article just written a day or so ago:


Quickly changes headline after swift backlash

Washington Post Honors ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi As “Religious Scholar” in Obituary

What you see above is an example of re-writing history!   Baghdadi has been a terrorist who kills people.  But in this article the media suddenly attempts to re-label him as a religious scholar.


Because in the science of REALITY CREATION…, facts don’t matter!   The only thing that matters is what people BELIEVE to be true and then “act” on it as if it is true!

This is how the NAZI’s got the Germans to support the “reality” of World War II…




Stay tuned for Part Two….






  1. Bradley,
    are you really sure that Angela Merkel
    a daughter of A. Hitler is ??

    Fulford is also us telling this story but
    you know by yourself how far You can
    trust him.


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