By: Bradley Loves



After my last post, a few of my most loyal readers commented that I should really give it a go…, and just tell everyone the deepest and the darkest stuff.

My response to them is this.  How can I do that if some of the most basic FACTS OF REALITY are still in question?

What if 60 percent of my readers or more are still in “doubt” concerning certain things that I say or write…, so HOW can I begin to write even more?

Do you want an example?



  • This is not a “theory”.
  • This is not an “opinion”.
  • This is not something that you get to consider on your own, and then decide if you like it or not!



So let’s start right there!   

When I say that “time” has been compromised…, then this is a statement of FACT!

It is something that must be taken as a “given” and it can not be argued with by the readers.

If you are ever going to be able to hear and understand the TRUTH and then go down the DEEPEST parts of the rabbit hole…, then you have to LEARN THE SCIENCE of what is happening right behind your back.

So here is what I’m going to do for those who want to hear and read advanced stuff!

Here are two videos of Phil Corso Jr. talking about “TIME” and also about the craft that crashed at Roswell, NM.

They are two parts of a long speech he gave.  Cue up the first video to exactly 6 minutes!  Then watch the entire second video.  (Each one is ten minutes) 

Follow along very closely…, listen to every word Phil Jr. says!

Then if you want to know more about the technology…, PLEASE ASK ME QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION. 

This is how I can gauge if you are starting to grasp what is really going on here.

Here are some Study Aids. These are basic things that you really need to Notice…

INFINITY = Number 8 laid on it’s side. 

This is also a “symbol” that represents “TIME TRAVEL” to all of the Secret Intel Agencies around the world.

Please Notice this Tweet posted by the NSA

Notice the NSA.GOV Website

Notice that the NSA calls themselves “Codemakers” and “Codebreakers”.

  • Where did Q-Anon end up posting most of their DROPS?
  • Wasn’t it on 8 Chan ?


Admiral Mike Rodgers was the former head of the NSA! 

What do you notice in the image below:

Where is Q-Anon posting now?   Isn’t it at:  8-Kun ?

What do you notice about the New Logo for 8-Kun ?

Here is the New Logo for 8 Kun

What are all of these Logo’s telling you?    Think long and hard…

Question:  Is the NSA referring to INFINITY  every time it uses this symbol (?) –  Or…, are they telling you that they are regularly using TIME TRAVEL?

IF you do not know for a FACT the answer to this question…, then we can NOT move forward!





13 thoughts on “CAN YOU “HANDLE” THE TRUTH ??

  1. herb4brad

    Time travel is indeed the key. Ever since Nikola Tesla unlocked that mystery or conundrum giving us the keys to the time reality those beings who once were existing in a much higher density than all of us are now living in immediately recognized this and through the most dishonest and devious methods not only “stole it for themselves” they followed the ages old practice of depriving everyone else of this knowledge so that they could maintain the advantage.

    From a much higher and sublime density that currently prevails here on this primitive earth the evil beings were busted so to speak and cast out as they were destabilizing that ideal reality by their negativity. And here on this really lower life form reality as far as the physical aspect was concerned these rejected entities began to suffer because of the fact that a planet in the very early stages of development as Corsi correctly stated humans here used only up to 17% of the brain potential and that was Einstein.

    Knowing that time was running out for them because of a kind of “reset mechanism” would click in and these once higher density beings realize that the untold eons of time that it took them to evolve was quickly running out. They would revert back to where they were in the elementary condition they once were in. A fine intelligent being rewinding its evolution to a swamp creature just beginning its journey of development. The eternity concept: figure of 8. Going around in circles for ever. A turbo charged ground hog day. Not nice.

    So the MATRIX trap is set to ensnare humanity. Once within its confines it could only escape if somehow the density contained within the Matrix was raised. I do believe that they realized that was a possibility denied to them. Corsi talks of his special craft which is steered by the mind of its pilot. So if the evil doers could get enough evolved beings assembled to steer their “space craft” they think that they can just be passengers and be hitching a ride to a better density. They will not succeed in this.

    The closest that this evil scum can get to, in their minds, to approximate the euphoria of their lost paradise is to steal the energy of a child or infant through rape torture and blood drinking, canabalism and other horrible practices. This cosy arrangement if one can call it that is threatened as humanity is waking up and humanity can now steer that ship to a better reality beyond and the evil scum would perish like a low IQ stowaway in the wheels compartment of a commercial airliner.

    Bradley I think you get where I am going with this. So we are in the battle of battles right now. You sir have come from that higher density that Corsi speaks of and are sacrificing to be here to help us get our boarding pass for that leap into the unimaginable future. Your suffering will not be in vain. And when one day the Matrix is breached we leave behind those demonic creatures and entities who will have to begin their journey of “ascension” from the primitivity of a “swamp”.

    But I have news for them. Trump will have had the swamp drained and oblivion awaits for those who dare to hurt a child…..

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  2. z

    hello Bradley
    Thank you for your writings
    There has been a Crack in the matrix geometry, so i am told by ‘someone’ i find trustworthy, there is a new geometry functioning in the field of Life. Timeloop broken. ‘time’ to spend contemplating the image in the mirror ….. Shiva/Shakti Tango, Kali is off the dance floor
    Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear hug


  3. DET

    I think that the symbol of 8 Kun constitutes both :

    INFINITY, because of the closed matrix ;
    the snake is eating it’s own tail (entropy)

    because “time” does not exist; it is only
    a perception by us.


  4. Aron Trait

    As you travel through densities are they different timelines. Sound creates reality(thoughts create reality) so the thoughts of the people created alternate timelines. They time travel back in time to manipulate thought as thoughts can be
    Dark, the more coarse thoughts the darker and worse the timeline will be and the opposite for light?
    How do our different bodies work physical, mental, emotional, astral and etheric do they work like harmonic scales and related to different densities?
    Am I way off or have I gauged half decent to piqued your interest?


  5. Linda Torgrimson

    Very interesting! I was so interested that I watched thru video number 13, but couldn’t stay awake any longer. I’ll finish 14 through 18. This is information that I have never heard before, and it is truly believable. Thank you Bradley, and please keep this secret, “difficult” stuff coming. I can take it.


  6. john

    As mentioned in one of your previous posts by Andy Basiago, time travel was achieved by DARPA ( in 1970.

    The fact that children where used for the Pegasus project can indicate that already time travel was used in order to find out which children need to be picked out for the project.
    Through time travel they found out which kids where “talented” for the job…

    There even seem to be 8 different “forms” of time travel that were new, dangerous en experimental activities in Quantum Physics secretly researched by DARPA.

    So no doubts that time travel is used by both sides of the spectrum GOOD and EVIL…

    Time Travel exists for 50 year, it appeared in a “specific” historical context. This can’t be coincidence…


  7. John

    Let’s give this a shot…

    First of the picture of Admiral Rogers and “no name” doesn’t “appear ” to be nothing more then a handshake and since he was head of the NSA the “probability’ he’s involved in the Qanon team is reasonable… but if the logo’s are included one notices that the beginning ( green snake ) and the last logo ( green snake) are the same “again” except for the channels mentioned ( Chan —> Kun )
    One can speculate what the cause and or meaning it could be, but it might be that a “take over” is avoided. The C_A ( Snow White ) tried everything to shut down Q…

    2nd logo :
    3rd logo ( Ghidra ) :

    Further meaning of the Infinity Symbol :

    The meaning of Chan and Kun.
    First looked for meaning in Chinese, since Potus is working with “The Art of War”, but in Chinese didn’t find any resemblance. In Japanese however there is meaning.

    It seems that Japanese San, Sama, Kun and Chan are Honorific Titles: Check this out :
    For those wondering, “chan” refers to a child in Japanese, while “kun” usually refers to a young man.

    “Chan” can be best summarized as “cute, endearing”. It is often used for girls (most frequently young but can be of any age) but is not limited to them.

    “Kun” can be summarized as “My subordinate” as it is used by a person of higher statues to those of a lower statues who the superior associates with.

    Not sure what the connection is exactly, so that needs further investigation.

    However what is striking is that the newest snake logo is in “vertical” position now ( like an 8 ) instead of horizontal before and referring to “infinity”. (Lemniscate symbol)

    In numerology the number 8, more than any other number, puts the emphasis in the areas of career, business, finances and authority.
    However, as with many other single-digit numbers, the shape of the number reflects its most important attribute, and in the case of the number 8, that is, first and foremost, BALANCE.

    The 8 is the GREAT CARMIC EQUALIZER, a force that just as easily creates as it destroys. When the 8 comes knocking, you can be assured that you will reap what you’ve sown….

    Now isn’t that interesting…

    Corso mentions some interesting things…
    “The periodic chart is “missing” some elements. Where are they ? They are not here “yet”. We can’t find them. Are they here ? NO !”
    Question : Does this imply that those missing “elements” need to be found in another “density” and time travel is needed in order to find them?


  8. Gino

    Something about the looking glass tie into this? I remember hearing both bad guys and good guys had access to the looking glass but the bad guys could never see past 2012 or 2016? It was just pure light…


    1. I heard that “story” as well. Then I heard the REAL STORY from someone who was involved in the projects.

      The “light” that was being seen was a continuous flicker.

      It appeared to be just light…, but when it was recorded by high gain HD video cameras and then slowed way down when it was replayed…, they found that the “future” being looked at was shifting incredibly FAST between various possible Time-lines.

      Each time-line was being represented, and the Looking Glass was showing all of them in incredibly rapid succession such that all that appeared was light.

      Apparently 2012 was the point where Earth had many “possible” futures…, depending on what people living on Earth did from that point on.

      In order to understand each future…, highly technical people had to recreate EACH future time-line frame by frame from the high gain recording by separating them from the one continuous stream of light.

      Once that was done…, each potential future could then be looked at on its own!


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