By: Bradley Loves


Q-Anon has not posted or dropped in quite some time.  When he finally does – I can guarantee all of you that the very first question to light up the boards will be this one…, asked MANY TIMES.


At that time – Q will either confirm or deny him!

There will be winners and losers on both sides of the argument since so many people have gone all in on one side or the other.  Since I can neither confirm nor deny that Steinbart is Baby Q – getting information sent to him from his future self – the Real Q – all I can do is watch, wait, and see like the rest of you.

I’m sure none of my readers will mind if I post his stuff – especially if it largely seems to support what Q-Anon has previously said.  If he is proven not to be who he says – then the subject matter that we were discussing – was ALWAYS about Q and the Q moment anyway – and what it really means.   So no harm, no foul!

So in that vein of thinking – anything he tweets that is supportive of what Q-Anon has already said – I will put up and focus on!

All of his stuff will be labeled thusly:   BABY – Q

I happen to agree whole heartedly WITH THIS:







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