By: Bradley Loves


  • Don’t “over think” things.   Stay in your heart – but stay OUT of your emotions.
  • Use Logic on everything – but don’t make the problem overly complicated.
  • Be kind and loving – but don’t give in to fear and anxiety as a result of that.
  • KNOW that you will be okay – and you will BE OKAY!
  • Your MIND is your most powerful tool – don’t mis-use it!
  • Keep your focus – keep your eyes on the tasks at hand.
  • REALITY is and has always been “collectively” created!
  • Make sure you are not CREATING something you do not want!
  • Remember to keep GOD in the equation.
  • HE listens to every single word that comes into your mind.
  • Prayer is powerful – but GOD expects you to do your part!
  • WWG1-WGA


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