By: Bradley Loves


Most people are just not ready for College Level Harmonics…, but if they were, they might learn something about Special Operations being conducted BETWEEN TIME-LINES.

  • They might learn that certain “timelines” are much (MUCH) farther advanced than others – and because the Satanists/Luciferians do not have any kind of control (period) within these advanced time-lines – those “versions” of the Earth have actually already met with REAL ANGELS.
  • They might learn that those angels – direct representatives of GOD – are working very hard to “collapse” all of the Time-lines back into ONE MAIN TIMELINE and that this is GODS WILL.
  • They might learn that the time-line that we are currently living in, is the biggest stinking pile of crap in the ointment – because until this one is fixed – others can’t even be touched – and so this “time line” is being “worked on” by many beings on many levels including the US Military from these advanced Time Lines.
  • They might even learn (I’m just spit balling here) that certain Navy Admirals – real heroes and Warriors – had crossed over from one of these advanced timelines into this one – and were working on joint missions with REAL ANGELS – in order to do GODS WILL.

This is what they might learn if they really understood Harmonics at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

Of course – I could never confirm this was true – It’s just a guess.



  1. herb4brad

    This is a brief observation but oh so loaded. You talk of people from advanced time-lines working hard to repair the highly damaged timeline we are currently in.

    I have an alternative thought: Completely collapse the polluted timeline and those souls who vibrationally would qualify to be in a timeline with more evolved beings should transfer to an adjoining timeline that is not so compromised. Allow them through certain recuperation methods to clean up or upgrade their pineal gland and other elements that have been sabotaged by deliberate DNA damage. Then they can continue their evolution in the improved timeline.

    The low density and much lesser evolved beings remain in the reject timeline. Relocation of certain “humans” to their original places of origin where they should have remained until they eventually evolved up to then vibrationally co-exist with their more advanced counterparts. Their premature co-mingling with those that were much further on the vibrational plane of existence was an ill advised experiment or perhaps some sort of sabotage.

    Two ‘out of tune’ violins can wreck an entire symphony orchestra recital. Those violins need to be replaced or retuned or maybe even have two different musicians to participate.

    The earthly humanity connects with Creator. Or they should be. But they have been subverted. So the collective sound of Earth’s humanity currently is a discordant cacophony totally at odds with our paths of evolution or just existence in harmony with God and nature and animals.

    So this is where Bradley and his colleagues come in. They need to retune the instruments and get the participants to start making “..the music of the spheres again. ” Music that heals and lifts the soul.

    What of the bad elements that hate God and hate everything that He created?

    I think those remedies are in place and suffice to say they are very effective.


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