By: Bradley Loves


For five long years I have been telling, teaching, and begging my readers to NOTICE   things they would not normally notice!   To read “between” the lines as it were, and see what is NOT written on the page!

Now, we have things happening right in front of us that seem odd, but are “tiny” in the grand scheme of things – OR ARE THEY?

For instance, yesterday, I posted this:

…telling everyone that the GREAT SEAL of the PRESIDENT not being on the podium at the White House really does MEAN SOMETHING.


Today, this letter was sent to General Motors “ordering them” to start making ventilators!



This memorandum was most likely typed on an old World War II Corona manual typewriter!

Now, some people are saying that the White House is simply “trolling” its adversaries in the media, but I’m not so sure.

I’ve told you, according to US CODE and according to the “rules” set up by the government to “f*ck with” We the People…, only letters and memo’s that are written in certain “types” and “styles” are considered to be VALID!

Of course, they would NEVER tell we the people what those VALID types and styles are!

And they could change from day to day!

It is in this way that no matter how many letters we have written or how many times we send NOTICES to these goons, they never pay any attention to the letters we send because they are not “written” properly with the proper type set and style the government uses to be considered VALID.


It is MY OPINION that these memorandums are being written the way they are because the “government” here in America has gone back to a World War II footing, and therefore all “official” memos and documents have got to be written with a Corona Manual Typewriter!

So, even though what we are clearly seeing taking place in front of our own eyes would seem almost “tiny” and unimportant – it just might be the biggest thing we have seen since World War II!


Has part of the Government gone Bankrupt?

If so, 

Have they moved to an “earlier form of government” that existed during a time of WAR and CRISES?

If so,

Why has NO ONE been informed?

Also, when Donald Trump first became President (almost as if he knew what was coming – LOOKING GLASS ??) – all of the brand new ARMY uniforms were designed to look exactly like the uniforms worn by the Army in World War II.

Did he know that the Army would need them to look like this for a REASON?

Does the “uniform” a man or woman wears – HAVE TO LOOK A CERTAIN WAY TO BE VALID – and “LEGAL” ??

I could be totally WRONG about this.  But, based upon what Anna Von Reitz has been saying, and also what was written in the most recent Ben Fulford opinion piece…, it could certainly be possible.


Comments Please?



5 thoughts on “WHO NOTICES THE “LITTLE STUFF” ??

    1. Thank you for this dink. I’m Grateful.

      I was about to do an “update” and ask this very Question:

      Is the “CORONA” Virus really a euphemism for a “BANKRUPTCY VIRUS”.

      And in order to do this – they had to go back to an earlier form of Government – complete with Uniforms – styles of typing – methods of communicating etc.

      Due to having to use the Corona Typewriter – they could have named this: Corona virus!

      It could have been called: The Corona Operation – or Corona Project as well – but “virus” HIDES what they are really doing from the people.

      My next question is WHY did all of the Movie Stars seem to know exactly what was really going on – exampled by many of them posting images of a Corona Typewriter?

      Any comments??


  1. herb4brad

    OK, the letter to General Motors I don’t think was written on an old CORONA typewriter. The same effect is achieved by using the …courier font or typeface which approximates the old typewriter lettering.

    Buckingham Palace announcing in the space of one week that both the Queen and Prince Charles have tested positive for the Corona Virus can have a number of connotations.

    – Firstly it may be a subtle message to the masses that they should not panic about the virus as even the Royals can contract it and they are not going to drop dead anytime soon.

    – Alternatively the Royals are in it up to their necks with the pedophilia, blood drinking and other ghastly Satanic practices and they likely have accepted the reputation saving option that Trump has offered to certain high profile individuals. They could (develop complications from the virus and “die”)..but in actual fact they disappear to their hiding places for the rest of their lives. Or vanish into another realm through a “portal” and continue living there.

    The government going through a bankruptcy? Hell Yeah! Apart from a tax refund check have you ever known of the U.S. Government ever giving every citizen free money? Welfare money notwithstanding. Trump knows that the Fed has screwed the American people for more money than they could ever repay. So he just added 2 Trillion $$ dollars to that national debt with this stimulus bill which the criminals who own the Fed will have to make good with their own assets.

    Oh and any concessions to the Democrats in terms of payola for their pet projects???
    Trump who is now the DE FACTO head of the new Federal Bank can easily cancel those checks. Would love to see the look on Pelosi and Schumer’s face when that happens.

    Gosh Bradley how interesting are the times we live in…..

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  2. herb4brad

    Oh and this is a long shot concerning those uniforms that approximate the WW2 military outfits.

    What if….the time engineers were able to repair the timelines or merge some of them so that the really awful happenings from 1945 onwards suddenly disappeared as if they were a bad dream?

    So just trim out the evil stuff as if one was doing a digital edit of a movie…

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