By: Bradley Loves


In this (LONG) video, Austin Steinbart comes and talks directly to a group of listeners.  He takes questions, and his answers are logical and he explains what he meant when he posted this Q post:


What he was trying to say, and the reason it is circled in red is that it was supposed to indicate (and emphasize) to everyone that there would be NO outside comms on 8-Chan!

However, 8 Kun is not 8 Chan! It is a totally different platform!

(Technically speaking – but still he is correct)

Therefore, the no outside comms thing technically no longer applies!

He then posted THIS on his Twitter page showing how the people running had actually CHANGED one of the titles of his earlier post to make it fit their interpretation of what he was trying to say – when he meant just the opposite!

He posted that to emphasize that he was indeed now communicating with us all through his You-Tube Videos!  And not to get stuck on that particular post, which apparently was only meant to cover 8-Chan.

But the whole thing turned out to be a huge mis-communication and a screw up!

I listened to THIS VIDEO  (digging deeper) and found that in my OPINION – this guy really is Baby Q – Anon.  

(Q is him from the future – talking to his younger self via the Quantum Internet – I would assume.)

Now, this being said, I want everyone to know that I could still be wrong about this, there is always a chance, but that’s the way I see it for now.  Have a listen for yourself!

I will still be following his You-tube Video’s because I really do think that he has a lot of good information posted there – and the stuff that he posted on the Quantum Internet is spot on!!

All my love…



  1. Daniel Meegan

    Keep doing your works brother an open mind is the key never mind the pharisese envy has many different faces attempting to undermine your creativity Be the Q as God would put in such a time as this ignore the pilunks


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