Some MORE symbols…


No Mercy or Comfort for these People – NONE!    


Here are 52 seconds of testimony that will send every private contractor, dark hat, agent and asset – and even military people – DIRECTLY INTO HELL FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!

I for ONE am ready and quite happy!    


The “testimony” starts at exactly 7:00 minutes in – and ends at 7:52.  

The “LAST” 12 seconds (of the 52) is the clincher for me!

Do not pass GODo not collect 200 dollarsGO STRAIGHT TO HELL!







One thought on “52 SECONDS IN TIME

  1. herb4brad

    Bradley I have a problem with this guy. Firstly this video is a scripted deluge of words. Obviously he messed up his delivery countless times evidenced by an edit almost every minute or so. Steinbart comes across as a smarty pants wiseguy similar to Jim Carrey in “The Truman Show” which depicted a poor imitation of reality.

    True knowledge and information is delivered from the heart. This man’s presentation is like a practiced con man or used car salesman. Granted he does come up with some very convincing information. This is material cleverly compiled by the team behind this production.

    This is a high stakes game. Austin Steinbart is most likely a fake name. Stein suggest Jewish origin and bart is probably from Bart Simpson. Austin? He might be from Texas. The casting is good. A clean cut, pretty face with a youthful smile and whizz kid persona. Much better casting than Zuckerberg.

    The delivery of knowledge need not be rushed and crammed into a time slot because people have a short attention span. Information and revelation needs to descend from Source through open channels and not a compilation of a consensus of “facts”. Interesting though they might be.

    My gut feeling is that Steinbart is a fraud.


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