So says Chicago’s new completely INSANE mayor!  If this woman is not already a Satanist – she is on her way to becoming one soon!


All future LEADERS must pledge allegiance to the NWO – not GOD and not country?  These people are f*cking SICK!


  1. simone.

    Hi, what I am saying may sound ludicrous and crazy but I received this telepathically from an unknown source. Similar to the telepathy I received over 12 years a go that said, “there is something you must know that you don’t know. Which led to my research and awakening. I feel in my soul what I am about to write is exactly what is going on. It’s like this, what if they’re telling everyone to wear mask and soon it will be goggles as they are claiming a doctor claimed he contracted the virus through is eyes. Now if we are all required to wear mask and goggles, how will you know who is walking down the road or 6 feet from you? What if it is not even another human being like you? Yes you see a human body but can you see the consciousness that’s operating it? What if this PLANDEMIC; is a MASSIVE take over of our world our planet rip from humanity right under our feet right before our very eyes by other specie/species and we have no clue what is truly going on and not one shot was fired the take over was impeccable complete perfection? Here’s an example of how this is highly possible. Let’s say you visit a third world country for vacation you started to feel dehydrated from the heat, so you got to your room and went straight to the faucet and drank some water. Moments later you started to feel sick your stomach starts to ache. You see you aren’t use to that water! The water is fine for the people that live there; their bodies are use to it. But you are not. Now there are some off worlders ETs that would like to have a human experience walk amongst us in the flesh like one of us in a human body. Only one problem, THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE CONTAMINATED BY US OR OUR ATMOSPHERE! They are not use to it! How to get around that? PLANDEMIC! If the entire population of Earth are required to wear mask and goggles when they’re walking amonst us wearing face mask and goggles we would never know or suspect it is not a human like us. They say truth is stranger than fiction. Plus they are telling us who are co-creating this reality together TO STAY HOME! So the non humans can roam our planet in peace! How do you know who are what is roaming your streets when you are locked inside? Oh the news media would tell us and broadcast it to the world???!!! All I am saying DO NOT take the vaccine because its true your life depends on it!
    “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.
    Abraham Lincoln
    Love Always


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