By: Bradley Loves



I’m tired of colorful euphemisms, and I’m tired of the countless clever ways in which those who are of a darkly inclined nature like to say or phrase things only so that decent people really don’t know what the agenda is.  

Every single choice that a human being makes is either a choice for “good” or a choice for “evil”, it is just that simple!

There really is nothing in between!

The people who like to say that the entire world is just a huge shade of “gray” – and that there is no such thing as black or white, have very little faith in GOD as the Creator of souls – and have probably never said a single honest prayer in their entire lives!

These people also don’t seem to know what the basic “core beliefs” of Satanism really are.  So in that regard, I’m hoping that this article will be able to help!

SATANISM is all about the “self”!  

And when I say the “self” – I mean the tiny little individual self that is standing right right in front of you where you can easily see it.  

SATANISM says:  

Whatever is “good” for me and good for the handful of people who think like me is RIGHT.  Any choice that is not “good” for me and people who think like me is WRONG.


Satanists do not believe in ethics or morals – instead they believe merely in accounting principals!  Every single choice that they make is put on a scale and weighed to see if it serves their greater agenda – or if it serves their greater goals.

If it does, then it is the RIGHT CHOICE to make – even if that choice ultimately kills or harms millions and millions of people in the process!


Here is Bill Maher – a Satanist – saying that he does not “care” if the entire economy of America is ruined – as long as it gets RID OF TRUMP!

What we are seeing taking place in the world around us at this point in time is the GRAND UNVEILING – or rather – THE GRAND COMING OUT PARTY of the Luciferian Hierarchy and their Satanic minions!

This is happening world wide as we speak and what you are seeing take place around you is that you are being given  a PREVIEW of what it is going to be like to live in a world that is totally and completely run by Satanists!




I’m really sorry to have be the one to burst your bubbles here people – but you’ve been conned and “programmed” for so long – and from so many levels – that you don’t even understand what PURE EVIL is any longer!

What you see in the Ben Garrison cartoon above is four people who are acting perfectly SATANIC!  

In other words – their decisions are being made not for the good of the people – but for the good of THEMSELVES and those who think like they think!

And yet, in upsy-downsy world, these sick people always will try to make the claim that they are actually only attempting to do “good” for the world as well.  

This is exactly what a PSYCHOPATH would say to cover up the fact that horrible decisions which hurt millions is a very evil thing to do.

You see, each one of them has measured their decisions NOT by whether or not what they choose actually helps other people, but INSTEAD they make their choices by considering if the choice benefits them personally, or benefits an agenda that they are supporting!

Whether you think so or NOT – this is the CORE OPERATING BELIEF of a Satanist, and exactly how Satanists Operate.


Choice is no longer an option here in 2020!

  • You WILL give up your guns – or else! 
  • You WILL allow abortion at any age (even after the birth has taken place) – or else!
  • You WILL speak only the correct words – or else!
  • You WILL teach your children all about sex at five years old – or else!
  • You WILL censor and ban anything kind of speech that we don’t like – or else!
  • You WILL stay in your homes and self isolate – or else!
  • You WILL stay 6 feet away from everyone and you will NOT GATHER – especially in churches of worship – or else!
  • You WILL allow VOTE BY MAIL – or else!
  • You WILL hate Donald Trump, just as the Media and Hollywood instructs you to – or else!
  • You WILL be totally obedient to your Governors and do exactly what they say – or else!
  • You WILL take every vaccination that we want you to take – or else!
  • You WILL accept LUCIFER and SATAN as the GOD of this world – or else!
  • You WILL accept adult/child sex and Ritual Child Sacrifice as normal – or else!
  • You WILL accept that we EAT human flesh and DRINK human blood – or else!



BRUTE FORCE is the rule and the way in which the Satanic Religion is practiced!  



Get this FACT through your heads people before it’s too late!  


One thought on “RULE BY FORCE

  1. Steve pagliai

    Bradley ,great article,all true. I think the complacency level in the world is pathetic ,the programming and endless propaganda/ lies. I think you are going to have to have to take the gloves off and be more hard hitting in your articles because so many people are asleep. People have no idea about the fema death camps / gillutines ,nor the blood rituals coming to all children between one and 13 years of age. Their lifestyle has been poisoned with so much toxicity that can’t even think straight. Nonetheless we must carry on and open the door so the saints can march in.


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