By: Bradley Loves



Oh the terror in the eyes of a mere child the very first time they fall and scrape their knee, or cut their finger and start to bleed.


Every Mom and Dad knows the look of fear and worry in the eyes of their youngest child as he or she cuts themselves for the first time.  

You see, the child “thinks” that he is broken forever!

Not used to being in a body that can actually heal itself, the child is beside himself over the fact that something has taken place which in his little mind, is certain to cause his destruction.

Only the loving hug and the laughter of Mom or Dad at how insignificant the little cut, scrape, or bruise actually is – can calm the child down.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a cut and it will heal!”  Mom has to say several times as she puts a bandage on the tiny wound.

“It will?” the child sniffles, not sure whether such a thing is even possible or not – because he has never seen a cut heal itself before.

Thus, the child only has the SOOTHING WORDS of Mom or Dad to believe and to trust that the cut – which for all practical purposes seems “LIFE THREATENING” – will actually heal and go away.


So this is what must happen for the little child as it snivels and cries about its very first cut or scrape.  

THE CHILD MUST TRUST that someone who knows better – someone who has SEEN it all happen before – actually KNOWS how things will go down, and how it will happen in the course of time!

So Mom or Dad gives him a hug – and it is mainly that hug and the reassurance that a healing is coming – that the child has to go on as he looks very suspiciously at the bandage on his little finger wondering if that finger will EVER be the same again!

Even though it does not seem so – this is the very same predicament that ANYONE who does not believe that GOD EXISTS – is in!

Only this time – we are not talking about tiny little children, but we are talking about full grown adults – who for all practical purposes are just as scared and just as TERRIFIED as a little kid who has cut his finger for the very first time!

They have never seen, nor have they EXPERIENCED GOD, and so when something happens in life that they see as LIFE THREATENING, they react with screams, screeches, and literal TERROR!



The problem here is that these grown adults have no Mommy and no Daddy to run to – and no HUGS or KISSES that they can get to reassure them that it will all be okay in the end!

So those of us who really do KNOW FOR A FACT – and do understand that GOD actually has a hand in all of this – are forced to listen the constant wails, screeches, the stomping of feet, and the terror of millions of grown men and women all around us – simply because they are acting in the very same way that a child would act who had gotten his or her very first cut on the finger!

  • These “adults” are just as certain things are BROKEN forever!  
  • They are just as certain the cut will NEVER HEAL.  
  • They pull back, hide under the bed, and start making plans for a world totally different – only because they have never seen a cut finger actually heal.

You may think I’m joking here, but in TRUTH, a lack of trust in GOD our loving Father is exactly why these men and women stomp all over the planet doing horrible and terrible things to other people!  

Like a tiny little kid – they think EVERYTHING unforeseen and out of the ordinary that takes place is “LIFE THREATENING” – and they immediately fear that they will “end” soon.

Those of us who DO UNDERSTAND GOD – and who have EXPERIENCED GOD FOR OURSELVES – simply roll our eyes – shake our heads – and gaze on in disbelief at the utter pandemonium that countless grown adults are causing – simply because they are now FILLED WITH FEAR OVER NOTHING!

One such example is the PSYCHO PROFESSOR from Harvard University – a certain Mr. S. Pinker – who just like a tiny little child that has never seen a cut before, and therefore has never seen it heal – is defending the wails, the screeches, the endless tears, and the outrageous outbursts of his adult peers who do not happen to understand or admit that GOD our LOVING FATHER really does exist and has a hand in this!

So what to do with such a huge group of people – who for all practical purposes are about as educated as 2 year olds?

Perhaps some reassurance from a man or woman who HAS IN FACT – not in fiction but in fact – SEEN and EXPERIENCED GOD!

Ultimately – this is all that someone like S. Pinker would have to go on simply because in the Spiritual sense of his SOUL – he is no more than 2 years old – and really is pitching a fit.  

What bothers him more than anything is that millions and millions of grown men and women of FAITH – who do believe and understand that GOD is very real – and who have had countless experiences and examples in their own lives of this FACT – are not running around like a chicken and screaming that the SKY IS FALLING!


Instead of trying to LEARN about WHY they have no fear, and why they believe that things will be alright – HE ATTACKS THEM VICIOUSLY!

So – for the benefit of little “ESSY” Pinker – and those like him who are acting just like a 2 year olds right now and are screeching in terror about Corona Virus – very much like a kid who cut his finger for the very first time – I will share my insight and my knowledge – just like a slightly bemused Mom or a Dad would – and tell him not to worry and that the finger will indeed HEAL – and that he should simply “trust” someone who has SEEN IT ALL BEFORE!

So here goes – an assurance from someone just like a Mom or a Dad – someone who really has SEEN IT and LIVED IT…, and whether you trust it or not is up to you!


His grace and mercy is endless and boundless – and just because you’re never seen it or experienced it – does not mean other people have not!   You are not aware of GOD – because you choose NOT to be aware!


You do not want GOD in your life – and therefore – GOD listens and obeys!

GOD is a perfect gentleman – and HE is someone who will NEVER interfere with your dreams, fantasy’s, illusions, and delusions!  The only thing that GOD does ask, or demands rather, is that you allow for others to choose for themselves as well.

If you do not – then you must expect that there will be consequences for such behavior!

Some of the consequences for NOT allowing others to choose for themselves are QUITE SEVERE – and that has to do with the frequency and the intensity with which you tried to FORCE OTHERS to do your bidding or to follow your rules!


GOD has already given us the “RULES” – not laws but rules – that we all must follow if we wish to navigate the Earth without having to see grave consequences for our behavior!


Now, admittedly, any grown adult who has not “seen” or “experienced” GOD for themselves – is going to doubt!  That is normal because as I’ve written above – a little 2 year old is going to doubt that his finger will EVER be the same again – because he has never SEEN a cut finger heal before!

So all the poor child has is TRUST!

He has to TRUST the ones who HAVE SEEN such a thing – and that when they say:

Yes little one – a cut finger can heal itself and it will…


Then the child needs to just believe it – because if they don’t – they will continue to wail and screech, and cry and stomp around and there is sadly nothing anyone can do for them!

The child at this point simply becomes a huge NUISANCE – and starts to cause big problems for the people around him.

I have written this post for the countless people who have never seen or experienced GOD – and the reason that I’ve written it – is because I HAVE SEEN and I HAVE EXPERIENCED  – yes it is very possible – so I can say with certainty that HE does in fact EXIST!

You can either trust me or not – but if you don’t trust – then that is not my fault – it is YOURS, and you will continue to be miserable, only because your doubts are ruling over your life – and not your ability to trust.

All my love…



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