By: Bradley Loves


This video is a MUST SEE VIDEO

I got this video sent to me by one of my readers!   And all I can say is that this woman is on the right track!   She understands the ancient science of REALITY CREATION!

I have written about this many, many times.  

I’ve told everyone that not only can it be done, but that at one time in Earth’s History – it was always being done every single day!

May GOD richly bless this woman who holds knowledge and wisdom that has the power to change EVERYTHING!

Stop listening to the New Agers and listen to her!  She has it right!

If you don’t understand it the way I’ve explained it – maybe you’ll have better luck here!  After watching this – read:   THE TRIUMPHANT


At the end of this video, she asks that those who know how to speak HEBREW start to learn how to do this!


There is a very, very good reason for this!  I’ve also written about this many, many times – (even though few people actually get it)

As far as I know – there are only TWO languages left in the world where the spoken word actually EQUALS the geometric shape that is made when the sound of the word is pronounced!

One is the ancient language of Sanskrit, and the other is HEBREW!

As I’ve written many times – our languages were GIVEN TO US by our enslavers!   But they changed the words around so that the geometric patterns that were made when we spoke these words DID NOT EQUAL what the intent of the word was!

Thus if we speak any other language but Sanskrit or Hebrew and say the word for PEACE – we are not creating peace on a sub atomic level, but instead we are creating War.

In the ancient world – every single word we spoke – THE SOUNDS THAT WE MADE – created geometry on a sub atomic level that supported what we wanted and intended!


Time to grow up people – THEY gave us our words – but THEY changed the meanings of the words to ENSLAVE US!



  1. Рaскрытие дороги к себе

    I’m Russian man live now in Israel. And I speak in HEBREW too. But Sanskrit is like old Russian that is the oldest language when old Russian tribes went to India. And now Indian people that speak Sanskrit, can understand Russian. Russian is Image language too


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