By: Bradley Loves



You might think that the Illuminati are immensely powerful – but you’d be WRONG!  

They really do not have much power at all!

All they have is LIES!  


This is the only real weapon they can carry with them, and they use it constantly!  

This is why it is so utterly imperative (for them) that you BELIEVE their lies!  If you do not believe what they are saying – if you check it all out for yourself and find out they are lying – then they are POWERLESS!

Why on Earth do you think that every single Social Media group is censoring all – not just a few, but ALL opinions that do not follow their narratives?

It is because it is ESSENTIAL to their plans that you MUST BELIEVE THEM!

They can not beat you if you do not accept, engage with, and follow along with their LIES!


Now – because you do not believe them – they have instituted something called: FACT CHECKERS – who supposedly are know it alls – and who can steer your mind when you do not believe any lie they have told.

But these “fact checkers” are people who actually support their agenda and their narrative – and are usually working directly or indirectly for those who want to LIE to you in the first place!



Again – all they have is LIES!

And if you do not believe the “LIE” from this guy – then they will come at you with the same LIE from someone else!

Ultimately what they are looking for is a LIAR who you are willing to believe!

Barack Obama was one such LIAR!  He looked good – talked smoothly – and LIED VERY WELL!

And so, many people believed him!


As we speak, they are working as hard and fast as they can – censoring and banning opinions on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google…, etc that they don’t like and that don’t follow their narratives!

But what you don’t know is that the SEARCH ENGINES are also being rigged so that you can no longer find any article, post, story, or bits of TRUTH that might support an idea that goes against their narrative!

All countermanding information is being hidden, disposed of, gotten rid of, and if not out and out destroyed, then it is blocked and banned – yes even on the Search Engines – so that if you do try to do some research on your own – you will no longer find anything!

Again – all they have is LIES!

Once you really get this – once you really understand how they control everything – you’ll see that it is through false information and out and out LYING!

What you really need to understand about the LUCIFERIANS – is that they do not see lying and deception as evil.  They see it as morally correct because it helps achieve their goals.

They don’t care if you ask them straight to their face – ARE YOU LYING?

Even if they are – they will say no with a smile – because their agenda is more important than you knowing the TRUTH!


Being “smarter” requires both time and effort!  You must get together with other men and women who have done much study and research!  You must work at trying to find the TRUTH!

Otherwise – the only other choice is what they offer – and that is slavery!

All my love,


One thought on “ALL “THEY” HAVE IS LIES

  1. simone.

    Bradley is giving you everything to free yourselves to truly be free. However, he is speaking in CODES just as Jesus spoke in PARABLES. You may ask why? Because to have true KNOWLEDGE you are a VERY POWERFUL and some may say DANGEROUS being. With knowledge comes responsibility. To truly know inner-stand what Bradley is saying you have to truly LOVE all life see every man/woman as your brother/sister be selfless and discipline. Do unto another as you would have another do unto you. Without those qualities and you break Bradley’s code you could cause HAVOC in society! And you are going to be a very HIGH HIGH TARGET FOR THE DEEP STATE! Your life will NEVER be the same, they will literally want you DEAD if you do not want to join them. MERCENARIES will follow you wherever you go and live next to you. They will SLANDER you and change your neighborhood the people around you and put THEIR people around you so you can’t influence them. They do not want another YOU! Why? Because they can not CONTROL you! GOD our loving source do wants you to be free but you have to be ready for it. Bradley has been preparing you gave you everything and when you are ready, GOD will remove the veil from your eyes to see what Bradley is really saying; the POWER is within you always was. They the Illuminati FEAR YOU! That’s why they will lie use mind control, intimidation any and everything at their disposal to blind you from the truth. Their existence depends on it. Why do you think the PLANDEMIC is initiated.
    Love always


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