By: Bradley Loves



Truth is a part of me!   

It is a part of the one you know as “Bradley”.  Telling the Truth is an integral part of my nature!  So, for me to say that I “regret” telling the TRUTH, is for me to say that I “regret” being Bradley!

I do not regret how the loving Father created me, nor do I regret being that creation!

This TRUTH BLOG is a reflection of who I AM, and thus is a unique reflection of the CREATION that was first thought of by GOD our loving Father!  This blog is a reflection of HIS thoughts and HIS ideas as made manifest through me!


Shane THE RUINER takes my Skype call, and adds important insight to the events that have taken place.

It has come to my attention that what happened to me on May 28th of 2020, was not necessarily due in total to what I write here on this blog!  Although it certainly was due in part to this blog – after making a few phone calls to people that he is still conneceted with in the Illuminati – there may have been other reasons as well.

I was then told by Shane – in a Skype conversation – that the “ILLUMINATI” have many, many people – who for one reason or another “owe” them for certain mistakes that were made, problems that were caused, rules that were broken, or debts that have been accrued!

Just like it is done in the real life MOB – when a “debt” is placed onto the books, it must be paid!  Usually the “debt” is commesurate with the mistake made, or the RULE that was broken. 

However, many times, the “debt” simply becomes a “LIFE” that is owed, and a life that must be sacrificed!



He further informed me that many grown men and women who have broken a rule or created a debt within the ILLUMINATI sadly will, instead of paying that debt with their own life, offer up the lives of one of their own children or grandchildren as a proxy in order to clear away the debt!

It is entirely possible that either my real parents, or a set of adoptive parents I have who legally took me into their family as an adult – did this to clear up a “debt owed” to the Illuminati, and thus I was offered up by them as a sacrifice and as payment for the broken rule, or in payment for the debt that was owed!

This is what Shane relayed to me.

He is trying to help me by working with people that he knows on the “inside” and has been told that no more harm will come to me, and that the only thing that remains is this “court matter” to be cleared up!

He further informed me that no man of my age would ever have been “tazed” or “beaten” up so badly as a matter of practice, and that indeed what took place that day was in fact a “hit”!

Yes, the police were involved, but remember who they take “orders” from!

The long and the short of it was meant to get me to give up writing here on this blog!  And I did consider that.

I took into consideration that few who come here have shared what I write with others and it has taken a long, long time for any real growth in readership.  So I wondered if it was “worth” my own life to continue to tell the TRUTH. 

I wondered if those who do come here to read do in fact realize the true sacrifice I am making to help them comprehend just what is going on in the world, and to also help them comprehend the truth of so many things that have been hidden.

I wondered if the gravity of what I am doing here every single day has sunk into the casual reader who comes here, and even more importantly, has in sunk in and maade a dent in the minds of the regular readers who come here and number somewhere between 2 to 4 thousand readers per day?

Would you be surprised if I told you that in the last month – during Covid 19 and the lockdown – that readership here on LOVE TRUTH spiked upwards to between 15,000 and 2o,000 readers world wide for just a few days – with several daily spikes of up to 10,000 – 8,000 – 9,000 – etc?

Do you see and comprehend why “they” may have felt that they needed to make a move against me when they did?

The question in my mind is this:

How much real support and prayers do I have out there and is it worth it for me to continue?

  • Do you realize that now I am fighting against FAKE CHARGES in COURT?
  • Do you realize that the trailer I was living in was shot up so badly I can not live in it?
  • Do you realize that I am now living temporarily with a friend, but it is only temporary and not permanet?
  • Do you realize that repairs to my trailer will cost between $4,500 and 5,000 dollars?
  • Do you realize that all of my newer computer equipment was confiscated and stolen and that I am now writing on a very old backup?
  • Do you realize that by continuing to write – each and everyday – and by my working hard to help all of you learn of and hear the TRUTH – that I have made myself a huge target?

Do you want to see me continue to write?    If so, how are you willing to help so that this can be achieved?

Over the last few days, about two dozen readers have been amazingly supportive and have sent love donations!  As a result I have collected about five hundred dollars in my Paypal Account! 

I’m sorry to have to be blunt, but in order for me to survive, make the needed repairs, and be able to live for the foreseeable future, many more of my regular readers are going to have to chip in and help!

I no longer have the use of my right arm, and so getting a job in carpentry is out of the question until I am able to heal some more!

I have now been able to secure a copy of the video that a neighbor of mine took during the 37 minute stand off that ended in my arrest!  I have placed it on my Bitchute Account!

It is absolutely a horrible thing to watch!

If there is a desire from my readers to see it – I will post the link here!  I will leave it for all of you to decide whether you need to see Federal Marshals tazing and beating up on an old man!

In the meantime, for those who have not already done so – please consider sending a love donation to my PayPal Account!


Is where to send your donation!

All my love!














  1. Linda Torgrimson

    Bradley, I am so sorry about what happened to you. I was gone all day yesterday, so I did not get on line until last evening, so I had no idea you were going to court yesterday, so therefore could not add my prayers. I share a lot of your posts, including this one. Hopefully, it will touch someone’s heart. I wish I could send you more money, but I am an old lady on a limited income. If I was wealthy, I would buy you a new trailer, I so appreciate what you write. Healing and love being sent to you.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I think you used to have a different blog years ago because I remember being subscribed, but then suddenly the blog seemed to have disappeared. I saw Shane asking for prayers for you on facebook and remembered you.

    It’s beyond awful what they are doing to you – as they do to so many. More these days I am thinking, since so many people are not working right now and have more time to learn about the stuff you talk about – which is probably why you were getting so many hits recently.

    It’s brave of you to keep speaking out even though your life is in danger. I join others in sending my healing and prayers.


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