By: Bradley Loves


As most of you know, I was unlawfully arrested a few weeks ago!  I was taken in under a false and “presumed” name, not given any chance to prove who I was, and spent 8 days in jail.

It is important for all of you to know that I have done all of the required paperwork recommended by Anna Von Reitz, and that in the first Court appearance, (which was in front of a television monitor judge on June 10th – ie not even real) I held my ground well.

Because of my declared political status – these monsters have no “jurisdiction” over me whatsoever, and I told them so.

I have now filed paperwork with the Clerk of the Court proving basically that they can not “ASSUME” that I am anything other than a living and breathing man.

Anna Von Reitz is aware of “this matter” – and she has been watching carefully as it progresses.

I doubt if they will be able to take it very far, and most likely it will end up in the matter being dismissed.  I will keep all of you updated!

All my love…


  1. JimmyCrackCorn

    Hi Brad. I sent $50 via paypal. Let me know if you got it (It never happened last time) so reluctance may enter the equation in the future. Thanks SR


  2. Linda Torgrimson

    I had never used PayPal before last week so I had to create an account. I never gave any thought to the money not going through. Kind of pisses me off that there’s a $1.75 fee. I sent it to the first address listed, not the second one which is shown here. Can you let me know if you got it? Thank you.


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