By: Bradley Loves



Due to what has occured recently, one of my readers has taken it upon themselves to figure out a way to put a “Donate Button” on the front page of my blog!  

This Donate Button goes directly to my Paypal account! 

This was very difficult to do, took several days of hard work, and I just want everyone to know how appreciative I am for this much needed help that was freely given!  

The reader and supporter, John Doe, is a wonderful man who I’ve Skyped with several times and who helped me after the SRP “collision” which almost killed me last summer.

Please thank him on this post for his service to me and for his service to each of you! 

Because of his efforts, I will be able to continue to write and continue to bring you the much needed insight and love that I have been bringing forth on LOVE TRUTH for the last five years.


All my love


  1. berniieduggangmailcom

    Thank You John !!!

    This will give Bradley the Opportunity for All Readers to Donate, even if it is just a little!

    “From Little Things , Big things Grow ” !!!!!

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  2. Charleda Greene

    John …your timing is impeccable. Thank you. To Bradley…I have subscribed to others and wondered why there was no way to donate to support your effort, and show appreciation for
    your research and wisdom you then generously share with your readership. Thank you. I hope you create a full and generous patreon role.


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