By: Bradley Loves


Yesterday, I went and spent time with a group of like minded men and women who were tired of the CRIMES OF FRAUD being committed against them by the Government.

The BIRTH CERTIFICATE – which is known as an “artifice” (artificial person) is defined as a “crime” under US CODE.  So why has nothing been done about those who are perpetrating this FRUAD?

At this meeting, I met another man who, like me, has quit working 4 years ago and has spent the entire last four years of his life learning, digging, researching, and trying to sort out just what has happened to ALL OF US!

I can tell  you that this man is highly spiritual, a lover of GOD, and that I immediately admired him!  His name is MJ!

Approximately a little over five years ago, I quit working, sold everything I had, bought a tiny little RV Trailer, and started working for humanity as well!  In my humble opinion, if there were not people like MJ, myself, Anna Von Reitz, and many others who are  devoting and dedicating ALL (not just some) but ALL of our time to humanities future, then the NEW WORLD ORDER would have already won!

Anna Von Reitz has written something that describes the level of determination what WE ALL must have…, it follows in the next post.

All my love to my readers today!  All my love!




  1. 4peas

    Brother Brad,

    I have read everything you’ve written here over the years, beginning with your declaration of freedom and removal of consent, which I originally came across on Jean’s site. Your declaration caught my eye mostly because I had already wrote my own in July of ’13, different style but almost identical intent and nature.

    I just want you to know there are more of us ( people who believe in the Golden Rule and who know Our Father on a personal basis) out here than you think … Me personally? I gave away everything I owned 10 years ago, have studied, read and researched every day and have lived a life dedicated of service to others and stewardship of God’s creation since. Not easy in todays society but possible and hugely enriching.

    Thank you for your part. Your writing has spread more seeds than you could know, those that landed on good soil have taken root, grown and are starting to bloom, soon to bear fruit. Have faith that the dark days and endless challenge will soon end. A new day is dawning and the light of truth (True Love) will not be held back from sweeping over earth. As it does there are many of us Truth Warriors to help guide and support the huge masses who have been misled and deceived. Thanks to people like you, sharing love and truth, there are enough of us now ready to take on this final task and make our reality what it should be … what it truly CAN be. Have faith brother.

    Peace and God Bless

    4peas (one of)

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