By: Bradley Loves



Through the grace of God and the endless love and gererousity of good and decent people, love donations have started to trickle in!  Now that there is a “donate” button on the blog, more people than just a handful are sending what ever they can, even if it is only ten dollars!   There are a few who have sent far more, and for that level of generosity, I am truly grateful!

I will not give out names, I will just say thank you to everyone who has sent anything!

Since I can have no way of knowing what people can actually afford, or not afford, all I can do is to say thank you to those who are sending anything at all!   Even just a little bit is going to help – and for those who do send a larger donation, your service to me and to this TRUTH BLOG is appreciated far more than you know!

For the last two days I am bogged down in paperwork that I should not have to be doing, filing things for a Court that has NO juridiction over a living and breathing man – and answsering charges that do NOT APPLY TO ME.

I will not play their game the way they are constucting it – and will continue to stand my ground as a man on the land!

I will keep all of you updated as things happen, but just know that the most likely reason I am being accosted is because of this BLOG and the TRUTH that I have been able to write and record here.

All my love,




  1. Celtica

    Hi Bradley,
    I’m new to you, following you since Jean, a friend of dear ‘Donate button’ John :),
    I never popped in, so I’m a quiet reader, but I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard and hearth full work….. Somehow, everybody reading this blog is not by accident, our Father wished it so, because in the end, we all are soul family, and family never let another down !
    So thankful for all the insights we never ever had captured on our own !! God Bless you ! Good times are coming !

    Liked by 1 person

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