By: Bradley Loves


It is always darkest before the dawn!

The mess we find ourselves in worldwide was a long time in coming!  I know I’ve written that already, but it needs to be repeated.  WE as men and women got used to doing things a certain way, and when we saw first hand that it was no longer working, we ignored all of the warning signs.

In our defense, we were being overworked, underpaid and treated like human slaves and cattle.  All of us were!

Not just blacks!    

White men and women were treated JUST as poorly and JUST as badly, and yet the lame stream media won’t waste a second of air time to tell you about the poor white people living in Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, and many other places.

They won’t tell you about white kids who run bare foot because they don’t have shoes.  They won’t tell you about Indian kids living on the Reservations.  They won’t tell you about anyone who is not being USED to spin a narrative for public consumption.

The TRUTH of the matter, which does not fit the Democratic Narrative is that Bankers and Oligarchs were attempting to create a DESIGNER REALITY here on Earth that could manifest world-wide, and be a reality that “they” could control.

I can say this because I happen to know how it’s done!   I’ve written about that, and if you want a good education on how to CREATE and MANIFEST REALITY – then read the all important series I wrote called:



The New World Order is simply a label or a title that was given to their “idea” of what a perfect designer reality might look like – with all of the richest and most influential people in the world at the helm and steering it!

Never mind that most of these rich and influential people are Satanists, or Luciferians!  Never mind that they have a very old religion that still uses SACRIFICE to unseen entities as a major way to gain favor and to get things done for you in the physical realm.


You have to know who is behind all of this, and the people behind it are the ones who want to “install” a designer reality here in the physical realm.  This “reality” is certainly not something that is organic, and based upon the will of the people, but instead is a FORCED REALITY, one that is based upon fear and division and leading from the top down.

The best way to force a designer reality to manifest into the physical realm is to use a very old tactic called:  DIVIDE AND CONQUER

You must divide the people and get them to fight against each other in order to weaken them.

This is what we MUST guard against! 

The real enemy has always been those at the very TOP…, not the run of the mill everyday common man!  The real enemies are the ones who sow discord, disharmony and division, and they are usually the ones who are being paid the most money – Anderson Cooper and others – 12,000,000 dollars a year – who have no morals – no ethics – no values other than believing in a very old religion that has many gods and demands SACRIFICE.

People who are willing to LIE and DECIEVE for a paycheck are having their last gasping attempt to bring in what they believe is a DESIGNER REALITY.  

George Soros and others like Bill Gates are working hard behind the scenes to use their fortunes in such a way as to make things happen here in the physical realm that would NEVER happen organically based upon the will of the people and the love and harmony that they inately share with each other.

So, once again, they must instigate these things by FORCE!

RULE BY FORCE is the only way to cause sweeping changes in what would otherwise be a natural and loving manifestation of reality.

Please, please, please – today read THE TRIUMPHANT!

Start understanding that “reality” can be changed, guided, and molded!  It is not static.  The question then becomes – WHO is it that is working so hard to change reality?

Once you find the answer to this question, then you will know what to do, and what actions that you are going to need to take to literally save the world for your children and grandchildren!

For now, all my love and the deepest peace that can be offered!



PS – Thank you so much for your love donations!  Keep them coming in, there has never been a time when I need them more than I do now!



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