Note from Bradley. 

I am supplying a link to a post that Anna Von Reitz has written that concerns me!  

Click to access whitelivesmatter.pdf

She was morally outraged at the way I was treated by U.S. Marshals and has written an entire post about it.  In that post, she has placed a link to a video which shows the entire sordid affair from just across the pavement and taken by a neighbor!   

It is both horrifying to watch and sad!  

Instead of posting it here – I will simply give you a link to her article.

If you do choose to watch the video – please just know that it is very disturbing – and this whole business was done to me specifically because of what I am writing! 

There is no other reason for this than to punish me and if you do watch it – just remember that THEY are hoping that by seeing it, you will keep silent and say and do NOTHING as they attempt to bring forward total control here in America!

Instead you need to get outraged – and then please write to Bill Barr as she suggests!

If you get scared, if you keep your head down and if you stay silent – then THEY win, and the entire reason for the episode is validated.

What will you choose?



  1. David WH

    While the communist satanic savages roam through the streets of this country freely destroying all that it is and ever was, wanting to tear down statues of Jesus because he is white,the satanic minions torture and assassinate the messengers of God’s Love-like Bradley. May God protect you and keep you safe Bradley. Thank you.

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