By: Bradley Loves



No one said these times that we find ourselves in would be easy.

Loving the TRUTH when everyone else in the world is loving and respecting the TRUTH could never be considered to be a test or a challange.  In those circumstances it would be as simple as getting into a lunch line and going to fill your plate with food.   You just follow the guy in front of you!

How difficult is that?

It’s brainlessly easy and everyone knows what to do and where to go!

Loving the TRUTH when everyone else in the world is hating, banning, censoring, hiding, and trying to destroy the TRUTH – now that’s a challange!

This is where real men and women are separated from those who simply can’t do it or don’t even want to try. There are no “excuses” for not wanting to try – except that you are not worthy to pass the test!

In simple terms:  It is the “separation” of the wheat from the chaff!

It is the separation from that which is “good” and will bear future fruit, from the dross which will never bear fruit and must be thrown aside as unusable!

The only question here – the only one that counts – and one that only you can answer is this:  WHERE DO YOU FIT IN?

Are you wheat, or are you chaff?

Currently, as we speak, the FINAL TEST is being given!

You have it on the desk right in front of you!  No one said that the final test was going to be an easy one!  Of course it was going to be hard!

This test is as hard as it gets.

One of the questions on the test is this:

  • When absolutely everyone else around you is abandoning the TRUTH, and is choosing behaviors and actions that are easy, or choosing what is popular, and are mindlessly agreeing with what has been given to them as the sanctioned narrative:  WHAT WILL YOU DO?

Do you abadon the TRUTH as well?   Or, do you stand your ground?

  • Do you take the “EASY” path?
  • Do you let your brothers and sisters fight the battle against pure evil on the battle field all alone and by themselves, while you are running for a safe space?
  • Do you hunker down in your homes hoping against hope that the fighting does not come to your door?
  •  Do you take the path that VADER did?


Do you even realize what kind of battle we are fighting here – and WHO the enemy really is?

  • What does “knowledge and defense” really mean?
  • Is it wrong to defend yourself against evil?
  • Or, are we as spritual warriors “required” to use every bit of knowledge that we have to not only defend ourselves, but all of those around us from the attacks of pure evil!


The enemy we fight is always on the level of the UNSEEN!

It is the real enemy, the dark force from the demonic realms!

This enemy is made up of pure hate, and is called into action by those who serve the dark.  They use this force as an agent of change, as an agent for the manipulation of time and space.  They “bind” this force in order to get it to do their will.

Men and women who do very evil things have given themselves over to this force and thus they become servants of this force.

They can no longer control themselves or their bodies – and manifest great division and evil into the world.  Because they are weak, they do not wish to pray for help.

But tell me then, are there other “unseen” things that we are fighting here?  And what does Trump really know? 

  • Does he know about MIND CONTROL technology? 
  • Does he know about Voice to Skull?
  • Does he know how truly EVIL these things used by the Military really are?



Are we here to just “TRY” to defeat pure evil? 

Or, are we here to destroy and demolish pure evil?   

When faced with endless deception, what will you do?




Just remember this – “Magic” or “Magnetics” is an old science!  It is well known by Lucifer and his merry band.  They use magic and mis-direction against the innocent masses every single day, and now they have gone from “old magic” to new magic and the use of:  EXTREMELY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGEIS.

There is only one way to “defeat” their power!

You must learn WHERE all power really comes from, and WHO can give it and WHO can take it away!

All my love..






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