By: Bradley Loves


Peace is the final result of clarity of mind.  It is a gift for those who have learned all they can learn, and found the wisdom they were seeking.  The journey does not end, but simply gives the rewards of a life dedicated to learning.

Peace is the result, and each one of us must make that journey for ourselves.  No one can make it for you.  At most, they can only point the way.

If you do seek peace, wisdom, and learning that is based in LOVE and TRUTH, then you will never make that jouney alone!

You will have your Father walking with you, who loves you dearly.   

And if you so choose, this blog and these words are there for your journey as well.  I will walk with you, and you can read what I’ve written over and over again.

All my love…


  1. Thanks again Bradley.
    I prayed deeply last night on how preserve my sense of clarity, and purpose in the midst of this deepening world wide turmoil that consumes so many souls everyday. Satan’s vast theatrical pagantry unfolds with all its fear and avarice and cruelty, as the Darkness is exposed to Light. In the midst of all the carnage displayed before us, the sufferings of fools and of innocents pull at my heart strings. And I drop to my knees and I pray for the healing of the souls of the fools and the innocents. They are the unavoidable caualties in this great conflict between the Darkness and the Light.
    I am comforted by my faith, in the absolute certainty that, in the end God wins.


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