By: Bradley Loves



The “enemies” of mankind are many, but we are helping those enemies through our own actions and behaviors!

  • Deception
  • Secrecy
  • Self Interest
  • Greed
  • Corruption

We can NOT blame our own complicity upon the “unseen” world and the “unseen” realms.  The unseen realms are hard at work, yes I know, but when “we” actively choose to follow their lead, and to work against mankind, we can NOT blame “them”.

There are so many of us doing this!  Working in Joint Human/Alien underground Military bases.  Working in labs.  Working inside of SAP’s (Special Access Programs) and hiding everything from all of humanity.  Doing genetic experimentation, etc.

Every “secret” being kept from humanity (for personal gain) is a literal DAGGER into the heart and soul of mankind!

I have written about this countless times.  Yet, until it really sinks in, there really is nothing else to do but to keep harping on it.  Mankind is actively in a battle against itself!  We are the ones who are hurting each other…, and we are hurting each other really badly for no real reason other than PERSONAL GAIN!

We are doing it for:

  • Money (A paycheck)
  • A better and easier life
  • To make our own families lives easier (but sacrificing other families and lives in the process)
  • For fame, or worldly status, or for power and position.
  • So others will like us and let us into their clubs
  • We are doing it for countless reasons which make sense to us in the moment, but fail to see the long-term fallout and ramifications.

We have taken bait that is age old, having been used to conquer other parts of time and space and other dimensions and even other realms.

We have willingly given in to taking sides against our own species and kind for PROFIT and material GAIN.

Meanwhile, those who are our REAL ENEMIES just sit back and watch as mankind fights against itself, weakening it’s position more and more until it is finally so weak, that an outside force can simply step in and TAKE OVER!

This is called:


  • For the life of me, I really don’t know why more people can’t see this.  But, I am clear that people COULD SEE it if they were only willing to step back and think outside the box!

Q-anon has talked about such things, and people really need to take heed to the idea of just how much you can see when flying high above a situation:

  • There is what one can see from the 100 foot view:
  • There is what you can see from the 1,000 foot view:
  • There is what you can see from the 10,000 foot view:
  • There is what you can see from the 40,000 foot view

At the 40,000 foot level, it all becomes really clear.   

When we look at everything from that vantage point, we see that humanity is being CONNED!  We see that outside forces are at work here on Earth, and they are playing us against each other!

When we start seeing and knowing that the men and women behind the scenes who have sold out humanity for their own profit and gain and working with the REAL ENEMIES – it is then that these men and women – no matter how rich or powerful or well placed they may be, need to be arrested and hung for crimes against humanity!

Earth is at stake here, mankind is at stake, and the only reason this is able to continue is due to millions and millions of average men and women who:

  • Only care about their own family
  • Are terrified to speak up and speak out, only so they can keep their job/s.
  • Have stupidly signed “non-disclosure” agreements which keep them from saying things that will expose pure evil and save humanity
  • Only care about a better house, car, retirement, for themselves and could care less about mankind or the Earth.


  • By your own actions as concerns “mankind” will each one be convicted or be set free.

Oh and by the way – for the “cops” and “agents” and “official” who think that they can cover up a multitude of their own crimes and their own sins by simply pointing out OTHER PEOPLES crimes and sins – GOD IS NOT IMPRESSED WITH THAT IN THE LEAST.

Clean up your own house first – BEFORE you run around arresting and cleaning up the houses of others!

Take heed of my words – save you they can!

All my love…









    1. George,

      Here are my thoughts. First, I do think that Q-Anon is a Military Intelligence “group”, not just one guy. That being said, I do have compassion for the entire Miltary given that they have most likely been lied to by many ET’s, ED’s and other beings. The military we have today “inherited” a huge mess of secrecy, deception, and pure evil. That being said, they DO NEED TO DISCLOSE THE TRUTH.

      How that gets done is the real balancing act.

      I think that if this is the way in which they are attempting to “come clean” – then I will support these efforts from Q-Anon and Trump as long as the “DISCLOSURE” they are working on does not stop suddenly – such that once half of the mess is cleaned up, the other half is swept under the rug.
      We must be given the entire picture.

      This DISCLOSURE process may take 20 to 30 years or more, but it MUST CONTINUE and MUST BE DONE with a goal of having everything out in the open eventually. That is the only thing I will support over the long term.

      I am willing to cut slack in the beginning here because the LIES were so huge, that to just tell them all at once would probably cause GREAT WORLD WIDE upheavals which they are trying to avoid, and I can get behind that as long as the SWAMP gets cleaned up and WE THE PEOPLE are given back our power.

      I will support the Military 100 percent in this goal of slow disclosure IF it continues and does not stop. Like I said, it may take 20 or 30 years to get ALL of the truth out, but at least it will be out!

      We’ve got to be practical here!

      Thats my position, and thanks for the question!


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