By: Bradley Loves


The Doctrine of “unclean hands” is a part of the law and goes back to the Ancient Past.  Basically, it says this:

If you are a “criminal” or if you have committed many crimes – then you can NOT bring charges against another man or woman – accusing THEM of also committing crimes.

In other words, a criminal can not rightfully accuse another man of being a criminal, because BOTH are criminals.

As we speak the VATICAN, which has been running a world wide scam of indentured SLAVERY, by creating “BIRTH CERTIFICATES” and using innocent babies names to create PAPER FICTIONS or PAPER CORPORATIONS named after these tiny and helpless newborns, can NEVER, EVER, EVER accuse or prosecute anyone for any crime anywhere at anytime.


Because the VATICAN is the world’s largest criminal organization and is running the biggest criminal scam know to mankind.  Therefore, the VATICAN has “Unclean Hands” under the Doctrine of Unclean Hands.

Now, interestingly, the VATICAN does not ever openly bring “charges” against anyone because it knows it has sinned, and knows it is a massive criminal organization. 

So what then does it do?

It preaches forgiveness out of one side of it’s mouth, tolerance of sins, not holding grudges and the salvation of Christ, while bringing charges against millions of people with the other side of it’s mouth!

The VATICAN uses its own “proxies” – the Court System, Lawyers, and Judges which are MUNICIPAL ALL CAPITAL LETTERS CORPORATIONS – to do it’s dirty work and to bring charges against men and women in their stead while pretending to be completely neutral while preaching forgiveness!

These “proxies” are several steps removed from the VATICAN – and are operating as STORE FRONT CORPORATIONS that appear to be outside of it’s influence, but in the end, are directly accountable to it and to Roman Canon Law.

In this way, the Vatican, which has  HORRIBLY UNCLEAN HANDS – can and does bring criminal charges against other men and women – skirting and dodging around the “Doctrine of Unclean Hands”.

So while out of one side of it’s mouth, the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church preaches “FORGIVENESS” –  which is must do because it has unclean hands and is the biggest criminal organization on the planet – it also uses its proxies in the form of “Secret Societies” – secret society members, and the Roman legal system which includes the Courts, Judges, Lawyers etc – to persecute, charge, and incarcerate countless men and women all around the world every single day.


It is a type of hypocrisy.

The Vatican which operates under Roman Law can not in any way shape or form bring “charges” against ANYONE – even if doing so though its own “proxies” and Store Front Offices – which are sub-corporations of the main corporation.

Furthermore, no corporation which is spelled out in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS which includes:  THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, etc, and no court which spells its name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS like: THE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT OF…, etc, (both of which are corporations under charter of the Vatican) can ever lawfully bring charges against any man or woman because the VATICAN is a criminal organization and is therefore FORBIDDEN to bring charges against anyone due to its own unclean hands and the “Doctrine of Unclean Hands”.

But this is not where the story ends!  There is even MORE rank evil taking place in America and all around the world.

Knowing that most of the highest level corporations (aka Countries) under the supervision of the Vatican were operating in a criminal fashion, and that they could never therefore hold any man or woman accountable for crimes –  a brand new CON or PLOY was devised once “computers” and “computer technologies” came online. 

This con is where a MASTER FILE is created under the ALL CAPS NAME that has been placed onto each BIRTH CERTIFICATE – where “JOHN HENRY DOE” – a fictitious “legal person” that is not human and is really only a paper “corporation” has been labeled as a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION.

This was done on purpose to make certain that EVERY “sub-corporation” known as “legal persons” was a criminal corporation -and that there WERE no innocent corporations.

As we speak, every man, woman and child on Earth (anyone with a Birth Certificate anyway) has been given a MASTER FILE created in the name of their Birth Certificate.

This MASTER FILE is a criminal file.

Strangely, each Master File which has a very similar sounding name to yours, but is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, has been labeled as a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION because apparently it is being used in that fashion by the Global Banking Systems.

The three biggest crimes listed for almost every “corporation” are these.

  • Drug running and smuggling.
  • Arms trading and gun running
  • Human trafficking and Sex trafficking

I’ve been told that regardless of who you are, if you were to see the MASTER FILE attached to Birth Certificate that has been created after the name your parents gave you – that the ALL CAPS NAME CORPORATION would be listed as a criminal enterprise and would be heavily involved in one or more of the above three crimes!

  • So why am I telling you all of this?
  • Why am I even writing about all of it?

Because as we speak – CORPORATE COURTS – with names spelled in all capital letters – are trying to con me into thinking that they are real courts instead of Corporate Courts!  They are bringing fake charges against the ALL CAPS NAME that is similar to the one I use, and “pretending” they are real.

THE SUPERIOR COUNTY COURT OF ”  ” – is nothing more than a branch of the MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT going back to the VATICAN.

The Vatican has horribly unclean hands and is guilty of countless crimes against humanity!

Can these “proxy courts” ever bring charges against any living man or woman if they ultimately have their origins in the VATICAN??



Finally, the last thing to say is this:


No man, woman, or child can do a single thing without being seen, and when it comes time for the Witnesses to Testify in front of the THRONE OF GOD – no one will be able to LIE!

All my love…





  1. zac

    Hello I just had a question regarding prime creator’s justice. I understand that a lot of bad things happen due to unknowingly giving consent, taking others karma, and giving our karma to others. However it seems even those who walk fully with prime creator and do not engage in the above as much as your regular folk still end up suffering quite a bit. Case in point being the many teachers who have come before that have been met with torture and death. I’m just curious why god would allow people who are the best among us to suffer like this. Given the importance of what these people do, wouldn’t it be in the best interests of all for these people not to be killed off or suicided by voice in the skull?
    Hope you are doing well with the fake charges, god willing they are dismissed, god bless

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    an interesting fact about the rules of one of the Illuminati castes. That caste, secret and not yet discovered among people, which lived and lives (still) under special laws.
    And I considered the fate of a dead, but familiar to me person. As it turned out, he lived under the supervision of a special caste. Which leads such people in a special way and has a special power on Earth, which is given to them by the methods they use to control their incarnates here.
    So, voploshenie male from this strong caste of Illuminati born and to which they provide then good fate BOUND BY the LAWS of CASTE BIRTH IN the FAMILY of TWO, a boy and a girl, but to kill in this embodiment TWO, male and female.
    And if we make a spread over the entire tragedy of the loss of the families of those killed, when against the background of misfortune, you can take everything from such people and all their relatives (via DNA channels)… while they are under a lot of stress, it turns out very little…And this CASTE uses it


    1. Hi,

      I have read your thoughts, and if I comprehend them correctly you are saying that a Special Family within the Illuminati groups uses a certain from of Black Magic whereby “adopting” and KILLING OF certain people in their families as a sacrifice actually STRENGTHENS the DNA or MAGIC DESTINIES of the rest of the family line?

      Considering they can control who or what incarnates into their line?

      If I am correct, please verify.



      1. My love Joe Dassen

        No, the Illuminati kill two other people by dumping karma on them. For example, in road accidents, and they have to have born two children in the family


      2. My Love,

        Yes, I’ve written about the practice of “KARMA DUMPING”…
        Thank you for this comment and for confirming it.

        Perhaps some NEW AGER out there might learn just one thing and free themselves from their ILLUSION.

        All my love…


  3. herb4brad

    How interesting this doctrine of “Unclean Hands”. Since if hands are unclean they can be “washed” to be made “Clean” if one was to follow the logic of this.

    Today we have to contend with the next scam of the CABAL which is this hoax pandemic whereby we are all required (mandated) to wash or sanitise our hands whenever we enter any business premises or other public buildings.

    These evil occultists want to expunge their sins and have symbolically, using esoteric and black magic somehow coerced the entire world’s population to wash their hands several times a day in an effort to diminish their culpability in the eyes of God using the doctrine of “Unclean Hands”.

    In a bait and switch, much like the BIRTH CERTIFICATE scam they somehow feel that every effort by humanity even though they are unaware of the scheme will diminish their sins before God and therefore escape retribution. The Vatican crime syndicate thinks they are being clever since they have gotten away with duping humanity for centuries and that now they are cancelling bit by bit their crimes.


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  4. DET

    pursuant to Anna, the Municipal Gov. has
    been disbanded in the week about 22 june.
    (her article 2538)
    And now the courts are renaming themself.
    (her article 2580).
    All pirates !!!


  5. herb4brad

    When Pontius Pilate after being persuaded by the Sanhedrin to hand Jesus of Nazareth over to them in order to be dealt with by the law of the Jerusalem Jewish religious authorities “..washed his hands” in order, in his mind, to be absolved of any consequences with the Roman Emperor.

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    No, Bradley, the Illuminati kill two other people by dumping karma on them. For example, in road accidents


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