By: Bradley Loves


Joshua: 24:15

Who will you serve?  The gods of this world, or the living GOD, the Creator of all that exists?


Note:  This post is for the casual reader, and is not meant to inform my regular readers who have a better grasp of what is going on…


For those of you wondering if we’ve entered into the TWILIGHT ZONE and are going to live there on a permanent basis, you need to know a few things about this time in history.

One of the main things about this time is that you, yes YOU are going to get to see just  how EVIL, EVIL CAN BE.

For many years and decades, Americans and others around the world have “embraced” the NEW AGE or even worse, have joined countless 501- C-3 corporate churches that  no longer preach about “right” and “wrong” – because if they do, they’ll lose their “tax exempt” status.


Thus PURE EVIL, has been allowed to flourish and to grow unabated across the land until just like weeds that take over a garden completely, EVIL has taken over the entire world.

Those of us who garden and toil to pull the weeds that are now everywhere, and are choking out humanities love and decency – are overwhelmed at the task because so many (literally countless) men and women who are claiming to be “spiritual” have abdicated their jobs and their posts!

Some of you, yes some of you have even DENIED that evil exists at all!

You have forgotten the basic rules of life and of nature!

When you plant a garden, you do so because there are “GOOD” things – fruits and vegetables and other things that are food for us all –  and are put there to keep us healthy, alive and well.

When the “storm” of weeds comes upon the garden and starts choking out the food that you put there for a reason that was GODLY – you move in without any hesitation and you start pulling the weeds with zeal!

You keep that garden free of all weeds so that the good stuff – the food you planted can grow to maturity and can give off a good crop that will benefit you and your family!

Denying that EVIL exists – is just like denying that WEEDS exist!  For the life of me I do not comprehend how anyone could be this mentally blind!

I can not begin to describe and speak about the abject STUPIDITY of a man or woman (New Agers) and (Corporate Christians) who have spent decades preaching and teaching that there is no such thing as “right” and “wrong” or that evil simply does not exist and it is simply “light and dark” etc – GAG!

Listen up and listen good!

My grandma and grandpa were old time farmers.  When they retired, they maintained a huge GARDEN every single year that produced massive amounts of vegetables, and fruits so that they could do a fall harvest and have fresh food all winter long.

They worked and toiled in that garden every single day during the summer and fall and pulled every single weed that dared to grow anywhere near the “good crop”.

The weeds were pulled so that the good stuff could grow up happily and healthily – without ANY obstruction or distractions.


This is not “rocket science” people.  This is simple stuff!  Everyone who wants a loving world to live in and a decent place for their children to grow up knows that you have to REMOVE THE WEEDS FOR THE GARDEN TO GROW PROPERLY.

The SATANIC ELITE – knew this time in history was coming!  They knew they were going to be “exposed” – so what they did was to create something called THE NEW AGE – and they wrote books in order to convince decent people that they had NO RIGHT to judge anyone or anything – and that the only proper thing to do was to not only TOLERATE, but to actually EMBRACE PURE EVIL –  if they ever wanted to “move on” and to ASCEND!


This would be the exact same thing as if all of the WEEDS in the garden – who knew that the gardener was coming to pull them out soon – suddenly became very clever and wrote several SPIRITUAL BOOKS telling the gardener that he had no right to pull the weeds out – and further added that it did not matter if the weeds are killing the good crops – the gardener (who did all that work to plant the garden) must tolerate and embrace the weeds even if they do KILL every other good crop!

From the WEEDS point of view – they have a right to kill off the good stuff – causing massive starvation for the Gardener and his family – and thus CHANGE THE ENTIRE GARDEN into a spoiled and destroyed plot of ground that produces NOTHING.

People listen up!

The WEEDS – the Luciferians and the Satanists – are laughing their as*es off at all of you!

They wrote these ridiculous books telling you that you MUST tolerate and embrace them – and not to care if they were choking out all of the good and decent stuff – and guess what?


Those who are the gardeners let the entire garden get overrun and stopped pulling out the weeds simply because the “WEEDS” wrote some stupid books telling them some huge lies.

Namely – if you pull us out – YOU will never be able to ASCEND


Most people reading this single post have no idea what I “really” want to say right now!  I am BEYOND my ability to hold back sometimes.  Just know that if I were to really let go – it would not be pretty.

Now guess what?



End of story –  enough said! 

Humanity – your GARDEN IS A MESS!

Recommendation from GOD:  

Start pulling out the WEEDS and reclaim your Garden!

It is still not too late!  But a project like this one needs ALL HANDS ON DECK in order to succeed!  It needs a “military style and very disciplined approach” to make certain that it does not fail.

We’ll see!

All my love…








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