By: Bradley Loves


An interesting conversation!  I wonder if Mark Meadows is talking in code here, or if I’m just imagining things?

Start this video at: 4:10


Maria Bartiromo suddenly asks what the President is doing about “the crime”, and it is not lost on me that Mark Meadows very carefully talks about something called the:  EXECUTIVE ORDER ON STATUES.

And yet, the two words:  Statue, and Statute – are almost imperceptible.

Would it be a stretch of the imagination to think that the President has decided to support and enforce ALL MUNICIPAL CORPORATE STATUTES – or is this just digging a little too deep into it, and creating “word magic” where none exists?

I mean, enforcing all “municipal statutes” would certainly be a good way to deal with all sorts of crime, not just the pulling down of mere statues.  However, there is the small “issue/detail” of the recent MUNICIPAL BANKRUPTCY – and therefore the outright necessity of getting RID OF and the rewriting of all Municipal Statutes properly in order to make it “legal”.

After all, isn’t  “STATUTORY LAW” a part of Roman Law – and thus a part of the Bankrupt Municipal Government (aka THE VATICAN) that just went away a few weeks ago – and so wouldn’t those “municipal statutes” be completely NULL AND VOID as we speak?

  • Could this be the “reason” that so many statues were being pulled down in the first place?   Was it a “set up”?
  • Could it be so that an Executive Order on “Statutes” could be written, which would sound a whole lot like Statues and thus seem like nothing?

Would someone need to call attention to this in order to prove that WE KNOW?

Is this the Governments way of telling us (very sneakily) that we are going to continue to be “subjected” to MUNICIPAL STATUTORY LAW – regardless of the Bankruptcy that just ended?

Would they do this by telling us on television that we now have an Executive Order on Statues, but really mean Executive Order on Statutes?

If this was a sneaky way to say it and not get caught – wouldn’t it then be very prudent to say something like this:  I DO NOT CONSENT TO THAT?

Well, all I can say (if indeed this is what is being “telegraphed” out into the world by Mark Meadows) is that since the MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT is now Bankrupt – then all of those “statutes” are as meaningless as the paper they were written on, and they should all be cast aside and rewritten!

This is something that the “people” should be directly involved in.



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