By: Bradley Loves

Time for a Bradley Loves “RANT”

When searching for the TRUTH, agents and assets would rather spend a million, ten million, or even fifty million dollars in covert surveillance rather than simply walking up to the door, ringing the doorbell and sitting down with a coffee in hand and having a conversation with someone they want to understand that costs them absolutely NOTHING.

They do this because, quite frankly, they are just stupid!   

They “believe” so deeply in the government that they work for, and in the lies they’ve been told, that they can’t imagine an easier way to do something but spending a million dollars and wasting 2 years to collect information they could have gotten in 3 hours. 

They never once consider that the people they are working for are corrupt, hide facts from them, and have a very sinister agenda they want to enact. 

Donald Trump, General Mike Flynn, and others KNOW THIS FOR A FACT because it has happened to THEM..., and yet if it happens to “others”…, they side with the police because, well, the Police are never wrong.


You’d think by now some old dogs would have learned some new tricks!

Just saying.



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