By: Bradley Loves


Thanks for continuing to read here on my blog!   I can not tell you how much you are all appreciated.  I can get just a little bit edgy at times, and just a bit harsh when I see and experience EVIL and INJUSTICE.

That is simply how I am built.

Others can watch injustice all day long and it does not seem to affect them at all.  Me, I’ve got to say something because that is the way I’m built.  I want the very best for the world, and especially want to see America survive the insane attempts to destroy it once and for all.  This is why I write!

I also write because I know for a FACT that there is a GOD!   

There is a PRIME CREATOR who, for whatever purpose drives HIM to do so, chooses to HIDE in such a way that makes it difficult for most people to see and hear HIM.

Others can see and hear HIM quite clearly, and I can only say that the more you LOVE GOD, the more HE reveals HIMSELF to you.

I will add this one thing however, so that you may think about it:


So if you want to “love GOD”…, but you can not tell the truth, and in fact you deal in Deception and Lies…, then you are so far away from GOD, you’ll NEVER FIND HIM OR SEE HIM.

Take a moment to think on these things!






One thought on “TO MY READERS

  1. David WH

    Testy? Whatever do you mean? I am attempting humor….After 34 years of overt targeting I am “testy”.If we were not on a perpetual war footing we would be dead by now. What that means socially is alienation-being alone. No one wants to hear these truths unless their lives are already in tatters from all this.And now no one is untouched-a large number are already gone to mind control continuous programming. The illusion of safety is shattered..Only God can save them. I am less generous-why bother with those who,do you harm.We are in the final stages-life as we knew and believed in is gone forever. Bradley has sacrificed and done a masterful job of
    synthesizing and presenting truth. May God Bless him and keep him. Thank you. Blessings.
    David WH.

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