By: Bradley Loves



Humanity is now on a firm trajectory that will lead to it’s eventual destruction!


If this is indeed is what is going to happen, the least that we can do is to be honest with ourselves and examine how it is that we all got to this dire point in our collective history!

I have written about the horrible cost of SECRECY in many articles and posts, all pretty much to no avail because most people just haven’t got a clue as to extent of how much they are really being lied to in the year 2019 – and what is being hidden from them.

Instead of laying it all out (in an expose’ that would take volumes) let’s create a very simple story for the casual reader instead.

Here is an example:

If you were a poor man, and had lived the entirety of your life as a pauper for 80 years while raising your family and working day and night for slave wages and hardly ever scratching by…,  and then on very the day before you died…, someone came to you and told you that there was a secret chest of money buried underneath the tiny shack that you had lived in all your life, and that it had been there the entire time.

This man further told you he had always known about it, but had kept it a secret from you!

You might be able to forgive him (since this is your very last day on the planet) if that chest contained a thousand dollars.

You might even be able to forgive him if that chest contained 100,000 dollars.

But what if that chest that was buried under your shack (that he knew about all along) and never bothered to tell you about…, contained a billion dollars?

What if there had always been enough money there to change your whole life and the lives of every single member of your family so that everything you had ever had to do to survive – could and would have been changed dramatically?

What if only a single day before you died – you found out that due to one man keeping a SECRET from you…, it had cost you a life that could have (and should have) been filled with endless beauty and wonder?

What if only one day before you died – you found out that every one of your children could have had and should have had the best educations, the nicest clothes, and most beautiful lives?

What if you KNEW for a fact this would have all been possible but for the one man who had kept a SECRET from you and did not bother to tell you what was buried right under your shack claiming that he was part of a SECRET SOCIETY – had taken a SECRET OATH to a “brotherhood” – and was therefore forbidden to tell you anything about that chest?

What if on the day before you died, he shrugged his shoulders, smiled and said…, that’s just the way it is…, too bad for you…, but my “brotherhood” is far more important to me than your life was to you!


If this was a REAL and VERIFIABLE event…, and it actually did happen to YOU (the reader)…, would you be able to forgive this man?

This man not only hurt you…, but he also hurt your wife, and he hurt your children.

By his secrecy, he took away from your family great possibilities of  joy and massive human potential that could have been in their lives only by keeping a secret that he had no right to keep!

He ruined the future of your family, and changed the TRAJECTORY of your families history forever!

His selfish need to “keep secrets” caused real and verifiable damage and harm to you!

Your family will never be the same!


Could you…, or even SHOULD YOU…, forgive this man?


My answer is not as simplistic as you may wish it to be…, because there are factors involved here that take all of this into the unseen realms!

The quick answer is NO!  

This guy is NOT forgiven!  Not only is he not forgiven…, but he IS cursed – and so IS his entire  “brotherhood” cursed!!

The fact of the matter is that this curse will come to him by way of the UNIVERSAL JUSTICE SYSTEM ITSELF!


Because he and his “brotherhood” had no right to hide something from you that would have changed your entire life!

This question that we are grappling with here comes directly into a question of: COSMIC LEVEL ETHICS and MORALS!

These have nothing to do with Earthly ethics…, but with UNIVERSAL ethics!

Earthly “ethics and morals” are based totally on man made laws and man made ideas!



These are some very deep questions that most men have rarely ever looked at in a proper manner which removes both emotion and greed from the picture!

For clarity, let’s create another example below:

Let’s say that you are a hiker and you stumble upon a man that is severely dehydrated in the desert.  He is laying on the ground and dying!  Now…, you do not think that you can afford to give him some of your water…, and you don’t…, BUT…, you see a large bottle of water hidden behind a rock nearby.

The man you stumble upon who is dying and who is severely dehydrated simply has NOT FOUND this hidden bottle of water!  It can SAVE HIS LIFE however!

But you decide that since this man can not see or find that bottle of water on his own…, HE DESERVES TO DIE!

You tell him, I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do for you.., I need my own water for myself!  And you leave him KNOWING there was ample water to save his life (that was not your own) thinking you had no “responsibility” to show him where the other water was!


This is basically the same type of mind set that took place in the first example that I gave you above!

SECRET SOCIETIES – which are always 100 percent SATANIC at the very top of their structures…, believe that only the “strong” deserve to live!

They believe that only the strongest, smartest, most beautiful, most clever, and most “deserving”  should live.

Even though they don’t ever say it…, they think everyone else should DIE!

They “fancy” themselves as the genetic “police” of the human race and teach their “brotherhood members” that anyone who truly deserves to live will find a way to succeed, and that all others MUST simply die as a process of natural selection.

STRANGELY – this is the very concept which they use to “justify” hiding and keeping secret any and all vital and advanced information that could actually HELP mankind become better!

You see…, once you embark down the path of a psychopath…, it is not very hard to get stuck into a loop of self justifying actions which if ever looked at honestly and closely do not make sense!

They say mankind in general is stupid…, and that “the stupid” do not deserve to live…, but then they HIDE all knowledge, and all keep all wisdom hidden from mankind – in order to keep mankind stupid, thus justifying their claims that mankind is stupid!!

It is a SELF PERPETUATING DECEPTION that only the most psychopathic and damaged minds could believe in.

But it gets WORSE!

The very act of keeping secrets and hiding knowledge changes the cellular makeup of human beings.  It changes their subtle body…, not just the physical body, and transforms them into something akin to parasites!  They become like VAMPIRES…, and end up acting and behaving in ways that require them to “feed” off of others and the efforts of others.

This change does not occur all at once…, but is a subtle change that takes place over time!  The more that a human body, heart, mind and soul hides, hoards, and calls unto itself in the form of “goods”, “knowledge” “money” “energy” and “life force”…, (without ever sharing) the more that human body, heart, mind, and soul turns into a WRAITH which can only survive by harvesting and stealing from others!

The soul “spirits” of many, many Secret Society members have actually now taken forms which you can not begin to imagine!

When these men and women do ABOMINABLE THINGS to the other human lives and human souls around them (as a result of their psychopathic beliefs in survival of the fittest).., their human souls are transformed into demonic husks!

I am not joking here…, this is about as serious as it gets! Consider this a lesson in advanced “Spiritual Science 101”!!

So the question we should all be asking here is this, and it’s an honest one:

Do I as a member of a SECRET SOCIETY or SECRET SOCIETY MEMBER have a COSMIC RIGHT to keep hidden and withhold advanced knowledge, technology, and thus “benefit” from the rest of mankind?


Can you see how the examples that I gave you in the first part of the article come into play here?

Regardless of what I am being “taught” as a RELIGIOUS process – do I have that right?

Let’s be very clear here about one very important thing concerning  Secret Societies as well!  ALBERT PIKE was very clear that FREEMASONRY IS IN FACT A “RELIGION”!

He said as much in his book: MORALS AND DOGMA


You see, here is the rub…, and it’s a real doozie –  the UNIVERSE has it’s own rules!

Regardless of the purely dogmatic belief systems that the greedy and deceptive minds of certain men who are members of Secret Societies can come up with as “justifications”  and “reasons” as to why they need to act and to behave in certain ways while living here on the Earth…,



What we see taking place here on Earth is the fallout of a culture and a society that is BEING LED by unscrupulous men and women at the very top (Secret Societies) whose very souls are turning into empty husks!

They may still look and appear to our eyes to be human…, but their SPIRIT BODIES and even more importantly THEIR SOULS have slowly been transformed into VAMPIRIC HUSKS and thus their actions and behaviors become more and more PARASITIC as time goes by.

The only salvation that mankind has for it’s own future is to finally come to grips with the fact that those who have been leading it – have now been transformed by their greed into soulless husksand that our very survival as a race and a species depends upon our willingness to TURN ON AND TO ARREST those men and women who up until this very point in time – have been leading us on a dark path of SECRECY and HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE.


This is as real as it gets…, and it is simply the necessary retaliation of a just and fair UNIVERSE dishing out its response to a group of mis-led human souls that have spent their entire Earthly existence telling lies, keeping secrets, hoarding knowledge, and thus SUCKING UNTO THEMSELVES all energies and benefits that could have been spread around equally and for the “good” of mankind!

The reward for such actions and behavior is the radical transformation of an energy body that was originally designed to live on UNIVERSAL ENERGIES – energies based in love – into an energy body that can only live if it STEALS and it VAMPIRES its life force from all others around it!

Forget about what the physical body of these blood sucking SECRET SOCIETY MEMBERS look like as we speak…, and try to understand what their energy bodies look like behind their outer physical appearance!

Those that are members of SECRET SOCIETIES look like the above in their spirit bodies…, and not like what is shown below – in their physical bodies.

All of the fancy clothes and all of the endless money that the world has to offer can not cover up a mans ESSENCE or make up for the horrors they perpetrate daily upon mankind.

Try to imagine what the GUTLESS BANKER looks like without his physical skin to cover the horror of his soul?

More will be coming…

















By: Bradley Loves


Since I was not alive before the year 1960, I guess its tough for me to begin to convince anyone reading this blog post that it warrants any merit based solely on the title.

So far as many really smart people are concerned, we’ve always lived under a veil of secrecy and thus deception.

However, with the advent of the Internet, MSM 24 hour round the clock Fake News, Satanic Hollywood, Rogue Intelligence Agents and Agencies, the Deep State, and the Luciferian Agenda…, it is equally as hard to prove that this is not the most deceptive time in history!

So where does that leave us?

Swimming in a cesspool of lies, falsehoods, made up stories, outright fabrications and that is just the beginning!

Only a day or two ago, ABC NEWS ran this completely misleading video which shows a military training mission in Kentucky and claims it is an actual battle going on as we speak in SYRIA!

They not only did it once…, they did it twice which pretty much shows it was intentional!  They only stopped when they got caught!

This apparently is the NEW NORMAL here in the land of the free and the home of the brave!  We get slapped in the face daily with a steady stream of lies and it appears there is nothing we can do about it.

My only question (I guess) is where are all of the Americans who even care?


American Culture has been given (deliberately) more distractions than any other culture in history has ever gotten!

  • We have endless sporting events
  • A thousand television channels
  • A dozen or more pay per view movie platforms
  • The Internet
  • Social Media
  • I-phones, I-pads, Smart Tablets
  • An endless supply of gambling in Casinos in every single state (Native American)
  • Online gambling as well
  • An endless supply of porn on the internet
  • Child-porn on the internet
  • Video games
  • Virtual Reality Games
  • Star-bucks Coffee Houses everywhere
  • Vacations and Cruises at your finger-tips
  • And much, much MORE….

So where does anyone even have time to be outraged over being lied to?  The American culture is too busy being “entertained” (entrained)!

Here is a typical social conversation between young people…

Group of friends using smartphone not interested in each other. Five persons leaning to a wall and looking at their own phone, ignoring friends. Technology and social media addiction in real life.

Of course this was predicted…

And predicted…. (cue up to 2:15)


So, the real question is:


The answer is that those at the very top of of the food chain (Oligarchs, Satanists and Secret Societies) are trying very desperately to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER – ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and “AMERICA” is the only country on the entire planet standing in the way!

Since America is made up of “AMERICANS” – then those Americans need to be kept busy and distracted while the NewWorld Order is rolled out and their entire country is “destroyed” from within by TRAITORS working with the New World Order Agenda.

A large part (very large part) of the Distraction Process is simply CONFUSION!

This is where good people are not being told what is really going on out there even when they do stop their distractions momentarily and take time to look up to see if any thing dangerous is happening around them.

Let’s face it.  Even if humans are being willingly distracted – the thousands of years of survival instinct for self preservation kicks in every single day (at least for a while)!

No “distraction” is powerful enough to keep the attention of Americans 24 hours a day.

So…, when Americans do look up from their distractions daily (to see if danger is approaching them) then you have the Main Stream Media there to tell them NOTHING BUT LIES!

It has become 100 percent Propaganda all the time!

The purpose?

To keep the mass of Americans believing that nothing odd or strange is happening in the world while those in support of the One World Religion/New World Order began to make their final moves!

See these articles by Leo Zagami:

The Antichrist, Fatima prophecies and Prince Charles in Rome


The Pope’s Bodyguard Resigns after the Disappearance of Half a Billion U.S. dollars from the Vatican Bank



Here they are:   The Propagandic Purveyors of Perdition

America’s very own “PPP”

Each one makes somewhere around – ONE MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH!

Sheppard Smith (who just quit Fox News) earned a whopping 15 millions dollars a year!

Why do you think Donald Trump…, probably Americas only real friend in Washington DC – continuously points out that these PPP members are:   THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

If and when mass arrests take place…, (if ever) these people need to be put in front of a firing squad for TREASON!

Why does TRUMP call them the enemy of the AMERICAN PEOPLE??

Because their LIES are meant only to DECEIVE and CONFUSE us…, so that AMERICA will fall to the NEW WORLD ORDER!

There is NO BIGGER CRIME possible than this kind of betrayal!

They are on the payroll of those who would DESTROY US!

That means they have basically DECLARED WAR on all of us!

It is an ACT OF WAR to lie to and deceive people in order that their liberty, property, and rights can be stolen from them!

All I can say America…, is that I pray for you…, as do so many people who can see it all happening!

Some day before your total destruction…, maybe you will be able to pull yourself away from your distractions just long enough to save your own country…, and your own culture!








Is the Deep State trying very hard to tell us something that we should know??

Does the “formal” Coup all start on NOVEMBER 4th – just one day after something really big happens to Seattle??

Do these Time Traveling FREEMASONS have something to tell us?

Well, here is my response!!   What ever you want to do to Seattle –


(See my Declaration of Freedom and Removal of Consent for Details)

Perhaps someone needs to find these TIME TRAVELING FREEMASONS and Arrest them all!









By: Bradley Loves


We are all becoming ROBOTS!

I don’t mean this figuratively either.  I’m also not talking about psychology!  I mean this very literally!

As we speak, we all have enough NANO-TECH inside our bodies to very literally be compared to ROBOTS!

Well, I suppose the real question that you want answered is HOW on Earth did it get inside you!

If you wanted to be flippant, you might ask me sarcastically…

Did all this Nano-tech just rain down on us from heaven??

And I my response to that would be a very simple YES!


Why do you think that the “powers that were” spent the last 3 decades filling the skies above us with CHEM-TRAILS??

Now…, I’m quite certain from the image you see above that anyone who wants to make a claim that “chem-trails” are not real…, and furthermore that anything that comes out of the engines or tail of a plane is simply a condensation trail!

We’ve all heard that very lame (stupid) argument before from the nay-sayers and the non-believers…, but really…, can any one of these nay-sayers tell me which airline pilot was so terribly confused that he or she flew in circles with a jet airplane all day long just to create what you are looking at above??

The truth of the matter is that these “trails” are being laid down on purpose and for a reason!   Furthermore, this is happening all over the world, and it has been going on for three decades.

So what’s in these “chem trails” then?



It is micro-scopic and it rains down on  you from the sky above and yes…, you very literally breath it in!

Now…, this is not the ONLY way Nano has gotten in to you!

This method was for OLD PEOPLE like you and me!    This was for the people over the age of 40 years old!

The young people, the children and the new born’s simply get all of their NANO in Vaccinations!

They are simply “injected” with this stuff!

Now that you know HOW it got into you, I suppose the next logical question on your mind is “WHY” is it in you…. (and in everyone else living on Earth).

Well, there is an answer for that as well.

It’s there so that a communication UP-LINK can be made between your MIND, YOUR CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM and  MASSIVE CONTROLLING A.I.

You see…, whether you believe it or not…, many “weak minded people” are already under the control of A.I.

My question for those who doubt this is how can they not be?  Just look out into society for a moment and SEE the insanity.

People (especially young people) act as if nothing matters any longer!  Not truth, not justice, not free will, not free speech, not the country…, NOTHING MATTERS!

This is the NANO TALKING!

Young people are already (as we speak) not having their own thoughts any longer…, but their thoughts are being SUPPLIED TO THEM, just like an intravenous tubing supplies a sick body in a hospital with liquids.

These thoughts are being BROADCAST through the air waves from Cell Towers and Gwen Towers directly into their skull (Voice to Skull) and can either be heard as a real voice inside the head (which is the old technology) or can be accessed simply as a full blown image, thought, or dream (new technology).

Well, in order for the New Technology to work properly it requires that your body be filled with NANO TECH!

So guess what?

Without asking anyone for their permission, and doing all of this IN TOTAL SECRET, the Kings and Queens, the rulers and leaders of the Earth, the Illuminati and those who fancy themselves and the ELITE – decided all on their own to fill up our bodies with NANO-TECH.

So what are they after you might ask…, what is the end goal here?

The goal naturally is to be able to control YOUR NANO!   And quite naturally, if they are controlling your Nano…, then they are controlling YOU!


I told you this was coming!!

Check past articles and posts (look for the picture).

Now if you can’t make the connection that much of the crazy and insane behavior that we are currently seeing is people acting out under MIND CONTROL…, then I’m sorry but you are basically blind or (sadly) already under mind control yourself.

The goal for these “Elites” was simple.   It was all about TOTAL CONTROL of the world wide population through computer systems and A.I.

There are way too many of us – and there are too few of them and they could no longer guarantee control of the World and obedience through Governments and Churches.

Thus, they hatched a very deviant and sick way to insure control over everyone living on Earth and that was through broadcast waves and technology.  And “they” have been working on this NON-STOP since the 1950’s.

MK ULTRA was simply a part of the over all game plan.

They have 70 years of research and development into this and we are almost at the END PHASE!

This is where they turn on the 5-G!    The intensity of all of the broadcast waves from cell towers will increase exponentially the moment 5-G is fully implemented across the planet.

Decisions that go “against” those controlling the A.I. will become harder and harder for people to make.  And any “thoughts” that you may have that those who love to censor and ban things don’t like…, will simply NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN INSIDE YOUR MIND!

Now…, if you think this is impossible…, once again congratulations for never trying to find out anything by doing research and talking to people!

If you had looked around, you would have found articles and videos done by hundreds of people claiming to be under some sort of TARGETED ATTACK.

They would tell you that their minds and thoughts are being “played with” and they are experiencing VOICE TO SKULL.

These hundreds of people who come forward represent the hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people who have been experimented on starting in the 1970’s with the first being prisoners at Draper Utah.

Now…, you didn’t think that all of these people being experimented on for the last 50 years had it done to them for no reason did you??


Of course…, no one is this blind!  No one is this negligent in their thinking!

Anyone who thought about this carefully must have come to the conclusion that the testing and experimentation that was being doing for the last 50 years was in preparation for unleashing MIND CONTROL ON EVERYONE WORLD WIDE!

Anyone who would have even heard of these people experiencing VOICE TO SKULL must have made the simple connection that if they were doing it to a few people…, then surely they were planning to do it to EVERYONE!

I can only assume here that since people must have no doubt made these connections (and did nothing about any of it) they must therefore want to be MIND CONTROLLED BY A.I.

If they didn’t want that…, then they would have immediately sprung into action the very first time they heard of TARGETED INDIVIDUALS.

They would have looked around on the internet, watched videos, and tried to talk to a “targeted individual” in order to find out everything they could about that person just to see what was going on with them because the problem that person was having might be leading to a much larger and bigger issue that we should ALL BE CONCERNED ABOUT.

I mean…, this is only LOGICAL right!   People should be concerned for others right?

But oh wait…, there’s that “thing” called the NEW AGE out there where anything BAD that happens to someone – is something that they must have WANTED!

Yes…, there are unseen teachers and gurus and “ascended masters” teaching New Ager’s TO NOT PAY ATTENTION to others pains and sufferings because they “contracted for it”.

So naturally these people (if they heard about a Targeted Individual) would hurry up and do absolutely NOTHING about it!


Very soon…, the switch will be flipped on…, and the very same horrible Voice to Skull and Targeting Waves that just a few were having to deal with…, will be the common everyday experience of everyone living on Earth!


Because everyone who lives on Earth at this time has a body filled with Nano-tech!  (Compliments of your Global Masters).

And as a result…, very soon…, we will most likely all be acting like ROBOTS!


Oh and if you doubt me on this…, just ask your friendly neighbor CIA if I’m telling the TRUTH.


I just wonder what GOD the CREATOR of us all is going to do to these people when I make my testimony in front of the THRONE??







By: Bradley Loves


Logically speaking…, what happens to a man who has a broken leg…, but instead of paying attention to it and doing what he needs to do…, (see a doctor) he decides to IGNORE IT…, telling all of his friends that if he just pays no attention to it (and forgives it)…, then it will GO AWAY!

The wholly ridiculous New Age “teachings” of just “forgiving it all” and “just ignoring it all” and “paying no attention to it”…, are about to BITE every single New Ager squarely in the ASS!

The TRUTH which has always been known by decent people who really care about life and really care about the Earth is that you just CAN’T IGNORE EVIL!


There is real EVIL in our midst!

Especially in places like California (focused in Hollywood) where movie stars, government officials, and Satanists run together in packs!

Just “ignoring it all” and “forgiving it all” and “pretending that it wasn’t there”…, almost brought the entire country to it’s knees and ENSLAVED US ALL!

Thank GOD for just a few sane men and women (who were NOT New Agers) who raised up the warning flags and wrote and wrote and wrote on their Websites and their Blogs…, YELLING at the top of their digital lungs for everyone to STOP BUYING INTO A HUGE CON!

AMERICA owes these “few” men and women it’s freedom – and every American owes them their very LIVES!




Oh…, and by the way…, the “ASCENDED MASTERS” had nothing to do with saving America!  Real people…, with real lives…, using real computers and posting on real Alternative Media Websites SAVED AMERICA!